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  1. Stego added a post in a topic Accessory enchant chance?   

    I Duo'd 2 mark of shadows last night. 
    I went 20 fail stacks for both Pri's and 25 fail stacks for both Duos. Did not fail once
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  2. Stego added a post in a topic 4H FARMING +5 LUCK 0 DROP WITCH EARRINGS   

    lol.... you cant ----- about drops in a RNG based game... I had level 8 node. 5 luck. GM apology. 20 % item drop loyalty item. and it still took me 13 hours to get one... yet i have guildies that got it with ZERO luck. Didint even have the node invested in. and got it literally just passing thru to kill a witch boss....
    deal with it. farm more...
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  3. Stego added a post in a topic [Levelling rush to win] Level 56 confirmed, so level CAP is?   

    we have 3 people in our guild stuck at 55.99% and cant advance sooo yaaaa
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  4. Stego added a post in a topic So, I'm level 20 but the thought of PvP is putting me off   

    not to sound mean but if you dont like pvp you should prolly not play this game.... MOST of the end game is PVP....
    with that being said there is a VERY large gap between High end pvp guilds and not...... so theres TONS of game to explore and play even if you arnt hardcore into pvp.. especially as the game enlarges... Tomorrow comes Mediah.. and MOST not all but MOST higher end aggressive guilds will move to the new region and fight and leave the launch areas empty for you to enjoy
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  5. Stego added a post in a topic PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! FIX PVP! its so unfair for PVE PLAYERS   

    im in a high end pvp guild... and if your not in one of the top 4 guilds on the server we wont bother anyone... and a simple whisper saying.. N 100 for quest then leave... we will let you have it... I think you are prolly running into highly contested zones.... not talking to anyone.. and taking spawns and expecting people to not kill u....
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  6. Stego added a post in a topic Buy and Upgrade Ring of Good Deeds Immediately!   

    u know orge ring is a neck slot accs right??
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  7. Stego added a post in a topic DAUM: Either fix the huge discrepancy in gear from +16-20 or disable the ability to Enhance past +15   

    I work 55+ hours a week. Mon-Sat. Have a family. Only get to game 1-2 hours a day AT BEST... and im in one of the top ranked guilds... and have gear on par with the "hardcore" players...  +15 Yuria.. 2 + 15 armor peices... 2 mark of shadows. 2 witch earings... Rhudum belt... Have 15 mil in the bank.. 150 black stones...
    Just manage your time better ????
    Its so simple... AFK fish while at work and sleeping.. garunteed 750K a night.... do dailys... use Loyalty Item for 20% drop rate increase... farm same areas 1-2 hours a night.. get gear.... play game... 
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  8. Stego added a post in a topic Boss Exploit - whats the point of playing now?   

    ehh depends how u look at it.
    last week there was a total of 21 Liverto weapons and only 4 tree belts listed IN TOTAL ever on the market.
    As of this week theres been a total of 197 Livertos and 34 tree belts....
    I agree its a temporary gain not long term... But for a guild to go from.. +12 yurias.... to a entire guild of +15 livertos from the items and money gain.... its pretty huge for the next month or so especially with sieges coming out....With that kind of startup cash its very simple for these players to automatically be all +15 Grunil within 1 day of playing.... sooo i would say the advantage is fairly huge 
    Gonna make the "not hardcore" or "good guilds" extremely powerful. Vs the actual legit good guilds that now will be behind due to not exploiting....
    My guild doesnt do the exploit... but to be 100% honest i wish we did.. i would much rather play for 1 day... and not have to grind for the next month to get the same result... I could spend a month grinding professions. trading... everything really... but instead ill spend a month grinding for gear... being frustrated... to then be behind in everything else because the exploiters had such a huge advantage

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  9. Stego added a post in a topic Diminishing returns on loot drops.   

    I know its all RNG related.
    But 9 times out of 10.
    I get rare loot within the first 2 hours im logged into the game rather then later.
    MOST of the time i can log in... get 5 luck.... and go farm for a hour or 2 and get a mark of shadows... witches ring.... whatever item.
    But if i then spam grind my face off for the next 8 hours i typically get nothing...
    Ive seen a direct relation to AFK fishing then farming yields poor results... But if i completely log out of the game... for a extended period (overnight) then log in and go straight to grinding i almost garunteed get a blue quality item (mark of shadows, Witch earrings etc.)
    You can call it RNG but seriously... 9 times out 10 this works for me. I feel the game self balances itsself so players who dont have enough time to play wont fall to far behind. Last night i logged on... guild was doing cyclops... the first 5 cyclops i killed i got 2 high end crystals and a friendship earring.. I then proceeded to farm for the next 6 hours and got nothing. This happened for both occasions i got my mark of shadows and witch earrings... Literally any rare piece of loot I have got within the first 2 hours of logging in... rather then grinding for half of a saturday,
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  10. Stego added a post in a topic Lv.50 Hourly Repeat 5AP Accessory Quest Help   

    Ive been 51 for a few days now and literally only have the black spirit quests to get 100 energy left... thats all.. i dont know whats wrong
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  11. Stego added a topic in General   

    Lv.50 Hourly Repeat 5AP Accessory Quest Help
    Hey guys, Ive been going crazy for 2 days straight trying to figure out why i cant do the Daily Accs quests.
    Literally everyone just says talk to the Calph warehouse manager and you get a quest that sends you to a goblin, witch, and shadow knight guy. then you just start doing the hourlys
    I searched for hours online and found this quest chain that builds into talking to the warehouse manager. which then feeds to that quest to talk to the witch
    I personally just ran in between all of these NPC's and none forward the quest chain at all. However when trying to talk to Agria Jens. I gained knowledge. (meaning i never talked to him before). SO unless they changed the questline This is where im stuck. MOST people i ask said they never did anything and the warehouse manager just told them to go talk to the witch in Hexe . they did not do any pre quests at all.
    If anyone can offer help id really appriciate it. its driving me crazy that i cant do these quests. Im 100% lost and cannot figure anything else out about why i cannot start doing these hourlys.
    thanks guys \
    On a side note could be unreleated. I have noticed that ALOT of quests i did in CBT 2 did not pop up for me in launch. Example in the troll area theres a small watchtower with 3 npcs that in CBT2 i killed the ancient trolls and stuff and they gave some accessories and contribution. This time around they gave me a quest to kill some contaminated dogs and that was it.
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  12. Stego added a post in a topic How hard did you work to afford the Pre-order?   

    Composite Manager in a Aerospace company.
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  13. Stego added a post in a topic How hard did you work to afford the Pre-order?   

    i worked for 2 hours on monday..........
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  14. Stego added a post in a topic Will servers suck at launch like CBT2?   

    Everyone prolly remembers Tera ???
    or even more recently blade and soul when it finally "released" my q times for BnS were 15 hours 
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  15. Stego added a post in a topic Why bother playing a Warrior at all?   

    Someone posted a video before of a level 55 warrior literally just smashing people 1 v 4 like one shotting people of similar gear for like 20 min straight before dieing. 
    I feel any class is viable just depends. In a game that doesn't need tanks ya it seems weird but they make up for it in sieges and after awakenings.
    to be honest 60% of the player base will be unskilled or not willing to put in the work to max gear or level as much as possible so regardless of a class is gimped more then others you will still have fun 
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