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  1. Trixologist added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    Yeah ok...the info is already out there. 
    Given the way Kakao manages things this does not feel like its "keep xyz safe".  It feels like oh we don't want backlash because this 3rd party should have never had the info in the first place and we're going to be screwed if they tell it now.
    Again ^ another reason to be transparent - to stop people from assuming the worst or even worse than what actually is and just deal with the problem in the moment.  Your reasoning is akin to the Samsung nightmare and their initial choice to not sound the alarm.  Its definitely a way to manage risk but not one that ensures or maintains trust in the relationship.  Fall on the sword and work through it.
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  2. Trixologist added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    Transparency and due diligence I'd suppose. 
    Right now it seems that there is some 3rd party company that may have peoples info and further down the line from that the source that hacked that info and whomever / whatever they intend to do with it in the coming days, months years etc.
    There is an argument for keeping it internal but if there is nothing shady about this 3rd party relationship then Kakao should be protecting all of us not them.  There is a chance this is a 3rd party that people may visit directly, there is a chance that this is a 3rd party that other sites also use and have chosen not to or don't have the means to tell their customers. .In the event of something like this informing the consumer so they are aware enables them to be smarter in the long term, both in their dealings with you and outside of your domain. 
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  3. Trixologist added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    I mean it could be but warning us taking action NOW when Cloudbleed occured weeks  over a month ago...would look way worse than what this does now.
    I'd literally die of laughter.
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  4. Trixologist added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    13. PRIVACY
    Kakao Games Europe undertakes, in the Privacy Policy, to ensure in the protection of the User’s personal data in compliance with Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and its transposition in Dutch law.
    About that.... sigh.
    Hmm - wait - when I did authorize you to use 3rd party services to render my gamin....grrrrr. This is one of those Damn Daum moments and I can't even say it cause I've been Kakao'd.
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  5. Trixologist added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    I had to laugh at this.You poor thing.
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  6. Trixologist added a post in a topic Pay Up   

    Not to be that girl and say I told you so but...

    ... I did.
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  7. Trixologist added a post in a topic NERFING hurts a lot of players   

    Adjusted this sentence, it now accurately reflects both the cause and effect, read it 3 times, swap things around if you need to.
    Players = x when x === the problem.
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  8. Trixologist added a post in a topic New quest for guild leader   

    Actually nevermind theres already a thread on it, no need to tell you. Just look here - http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/139335-guild-master-only-quests/#comment-1931094
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  9. Trixologist added a post in a topic Save Cooking byproducts until kamasylvi region ?   

    Honestly you haven't hit hard to obtain CP.  If you don't use it now, you are limiting yourself from the use of the contribution that you could have had the whole time while waiting for a hoped for increase to the softcap.  I know there are arguments for both ways but it just seems nonsensical when you could have more of x with x being nodes, workers, products, trade nodes, fences, or storage by xx amount of days until its updated.
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  10. Trixologist added a post in a topic Anyone know what this could be   

    When you attempt to sail to it it teleports you away. I haven't found that other invisible walls in the game do this  - just that one. 
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  11. Trixologist added a post in a topic Another night of massive server lag (and no lag on Olvia, so its clearly not people's ISPs, DNS, or other excuses)   

    This is far from true but I guess it also depends on where you play and which server you hail from.  NA coming from Orwen we've never ever seen lag as bad as its been this week.  Could it be a mass influx of turds coming to BDO sure. But this is consistently bad enough that there needs to be something done about it, even if its just until the crowd dies down (help us all if it doesn't). 
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  12. Trixologist added a post in a topic life skills and house fame   

    Courtesy of Dulfy.net... http://dulfy.net/2017/01/18/black-desert-fame-levels-and-payout-guide/
    Life skills in BDO = click P(character profile) then select rankings - look at each icon at that top, those are life skills with the exception of Red Battlefield, Wealth and Growth.
    Raise them by doing them. 
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  13. Trixologist added a post in a topic The T7 listing on Horse Market- NA   

    Happy Easter Cami!
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  14. Trixologist added a topic in General   

    Lore - What in the World?
    This might be embarrassing not sure yet. What is the name of our world?  For the life of me I cannot remember ever having known it. 
    And no I'm not talking about "NA World". I mean the world the lore is based in - what's it called?  I know Goma Naru  is the area (city, town, continent, region?) we stem from,  I don't know what world that area is located in.
    What in the world is our world called?
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  15. Trixologist added a post in a topic Dear Princess Highness   

    One could say it was redundant.  I prefer to think of it as incredibly fantastic or  doubly impressive.
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