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  1. Sensei added a post in a topic Dande vs Blue   

    I mean I think we all know the 70% and 30% was all used as a way to represent ratios, and that they're not ACTUALLY 70% and 30% is the part I feel people are confused at.
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  2. Sensei added a post in a topic Dande vs Blue   

    Im not arguing though and you literally just regurgitated what I just said so you agree with me then?
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  3. Sensei added a post in a topic Dande vs Blue   

    I think you're misunderstanding claire wrong, the awakening ap does transfer over as 100% Since she literally says it's 100% awakening ap and 43% mainhand ap but 100% is more of a way to sum up the entire total of the "universal ap" scaling, so 1 awakening ap is still 1 ap, there is no 70% adjustment they're stating 70% as a way to show why it's 143% the real combine total but it's easier to state it being 100% instead as its easier to understand.
    At least that's how I look at it, I may be wrong but hey Im still one shotting everyone that's not a zerker so I dont care either way.
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  4. Sensei added a post in a topic Dande vs Blue   

    Pretty sure nothing beats a PEN Dande tho 
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  5. Sensei added a post in a topic "http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/136299-dont-v-in-duels/Don't V In Duels"   

    I V because it's funny, like Ving behind enemy lines and 100%ing their back.
    I have a V and I will indeed use it for nefarious purposes.
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  6. Sensei added a post in a topic Removing or reworking super armour   

    I didnt know it was April Fools yet? What a good joke meme thread 5/7
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  7. Sensei added a post in a topic ManUp lubes and annihilates Cuckcode - CUCKCODE DEAD GUILD   

    The real question we should all be asking is.... @Lacari new video when?
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  8. Sensei added a post in a topic GM Valentine Poll! (Which GM is YOUR Valentine?)   

    What? There's a pic? I wanna see, or PM me it kkthx.
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  9. Sensei added a post in a topic PSA awakened block super armor   

    I hear Chess is a great game for test of skill, no gear, no internet connection needed, just people pitting their wits against each other in a game of conquest and strategy.
    Also hop scotch, can't forget about hop scotch. 
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  10. Sensei added a post in a topic BiS for pvp Warrior   

    Tungrade earrings if money wasnt an issue. as They're 13 AP at TRI and whale is 11 at TRI so you might as well go TRI witches for cost effectiveness if you're not getting an upgrade in AP going whale anyways.
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  11. Sensei added a post in a topic Blue Awakening GS vs Dandelion   

    Manos Earrings gives only DP.....?
    Am I missing something here???
    You named your dandelion weapon an Azure weapon in your post twice. just saying.
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  12. Sensei added a post in a topic Blue Awakening GS vs Dandelion   

    Because human dmg was nerfed awhile back and is worth less than 1 ap or something. So you need alot of human dmg to = 1 ap.
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  13. Sensei added a post in a topic Skillpoints... Am I Missing Something?   

    You really only need around 1100 sp not 1200 to max everything in awakened and some essential mainhand skills mostly because we dont need "great sword training" anymore, once you hit 59 anyways, after the nerf "greatsword training" ap buff doesn't stack with your q block ap buff, so you can reset that skill for free sp, so now you only need less sp instead of more to max out warrior.
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  14. Sensei added a post in a topic They can't nerf warrior.   

    Except I said with Nouver not Kutum, so 283 DP is technically TET boss gear with nouver, please read carefully on what I said. I dont use Kutum, I use TRI nouver and I have 263 DP with full TRI boss, 283 if I ever go full TET. I know what I'm talking about. I have the gears.
    Did you even ask the warrior what his offhand was? Was he using Kutum or nouver? if he was using Kutum then yeh I can see him having Full TRI boss with TRI kutum on, but we dont even know if he has kutum or not lol. If he does then sure w/e why not sure go ahead lol. 
    Also he doesn't have 15 less ap than you, sure sheet ap, but you have to factor in his block grants him another +26 ap, and idk what his gems are but that change too on top off food rotation buffs, He could have easily sat on 30-40 more ap than you with all these variables taken into account.
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  15. Sensei added a post in a topic They can't nerf warrior.   

    263 DP is full TRI boss, 283 DP is full TET boss armor, assuming nouver offhand.
    So that warrior u were facing or was at full TET boss armor lol. That's not low at all, to get more DP you'd need either kutum or PEN armor piece or DP accessories/hybrids idk. But 283 DP is definitely full TET boss.
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