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  1. FeveredDreamer added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    Frankly I only care so much about this, but there is definitely something wrong with the degree of "outside research" one can benefit from in BDO compared with other MMOs.  I get that the game is competitive and all, but I've never before seen this level of weird inside secrets that a sub-set of the community benefits from due to keeping up with the other places the game runs.  One of my buddies told me this is a common issue in KE ports (noting ArcheAge) but it definitely doesn't have to be.  When this sort of information is known in advance it would be cool if at least it was noted here on the forum from the start rather than passing through word of mouth etc.
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  2. FeveredDreamer added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    I appreciate that you created a thread to get out ahead of this.The value pack is a subscription, that's a step in the wrong direction.The value pack XP boosts are fine by me personally, there are plenty of XP boosts in game, who cares.The value pack market-place boost is not, remove it, this is pay to win, why not just allow people to buy silver if this is the route being taken.
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  3. FeveredDreamer added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 20th   

    Most of the time these forums seem pretty great at making mountains out of mole-hills but this market tax thing seems clearly outside that norm.  The 30% market tax bonus should be removed from the game for the same reason that there's no P2P trading, you can buy everything in BDO with silver ultimately, it is unacceptable to offer the opportunity for folks to buy more silver in game.  This isn't a convenience item, remove it.
    Please remove the market tax bonus from the "value pack" this is going to drive people away from your game.Please consider strongly before continuing down this road, there's tons of stigma attached to BDO already due to early claims of P2W, this isn't helping.
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  4. FeveredDreamer added a post in a topic Value pack in game time to P2W   

    Yeah typically I don't contribute to this sort of conversation but the market tax is pretty clearly P2W and should be removed.  The faster leveling, who cares, there are plenty of paths to faster leveling currently in game and XP bonuses are clearly a part of current gameplay.
    Please, please, please, remove the market tax bonus, this will drive players away from your game, period.
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  5. FeveredDreamer added a post in a topic Siege Rehearsal Part 2   

    This should be an interesting opportunity to see just how big the new gear gap is.  I suspect this might be a brutal week of PvP for those still geared out as scrubs.
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  6. FeveredDreamer added a post in a topic Sieges Postponed   

    Is there any news on whether or not guilds that hold territory as of Saturday will get to keep their territories (and that sweet sweet income) during the interim? If so, the next few days of node wars should be lively as hell!
    Sucky, answered my own question.
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  7. FeveredDreamer added a post in a topic Patch 15.06 (Siege War) postponed   

    If nothing else, seriously excellent work with these patch notes.
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  8. FeveredDreamer added a post in a topic Rework of the enhancement system   

    The issue as I see it is the scale of improvements above +15, that stuff should be toned down imo.  Ultimately the issue is a crazed obsession with vertical progression rather than the typical problem of RNG.
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  9. FeveredDreamer added a post in a topic Anyone hate the Valkyrie Awakening?   

    Love the spear and shield style, but if there's a shop (or other) version of the weapon that is more reasonable in size I'll definitely be picking that up.
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  10. FeveredDreamer added a post in a topic [Consolidated Threads]Boss Armor: a friendly warning.   

    You can get them from drops as well.
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  11. FeveredDreamer added a post in a topic [Consolidated Threads]Boss Armor: a friendly warning.   

    Cool story bro.
    I mean I definitely get that this wasn't the most secret information on earth, but suggesting that it was readily available is ludicrous.  Worse yet there was uncertainty around the subject and an utter lack of communication on the issue from the support team.  It isn't the end of the world by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a pretty impressively crap decision, and something there was certainly the ability to prevent.  I'm disappointed, but it is far from the first time I've been disappointed in an MMO.
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  12. FeveredDreamer added a post in a topic [Consolidated Threads]Boss Armor: a friendly warning.   

    This definitely wasn't something "everyone" knew, some folks play an MMO rather than cruising its forums and support sites.   It was a crap move allowing these to come from bundles at all (let alone past bundles) but mine is just one more opinion in the pile I guess.  Generally though it just seems sloppy. 
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  13. FeveredDreamer added a post in a topic We are Family!   

  14. FeveredDreamer added a post in a topic Guide to Blackstone Quests!   

    So I've gotten plenty of weapon stones from the quest line but I'm not sure how it connects to other quest lines.  At the moment I've got two different versions of "kill ogres" quests in my log, but neither of them actually advance when I kill ogres, is this some sort of bug or am I just missing something?
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  15. FeveredDreamer added a post in a topic Agerian VS Tartias Armor   

    I've got a relatively solid set of Taritas at the moment which I'll probably be shifting over to my Blader.  I've been leaning toward jumping into the Grunil deep end, but I'm uncertain about both the cost of gems (they seem insane, and I die plenty) and the loss of DP.  Specifically on the subject of DP, I've read some pretty convincing data lately on the importance of DP in PvP, would anyone who has gone through PvP with both sets (Grunil/Taritas) noted real issues tied to the DP loss?
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