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  1. Alakuu added a post in a topic Maehwa Awakening Movement/Attackspeed bugged?   

    Even if this is the case the likelihood of this bug being overly noticed is small. The Maehwa community is "very" small.

    Though the best thing to do is this: @CM_Aethon This player, as well as I are concerned about the movement / animation functionality.

    KR video footage leads me to believe we are "slower."
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  2. Alakuu added a post in a topic Welp I'm at a loss here (missing silver in storage?)   

    Report this in the report section, general chat really can't help much with something like this.
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  3. Alakuu added a post in a topic State of localization   

    Lets see some credentials and some scanned copies of the publishing agreement for Black Desert. Till then as I've said from the start, its unknown. Stop spouting bullshit.

    FluffyQuack good luck isolating all of them. I've seen lots of small almost same sentence but different descriptions on items. 
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  4. Alakuu added a post in a topic State of localization   

    Again false. Publishing deals vary from situation to situation. While I don't disagree with a "standard." To conclude that this situation is without any inside knowledge is bullshit guessing. 
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  5. Alakuu added a post in a topic State of localization   

    Not true at all. Each case is different and depends directly on the  contract between companies. 
    Nor does it change the fact that Daum/Kakao doesn't directly do anything but delivery, marketing, and localization.
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  6. Alakuu added a post in a topic State of localization   

    Well now hold on. Let me further clarify also:

    Kakao EU does report bugs.
    Kakao EU does request / schedule content.
    Kakao EU does comment / report feedback regarding class balance.
    Though the primary thing Kakao does is DELIVERY of the service (servers and other connected subsystems), marketing, and LOCALIZATION.

    PA handles all the back end code, other than likely the localization. Now if PA has to take "packages of localization" and then implement it, then holy f**k that is garbage and stupid, but I highly doubt that is the case.
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  7. Alakuu added a post in a topic State of localization   

    Kakao EU does bug fixes?
    Kakao EU does content?!
    Kakao EU does sytems?
    Kakao EU does class balance!?!?!?!?!
    Kakao EU does Localization.

    PA does Bug fixes.
    PA does content.
    PA does systems.
    PA does class balance.
    PA doesn't do localization.

    I think I understand some of your confusion now Chun. Hopefully now you understand better what Daum / Kakao is to Black Desert, compared to Pearl Abyss.
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  8. Alakuu added a post in a topic Maehwa = Unicorn   

    Pot CD was decreased to 3 seconds. You won't actually kill anyone ever with shorter cc locking. 
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  9. Alakuu added a post in a topic Maehwa = Unicorn   

    Congratulations. Hope you find some "new combos" because math is math, it doesn't behave different from user to user. Thus unless you find something "new" the class stands where it is, and its not a great spot, not even average.
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  10. Alakuu added a post in a topic Death of PvP   

    Bloody hell which is it?!
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  11. Alakuu added a post in a topic I'm about to quit   

    1 durability? Really now. Do explain.
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  12. Alakuu added a post in a topic Business > Game   

    I fail to see how that in any way nullifies a contract?

    Also I'd love to see a link for some reference. Was PA purchased? Hostile takeover? BS?
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  13. Alakuu added a post in a topic Business > Game   

    Plunge cut the misleading bullshit example.

    This is a business contract, there is likely a very deep and lengthy contract involved here. Which likely nullifies the "simple" example of landlord vs renter example. 
    Kakao could "merely" have a license, but it likely has wording that allows Kakao to effect by contractual force some changes to the product. BUT we cannot say for certain without viewing said contract. 

    While you can constantly ask for sources, that doesn't change that he/she "could" be correct. Congratulations on wanting evidence to be sure. But be warned taking that stance to far could lead you to asking for a source as the very thing you're blinding yourself to happens. 
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  14. Alakuu added a post in a topic Business > Game   

    Did I? They're going the path that's been chosen. Is it right? We cannot know. Could they change? Sure.
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  15. Alakuu added a post in a topic Business > Game   

    Depends. Markets, and business strategy can be different, and result in widely different results. Sometimes its best to damn the consumer, other situations its far better to work with them. We cannot know for sure what is best without a time machine / alternative reality box.
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