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  1. Schurge X added a post in a topic BDO Christmas, I wonder what Daum has in store for us?   

    Does anyone honestly want them wasting dev time on holidays at this point?
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  2. Schurge X added a post in a topic A thread for Fond Farewells   

    This game has the best (or worst?) fanboys in existence.
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  3. Schurge X added a post in a topic Congratulations Daum, Ghillie Suit   

    I know, like, just because I get off a dozen hits on my Ranger before they realize where I am doesn't, like, mean the Ghillie Suit is the reason I won. (*Pushes glasses up the bridge of his nose.*)
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  4. Schurge X added a post in a topic Gear, levels, and TTK out of control - No balance at all   

    Hah... HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH... HAH.
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  5. Schurge X added a post in a topic Why is our chat so vile?   

    Hop in a PvP chat lobby. 0 tolerance is news to me. I really came into my own as a troll in that game.
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  6. Schurge X added a post in a topic Why is our chat so vile?   

    I don't see a difference between this game's chat and Guild Wars 2. Maybe the culture shock for some of you is that you are not used to being lumped in with the PvPers who usually are trolling each other in their own lobbies?
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  7. Schurge X added a post in a topic Gear, levels, and TTK out of control - No balance at all   

    People act like the only option for a progression of power in a "PvP MMO" (I don't believe that this is actually a PvP MMO) is to make soft cap gear exponentially outclass all other gear. Newsflash, there are actual PvP MMOs without battle leveling where it takes years to max out but you can still get strong enough to compete relatively early on.
    Regardless, I don't really care. I am fine with a game where it is expected you cap out before you PvP. I was aware coming in I needed to get +15 if I didn't want to be someone's jizzrag. My issue is the PvP isn't good enough for me to feel motivated to continue gearing myself. We will see how things look in future patches though... but for now I am finding it hard to be motivated to level past +10 gear for potion wars.
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  8. Schurge X added a post in a topic Message to DEVs about the PVP system   

    The PvP quickly stops being fun when every encounter is either a ROFL-stomp or a Potion-fest.
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  9. Schurge X added a post in a topic I'm leaving this game   

    People talk shit but kill stealers and others who are unwilling to share the limited spawns are the biggest trolls of all.
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  10. Schurge X added a post in a topic Please have more penalties for player killers   

    Crying before he even gets to 45... Looks like Gankers are doing their jobs right.
    Look OP, this is what happens at 50... end game spawns are few and far between, no one is willing to share spawns so you will quickly find yourself quitting because of PvEers or becoming a PKer yourself.
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  11. Schurge X added a post in a topic Be Honest, the Karma System is Fine   

    Careful, your ignorance is showing.
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  12. Schurge X added a post in a topic Do MMO's need PvP/PvE Equality?   

    I think you should get better returns on everything if you are flagged, including trade routes.
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  13. Schurge X added a post in a topic Be Honest, the Karma System is Fine   

    I would play on a PvP specific channel. PvP servers are nearly as popular as PvE servers in WoW for a reason. If PvPers shun the PvP channel it won't be because they don't like targets who fight back, it will be because this game is ultimately about grinding and you will grind a lot more efficiently and make significantly more money on a regular channel since the PvP is FFA (and there have been several games in the past where they did the reverse, made safe channels, and people grinded in the safe channels and then PvPed in the original channel which has the side effect of screwing up the economy).
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  14. Schurge X added a post in a topic Reporting Players/Toxic Chat   

    It ruffles people's jimmies because they are going over the community's head to get the authority (Daum) to shape discourse in the game to be more to their liking.
    What makes it worse is "casual racism" can mean anything from a joke about Asian drivers to people complaining about what appears to be non-English speakers spamming chat to someone saying they were unhappy their daughter is dating a black person (on the "that's probably real racism" end of the scale). No one wants to play a game where you can't say these things (or at least, a game where the professionally offended determine what is acceptable) and the vast majority of players are fine with "casual racism" at least to the extent that they don't care enough about it to be upset by it.
    What's ironic is several of the pro-censorship people are showing their own prejudice in their posts. And we all know of course that they don't see their own casual prejudices to be just as damaging to social cohesion as the ones that are so shallow as to be only skin deep.
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  15. Schurge X added a post in a topic If you flag and kill someone...   

    Is the 1-3% experience loss off your lifetime XP or is it just off of your current level?
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