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  1. Noble One added a post in a topic How many Pearls does it take to fix the servers?   

    .....are you serious?
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  2. Noble One added a post in a topic A new class after the Dark Knight?   

    omg i hope so. tbh male or female i dont care i just want monk class.
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  3. Noble One added a post in a topic Can we not have the announcement?   

    they had one and bot programs and hacks were easily able to bypass them.
    they had one and bot programs and hacks were easily able to bypass them.
    they had one and bot programs and hacks were easily able to bypass them.
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  4. Noble One added a post in a topic Total Cost of BDO   

    the total cost of BDO is which ever package you spend to get the game, anything beyond that is not part of it as its not mandatory to buy those things. youre trying to turn wants into needs and they are not.
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  5. Noble One added a post in a topic Better Servers   

    ...your thread is derailing....
    instead of making a new one everyday, dont let THIS ONE get closed due to things like the posts above. people will bump the thread for you with their opinions on your topic. you can ask mods to remove posts that derail your thread so it doesnt fall to a closure due to nonsense.
    i do hope they tweak the servers for the better though. granted my game does derp a lot but it happens from time to time and i could only imagine the frustrations of others that have it  far worse.
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  6. Noble One added a post in a topic Black Desert Online support timeline?   

    i dont mean to jump at your throat but why do people make threads like this? support varies from person to person ticket by ticket. some problems can be solved in a heartbeat and others take weeks due to investigations and such. the amount of money you put up means jack squat on how fast support will get to you. youre in a queue like everyone else and will just have to wait.
    i had a ticket and it took a week and a half to get it done. in other games like LoL it took 2 weeks and that game is WAY higher in support than this game. hell even blizzrd can take this long or longer depending on your problem. 
    Patience is a powerful virtue... invest in it.
    also its friday... people do go home lol. 
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  7. Noble One added a post in a topic Flyring robot suit skin?   

    uuuuhhhh i would say nooooo as yea it fantasy but its not part of this genre and would really stand out to much. 
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  8. Noble One added a post in a topic A devil trigger type class?   

    but they are part of the fantasy here if not originated heavily from this type of genre OF fantasy. theyre not in most like this because of being cool, they are here because its the best genre. 
    im all for a class that can transform themselves into something really. doesnt have to be devil trigger it can even be an animal or such.
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  9. Noble One added a post in a topic why is dark knight so neglected? costumes/awakening/information?   

    dont get me wrong animation can be a pain in the ass at times but its not THAT big of a pain in the ass. also why wouldnt people want certain older costumes for DK? that makes no sense as every character shares those costumes, hell people begged for the caro costume for witch. also affixing awaken animations for costumes is not hard as once the costume is tied to said model it will flow on its own. 
    and really we would see costumes MUCH faster than seeing awakening for DK. 
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  10. Noble One added a post in a topic why is dark knight so neglected? costumes/awakening/information?   

    tbh its actually not THAT hard to affix costumes to the model. considering its new the older costumes should have been made during development as to not only get more money on day one release but to have a decent amount of content also. granted not having things like awakening is understandable as it takes time to plan that stuff out, but costumes? there are a bunch of old ones they couldve given upon release or have some out a little after release. stating it takes to long because of models is a BS answer. i could see if she had a very unique body but she doesnt as her mold is kinda similar to valk, ranger, and sorc.
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  11. Noble One added a post in a topic The time has come. Gliders and flying mounts in cash shop   

    how would it contradict the core design? flight is not really out of the realm of this game. you still have risk when you fly and im pretty sure almost everyone (awoken skill or not) has the means of projectile attacks. the risk is still there, also you make it like others wouldnt have flight. in the sky over land would mean death from falling that high. and in the sea people would more than likely shoot you out of the air. 
    also to add ArcheAge didnt fail for anything close to flight, it was actually one of the best parts of the game as you couldnt really glide forever and ANY attack would knock you out of flight. AA failed to many other things (bots, p2w, land grab, etc).
    for here i agree that flight would be a great feature to add, troll post or not. 
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  12. Noble One added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

    ghillie was changed for node/guild wars which is what most wanted.
    furniture can be mostly matched for in game versions.
    this is one of the few things but like i said most things p2w can be bought via AH.
    the coupons that mean you HAVE to spend money to use? the ones that get you to buy items for less pearls and sell them on the AH... those coupons?
    really...cook and maid outfits.... thats the best you got for p2w?
    though i believe limited you can still get those via legacy coin thing (name escapes me... its 6am)
    maid goes with artisans and its debatable for being p2w.
    tailoring for horse or self? because even the 7 day value pack gives you that iirc. if for horse then im laughing as those have a CHANCE for skills
    yes i see youre point but the above is not going to set some one DRASTICALLY ahead of others who dont pay. that was the big thing here and still is. the only thing i can see as "p2w" is the artisans which yeah gives you an edge in repairing you stuff.
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  13. Noble One added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

    yes they did but they could sell that "winning" on the AH and some one who didnt pay is now "winning" and thats my point. if you couldnt get bonuses without spending cash then its p2w. but since you can still get the SAME EXACT bonuses while spending in game non special currency then it isnt. the tables are still balanced no matter how you slice it. hell even the "sub" is sold on the AH and 7 days subs are given out like candy  there is no p2w in this game.
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  14. Noble One added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

    well one could say because of pets and costume bonuses but this would mean you cant get these things without spending real money BUT they can be sold in game sooooo.... yeah its not really. really there is nothing that money gives of an advantage to some one not spending money. anything that you would thing that gives a person an advantage that dropped cash on the game can be bought through the AH with no special currency at a fixed price. 
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  15. Noble One added a post in a topic Could we get 1'000€ Daum Cash packages please ?   

    .....for what?
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