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  1. Shaya added a post in a topic Anniversary Gratitude Event [Updated - 3/28/2017]   

    Quest tells me to deliver 5 herbal juice to Lashir in Altinova but there is no option to hand the herbal juice over to him? 
    nvm quest Navigation was buggy
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  2. Shaya added a post in a topic Black Desert: Failure is success !!   

    At the end of the video I expected a TRI Ogre success or anything like that^^
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  3. Shaya added a post in a topic Anyone able to hit a perfect 15min cooking?   

    I don't think this is a problem that we could solve as it it up to the developers. I'm quite sure its about the coding behind it so its up to the devs to remove that delay but I can imagine there is a reason for that delay. Maybe if they remove the delay it would cause the cooking to "skip" or whatever so that its sort of a safety mechanic. Atleast its the only thing I can think off ... 

    They could reduce the cap to 0.8 sec as a possible fix ....
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  4. Shaya added a post in a topic how long have you been online:D   

    sitting at ~ 270-280D
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  5. Shaya added a post in a topic Max number of workers   

    Blue crops yield a maximum of 40 (Sunflowers for example) while green ones yield a maximum of 60 per crop 
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  6. Shaya added a post in a topic Max number of workers   

    Well somehow I had a feeling it would be this kind of troll but well ..... who cares
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  7. Shaya added a post in a topic Max number of workers   

    Okay how do i explain this .... you have 57 Tasks for Flax Fabric left to do you have 13 Workers on there. From the Screenshot I can see some of your workers are tasked multiple times. ( 6 Left, 4 left, 1 left ... ) which can be up to the amount of tasks as a worker has stamina. If you for example have 8 Flax Fabric left to do and you task a blue goblin with 8 stamina to do max tasks you wouldnt be able to put another worker to it. So if all the tasks you are currently running add up to the 57 you have left then you cant assign more workers to it. My tip is to task all workers to only 2-3 times at a time if you want to use more workers at the same time and re-assign them every 5-6 hours manually. Hopefully you understand my explaination .... 
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  8. Shaya added a post in a topic Max number of workers   

    They usually work at a 1:3 ratio thats right but strangely it works for the Tea. Its reliably as I never failed with it from like Master 6 up to Master 27 I never failed. Also I know alot of people who do it aswell without failing

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  9. Shaya added a post in a topic Max number of workers   

    Well 1 Green Sunflower + 1 Green Strawberry is enough for the recipe. These I get completely from farming so thats no cost except for the CP for me. I buy Honey whenever I see it on the market for 1700 Silver so If I do the Calculations its 156.000 Silver profit per Crate. But tending all the farms & turning in those crates are really annoying these days because I have to circle around Heidel->Olvia->Calpheon on atleast 3 Channel per Day to turn in 175 of these. Thats why Fish Crates would be nice to reduce some of that amount as the Fried Fish Crates are almost the same profit ( 150k ) and have alot less competition. 

    The reason people do the Good Smelling Boxes are because its easy to mass produce but alot of people doing it wrong results in such low profit for them that I'm surprised they are doing it at all. Alot of people use Blue Sunflowers/Strawberries or farm only Sunflowers and buy white strawberries for 700 each at the Calph NPC.
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  10. Shaya added a post in a topic Max number of workers   

    Well I currently have 10x 7 Slot Farms running with Sunflowers/Strawberrys ( Green). I harvest 2 times per day which gives me ~ 1400 of each resulting in ~115 Imperial Crates

    But turning in Good Smelling Tea Boxes these days is really cancer so I'm thinking to reduce it to 6 x 7 Slot Farms and use the 24 CP I get from that for Fish Nodes. If that makes enough fish for ~ 45 Imperial Crates / Day it would be awesome as it is the same profit for less active work.
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  11. Shaya added a post in a topic Max number of workers   

    I got ~ 300k beer  will take me a while to use that up^^
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  12. Shaya added a post in a topic Max number of workers   

    Do you have any Data on how much these Nodes yield roughly per day? 
    How many of these Nodes do you have? 
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  13. Shaya added a post in a topic Max number of workers   

    I know that problem very well
    But the Nodes for Workers to gather fish are not really worth it sadly would have been an awesome alternative to Good Smelling Tea Boxes
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  14. Shaya added a post in a topic Epheria Airship?   

    Haha. Nice one!
    Atleast you got an awesome view from up there and wouldn't it be awesome to have Airships?
    I mean T9 Horses can fly ( almost ) so wouldn't a Sailing Skill at Guru 1 that makes your Ship fly be awesome?
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  15. Shaya added a post in a topic Max number of workers   

    Appearently we are likely to get that 351 Cap raised to 400 with kamalsive in a few weeks. Atleast KR has it at 400 at the moment.
    Not sure if we get it too but im optimistic^^
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