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  1. SYNFIRE added a post in a topic Blader gear GUIDE   

    Yeah, looks like I'm going to go 3 Taritas and Grunil Glove. I do think that full Grunil is a bit stronger in general but this way the gems are less core in case they break and I have to fight without them (plus less $$). Maybe eventually I'll switch to Grunil if I end up playing more than I expect and start drowning in silver.
    Just wanted to throw a nice thanks to everyone in this thread. You've all been a great help!
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  2. SYNFIRE added a post in a topic Blader gear GUIDE   

    Well that's simple enough to workaround. I'd say that if it's going to be added its still valid in its own way, but I'll go ahead and edit my post up above.
    You can just throw 25% resist to knockdown onto the boots and go with a different gem in the helmet. Most of the other gems in the helmet slot aren't as great as the other slots but eh.
    Is everything else valid? What are your thoughts on it as a whole?
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  3. SYNFIRE added a post in a topic Blader gear GUIDE   

    I just assumed this was correct. If you have 2 of these on a Grunil Helm that's 50%. Taritas has 15% as an effect. One crystal added is 40% (which with the 20% base is the 60% PvP cap).
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  4. SYNFIRE added a post in a topic Blader gear GUIDE   

    So... I went ahead and made a little chart with the differences between Full Grunil, Taritas Body + Boot and Grunil Helm + Glove, and the set that I am planning on using (in the middle). Ignoring accessories (since you can have them make up for anything you might be missing) and assuming you used the same crystals/gems across all sets I don't really see a big difference. It makes me wonder why people are saying that 2T and 2G is so much better than using Taritas with Grunil Gloves.
    You are trading 5AP for 5acc (which is better, or at least fairly equivalent, since way later on AP numbers will be well above 150 and accuracy will still be around 40-50 which means that +5acc is weightier than the 5AP) and 10% Knockdown and Bound resist that you won't be able to use in PvP. Considering that PvE is pretty simple I don't think that extra 10% is very useful. On top of this you're having to pay muuuch less in broken crystals AND if you were killed in PvP and ambushed at spawn or something you're more likely to be able to fight since more of your bonuses are from the armor and not gems especially compared to full Grunil.
    If there's something I'm getting wrong, please let me know. I just made this to make sure I wasn't missing anything since I didn't see a big difference between Adowen's set and mine in actual efficiency.
    Extra info: The only difference between my gems and the ones Adowen used on his build are that I used movespeed gems since I am already at the cap (or in the case of the other sets, past the cap) for PvP knockdown resist. This build assumes that you will use the Blackhornbow for all the sets, so I didn't bother including that.
    Some Taritas tooltips read "+20 hp AND +20wp" and I wasn't sure and couldn't be bothered to log in and check. If that is so, full grunil gets an advantage of +130 not +150 and the other sets with the chestplate are +120hp instead of +100.

    EDIT: whoops
    The last set on the right has +3Ev and NO +2MvS relative to the standard stats.
    MOAR EDIT: Sicate has mentioned that the helmet gem I threw in here isn't in the game yet. While it isn't in you could throw the 25% knockdown&bound boot crystal (Adamantine I believe?) instead of +2MvSpeed and then pick another Helm crystal. The only reason the Movespeed gems were used in the chart were because I didn't see a point in further stacking the resist and didn't much like the other boot crystals. I'd still like to hear what people have to say about the sets as a whole.
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  5. SYNFIRE added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  6. SYNFIRE added a post in a topic Gear, levels, and TTK out of control - No balance at all   

    Trying to keep that civil conversation going.
    2-3 months of a gap to get to top tier equipment and level isn't the worst thing ever.
    But it's worth noting that there is NO level cap. And the gear cap at 20 (eventually) is pretty rough as well. The game is buy to play, and if someone buys the game say... 7 months late for any reason, they could be behind WAY more than just 2-3 months. Players who have been grinding since the start will be gods in comparison due to accuracy/evasion stats alone, and it will be impossible to catch up to them since there's no level cap. No matter what you say about it, this WILL cause the player-base to suffer.
    If we factor in people leaving because of lack of interest or newer games releasing, that means that the only people playing will be the older players who've been spending a lot of time in the game at the start. No new players, and only a portion of the originals.
    I agree with Gunnar. Unless there's something I don't understand about the situation otherwise, this means the game will have a pretty bleak future. Making gear and levels less potent (not completely irrelevant) just means that many, many more of those people who might leave will stay and probably won't affect those who would've stayed in the first place. Isn't that the best for everyone?
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  7. SYNFIRE added a post in a topic LF Blader Armor Guide/Discussion   

    Just to preface, I haven't played Blader, so my advice is mostly based on theory and other people's ideas elsewhere. I'd appreciate insight from a more experienced player as well.
    I'm planning on running with 3 piece Taritas (std so I can enhance it easier) with Agerian gloves. The Taritas stats are useful, even though evasion was nerfed from what I hear it's still noticeable, just not busted as it was previously. Agerian gloves grant 1 attack speed stack, so it'll be less of a pain to build it later.
    This is the main point I'm unsure of, but also the main reason why (if I'm right) the Taritas set is so useful. If I'm correct Blader/Plum don't gain MP from levels, leaving them with 100 MP at max level. As a result the Taritas set essentially doubles your available MP pool, and with the Blader Spirit skill fully restoring your MP pool this gives you a muuuch bigger resource pool to work with even if you can't easily refill it just by slashing.
    Again I'd appreciate if someone could confirm any of this info. Just what I've heard.
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  8. SYNFIRE added a topic in General   

    Question on restoring durability and "steel" gear
    Could I use normal gear to restore durability on steel version of that gear?
    EX: Restore durability to Steel Taritos Armor with Taritos Armor
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  9. SYNFIRE added a topic in General   

    Training Stat: Health -- Does eating food to train the Health stat work infinitely?
    Does eating food to train the health stat work infinitely? Or is there a cap at some point? There's already other forms of no-cap scaling so if there's not cap on this it seems like newer player are really screwed.
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  10. SYNFIRE added a post in a topic Ok, no blader at launch... BUT WHY!?!   

    There's been plenty of people saying this kind of stuff already but I feel like contributing to see if we can get some attention...
    The fact that Blader/Plum isn't out on release is probably going to lead to me not playing unless enough of my friends grab the game and convince me. It's hard for a lot of people to play a game knowing that in a while a majority of their progress will be reset. I'm not really interested in playing an alt character and the shared stuff between characters (while nice) isn't enough for me to dedicate my time to. It's something I'd probably just accept, BUT Witch/Wizard are already out along with Tamer. This proves that not only would it be easy to add the Blader, but that the order of appearance and timing has no meaning either. It just feels ridiculous and becomes frustrating when you consider the fact that unlike Korea and Russia WE PAID to get access to the game right away.
    In the end this is just stupid. Since this game has no level cap limit this means that people who plan on maining Blader/Plum are being held back and its for no discernible reason at all. I was very excited for the release of BD but now I'm worried that by the time the classes I want to play are out I'll no longer have enough interest to jump back into a world that's been rolling along without me despite an early purchase.
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