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  1. EvilCloud5 added a post in a topic world bosses are more than fine.   

    I can do this on wizard/witch/ranger, easy. Everything else is drivel and obvious bait. 
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  2. EvilCloud5 added a post in a topic Berserker or Musa in raw solo grinding power   

    Both suck, just do what you want.
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  3. EvilCloud5 added a post in a topic I am 55, now what?   

    Just quit.
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  4. EvilCloud5 added a post in a topic Best class for WorldBosses grinding   

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  5. EvilCloud5 added a post in a topic Looting ruins game experience   

    This guy is either trolling, doesn't play the game at all, or extremely stupid.
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  6. EvilCloud5 added a post in a topic Looting ruins game experience   

    I always tell people, base game is 60$. 30$ for the game and 30$ for 3 pets, plain and simple.
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  7. EvilCloud5 added a post in a topic 150% of BDO players are having fun   

    For trolling to be truly effective you have to be subtle, this is just obvious and boring.
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  8. EvilCloud5 added a post in a topic 150% of BDO players are having fun   

    One of the shittest threads I've seen in a long time, and actually one million times worse than the people and threads you talk about lol.
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  9. EvilCloud5 added a post in a topic 2nd fishing Sweetspot found. Pure golds and blues   

    Don't see the point. People already know, just no one wants to go through the trouble of finding these spots. And they don't even need to considering that there are known hotspots with abundant resources. So who are you helping? What are you trying to show, besides the obvious.
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  10. EvilCloud5 added a post in a topic When is it OK to PK?   

    When ever you want.
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  11. EvilCloud5 added a post in a topic Valkyrie Balance Poll   

    They seem like a pretty good class to me. Good tanking ability through block, both close and mid range cc, and they have nice burst (better than any other melee class from what I've experienced). You think they are too strong? Cause they are definitely not weak, most balanced "melee" class in the game atm TBH.
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  12. EvilCloud5 added a post in a topic Our awakening weapon   

    In all honesty. JJRusty is a retard that doesn't know wtf he is typing or trolling. Either way he fails and is an idiot, plain and simple.
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  13. EvilCloud5 added a post in a topic Leaving forums for good   

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, one less white knight to worry about. Good, good.
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  14. EvilCloud5 added a post in a topic Can we get the fish prices from KR too?   

    If they do meh, and if they don't im happy. But im definitely not gonna cry to raise fish prices, it's already unbelievable you can buy top end gear without even playing the game with the current fishing prices.
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  15. EvilCloud5 added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom Petals Removed?   

    Good. Next time don't stock pile anything and don't bother making cry threads.
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