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  1. Apnea added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Seems like it. Its been pretty spot on for me. 
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  2. Apnea added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Use this http://www.blackd.de/horse/

    At minimum, you need two level 25 tier 4s. 
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  3. Apnea added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Skilled lvl 8. His mane is a lot more white than the photo shows.... it isnt the all black one. Its bright white in most lights.   I want any other type BUT that kind. lol. But he looks really cute with my tier 4 blue female of the same type on the wagon.

    My other horse from the pair is this one (tier 4 female) so possibly. My next breeding is with this horse and her dad (eww! lol). Let me know what the results are! I'd love to know. I'm jealous of your shire type.  I've not once gotten a drafty tier 4 despite breeding like 10 of them. 
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  4. Apnea added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    You kidding? Thats my favorite! Pinto horses are not cows! lol 
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  5. Apnea added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Thank you! I didnt expect that at all. Expected a tier 5 male... maybe a female... maximum. I couldnt bear to do another level over 20. lol Good luck with your two!!

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  6. Apnea added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    I DID IT!!! Bahahah. My two level 20 Tier 4s gave me a tier 4 girl the first time and I just got my first tier 6 from them!! Woop! Unfortuantly though, I HATE this style. The sticking-up-mane thing is literally my least favorite type in the game. Please give me a drafty-type RNG gods (or a paint horse if Tier 6 )!

    Sire: Level 20, 4G type, 7 skills 

    Dam: Level 20, 4F Type, 7 skills

    Offspring: Tier 6 male, 6F type

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  7. Apnea added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Hi guys! Skilled Level 8 trainer here. I (FINALLY) got my male and female tier 4 to 20. Couldn't go any farther without risking my sanity since I haven't figured out an AFK loop way yet. I wish I didn't use my horse exp scrolls so early in the game! My first foal was a bust. Tier 4 female (can I please get a draft type horse?!). Hopefully a better foal in the morning. 

    The new calculator prediction thing (http://www.blackd.de/horse/?mt=3&ml=1&md=0&ft=3&fl=1&fd=0) has me discouraged. I feel I need to level to 25 but its already taken 5 play days of mine to level two to 20. Though something about it does not make sense. For example, I ALWAYS got a tier 3 brown male with braids from breeding wild types.... never another... no matter what level they were (though I always bred them around 10 or so). And those tier 3 males w braids always bred foals that were tier 3 male with braids. I probably bred over 20 of those stupid things. I stopped breeding them. lol Any similar experience or am I just incredibly unlucky? Do colors seem to matter and are there tiers within each tier?

    Anyway, here was my latest breeding!
    Sire: Level 20, 4G type, 7 skills 

    Dam: Level 20, 4F Type, 7 skills

    Offspring: Tier 4, 4J type
    Thats my favorite horse I've gotten so far (plus she was 100% drift!). Super duper uncommon to see. 
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  8. Apnea added a post in a topic NA - Server Character Placement Issue   

    Thank you for your hard work! <3 
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  9. Apnea added a post in a topic Why close the Character Creator???   

    I think you are right. I don't see any other reason they'd close them. Though I was really excited to tweak my characters for hours and hours and hours this week while waiting for Sunday but I guess I'll just do it that morning.
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  10. Apnea added a post in a topic What's the point of rushing to softcap   

    I'll be taking my time.That being said, I'm not a huge PvP person so the pull of the game is in all the crafting/trading/lore/horse training and breeding/exploration
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  11. Apnea added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    I like this a lot. Seems like a good system with good checks and balances.
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  12. Apnea added a post in a topic So - Mounted Combat   

    Don't take away my awesome mounted archer combat!

    In all honestly though, my damage is higher but mounted combat is just not better. You mount can die and mobility isn't really increased THAT much. I wouldnt mind something like accuracy to be dropped if it had to be but its a fun part of the game. Breeding horses for better traits and things is a huge part of that. It shouldn't be reduced to a gimmick. Witch/Wizard in general should probably be a bit more balanced at lower levels anyway. I'm quite sure we will see some huge rebalances there.
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  13. Apnea added a post in a topic Roleplaying vs. Non-Roleplaying Poll   

    I agree with you on all points.
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  14. Apnea added a post in a topic What class has the best DPS?   

    Not the archer, thats for sure. I've not played to the soft level cap, but I've heard it balances out a bit more by that point. Right now the wizard/witch are the top in lower levels....by far. I know "max" is what matters, but I hope they balance it out a bit more. It took me 3xs longer to level as an archer than a wizard in the CBT.
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  15. Apnea added a post in a topic Roleplaying vs. Non-Roleplaying Poll   

    Lol, I know. Its so stupid. This game has such a beautiful PvE experience. I just keep rolling my eyes at all these "PvP only" folk I keep running into. Lets just remove leveling and NPCs and trading and horse breeding and energy and everything else and just have open world PvP.... oh wait, there are already games like that. lol
    While I think there should be a penalty for attacking players who obviously don't want to PvP (why would someone be attacking a trader?) or are significantly lower in level, I have no problems with PvP. The game caters to every type of player (explorers, killers, achievers, socializers) very well and I think it should stay that way. I don't like PvP personally, I sort of suck at it myself in most games, but I find nothing wrong with it in general. I had some great experiences in arenas and battleground in other games.
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