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  1. Nii added a post in a topic Collecting PvP Combos   

    chain grab to death is your best friend
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  2. Nii added a post in a topic Attack & Casting Speed   

    Attack speed reduce the time between 2 attack too. For Example, with 0 in attack speed you can't grab => BWS => re grab  (cause the guy will have time to get up) 
    That's why we need 5/5 attack speed and also the 20% from base attack of awakening is really important.
    Cast speed is useless to us.
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  3. Nii added a post in a topic fake rng thread #59328052   

    i'll say they are lucky to be able to do boss cause when i get there even with my really good comp i get 10 fps on low settings
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  4. Nii added a post in a topic When are we getting the Berserker Buffs?   

    Mostly i think we will have to wait the end of awakening release... (and that's far away).
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  5. Nii added a post in a topic Node leveling! Please have this looked into!   

    Well i never got S+ and i reseted lots of time some knowledge  
    As i said earlier on this topic, i quite think that something going on about node lvl  and knowledge note. I spent a lot of time on fogan.
    While lvling there :
    - Node not connected / C on most fogan : i got like 3 crystals (precision) / 5-10 Pila Fe / few rocaba shoes 
    - Node connected < 5 / S on all fogan : no crystals / 5-10 Pila fe / few rocaba
    - Node conected 10 / S on all fogan : No crustals / <5 Pila Fe / Few Rocaba
    I could say RNG went bad for me, but since i got there i noticed less and less loot. I really like GM / DEV look forward to this because i dont want to drop the node cause it's a lot of ennergy spent.
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  6. Nii added a post in a topic October 20th KR Berserker changes   

    Ok i have a proposal, reduce the grab chance from zerk and the dmg of it but... drop all iframe of all classes :3 what no? awwww why?
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  7. Nii added a post in a topic [Urgent] Desync, Lag, Rubber Banding, FPS Drops   

    Well i just did a kzarka... and its impossible to play there even on low settings w/o name and ability effect. i'am at 5 fps with a really good comp (i7, GTX 1070 )
    the game really need a fix.
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  8. Nii added a post in a topic October 20th KR Berserker changes   

    And also you can keep your salty tears of sorc cause i think we wont have this buff till all awakening are realeased. (and same for pvp damage increase) 
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  9. Nii added a post in a topic The Only Important Patch Notes (KR)   

    Ye but Even with manos, you wont be capped against a (future buffed) zerker. that's what i meant  Manos will help, but we wont be screwed by only one item. 
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  10. Nii added a post in a topic The Only Important Patch Notes (KR)   

    with awakening and raise of super armor stomp will be more and more useless. Mostly when i fight a char with awakening i dont even bother try to stomp.
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  11. Nii added a post in a topic Liverto or not?   

    en fait j'avais pas regardé la date du message
    En fait je traine jamais sur les forums français... et vu que j'avais rien d'autre à faire je me suis dit que j'allais y faire un tour :')
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  12. Nii added a post in a topic The Only Important Patch Notes (KR)   

    i love ppl around who are not playing giant so they dont know how we are getting rekt sometime cause desync fk us so bad, our DP are useless as fk (go check the video where a ranger delete a really good geared giant in 3 fking second). 
    So if you are not happy, lets rollback and get back the 1st version of giant awakening, just to let you produce some more salty tears. This buff will help giant so stay competitive.
    The pvp damage is already on in KR but for unknow reason it's still not up in na/eu
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  13. Nii added a post in a topic October 20th KR Berserker changes   

    rekking hard 1v1? oO hahaha we are nothing compared to ranger & warrior :') cause we rely on our grab only. A good geared ranger can delete us in 3 sec
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  14. Nii added a post in a topic The Only Important Patch Notes (KR)   

    You can't stack grab resist. cause most of giant run with 2 precision crystals + kutum. so you wont go over 30% resist against good giant.and if you stack grab resist you will loose shit load of AP. well your call go for it if you want
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