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  1. Swift added a post in a topic Possible to organize a strike? (✿◡‿◡)   

    yes! please do this! Afterwards I can sell my horses and be one of the only ones on the market selling at a high value while all you guys are sitting on a bunch of unsold horses unable to train new ones as efficient as I am! Brilliant!
    - Side note: Strikes only work when in the form of corporate and when you have a union backing you. The union then practically forces everyone under its payroll to strike against the company regardless of whether you want to or not. If you do it in a community environment with no backbone supporting your 'strike' it will fail and cause people who are currently selling the same product as you to get far ahead in terms of economic profit and development.
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  2. Swift added a post in a topic Elrics vs Sausan   

    I would do both rotations for about 15 minutes and test how much you are getting at each spot.
    Currently my rotation is about 4m/hr with turnins
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  3. Swift added a post in a topic How is the BDO community?   

    I love you.
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  4. Swift added a topic in General   

    Olivia 1 & 2 Channels
    So I have not logged in for 23 days and that was only to roam around a bit...
    Before reading about to Olivia channels, I logged into the launcher then read about it being available after 30 days. Since I logged into the launcher and started the game (I did not enter past the channel page) will my days reset or should I wait a week before joining?
    Just wondering what (logging in) really means...because I have been gone from the game for several months and would love the opportunity.
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  5. Swift added a post in a topic Most OVERPOWERED Class? (Updated 12/12/2016)   

    Ranger...Anyone who knows how to q-cancel shotgun knows how powerful it is. (which should be every ranger)
    Once they fix their servers desync options, Sorc will be viable... and for people judging a class based on its performance in Red Battleground: remember...they are probably running +AP crystals, +5 Casting speed and +5 Crit with much higher AP/DP than you AND a much higher accuracy. Ofc, Sorcs in red battleground are kinda trashy if you are playing on an equal battlefield. It's REALLY obvious when you are facing an overgeared player on any class. Warriors who never die, Wizards who one-shot everyone with lightning, Rangers who are +300 by just spamming across them map ;etc,etc
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  6. Swift added a post in a topic This Grind Man..   

    I don't understand...isn't an MMO supposed to be about the grind? Every MMO I have ever played has always been a grindfest -I know some exist out there that cater to slackers- and still come off as enjoyable. You want to be the best, so you put in a ton of time to achieve an area where you can 'compete' to be the best. I know this isn't one of those posts that are being harsh, but I am getting sick of players complaining about grind(in other posts) in an MMO and wanting free handouts from the BDO team. Runescape, TERA, GW, etc all had a continuous grind to achieve max gear; to which they would change and make the new meta absolute shit in the next content patch (you would then have to change your BiS gear to the new BiS gear).
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  7. Swift added a post in a topic Botting in BDO?   

    I found this 
    on a prior post which gives me even less faith in them finding a solution...because "report them so we can deal with them" means they have no countermeasures whatsoever except to rely on their playerbase...
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  8. Swift added a topic in General   

    Botting in BDO?
    So...what is being done about the botting situation in BDO? I already know there are plenty of people using fishing bots, leveling bots, farming bots etc... My friend has even admitted to using a farming bot and grinded 2 witch earrings overnight leaving his computer on. There are scripts that allow people to see your and other mobs exact % exp and level.
    There's also a confirmed 0 cd script that hasn't been fixed yet to my knowledge...
    Once again, is anything being done about this or is this just another Korean MMO that will let hackers and botters take over because it's all client-sided.
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  9. Swift added a post in a topic Bug with daily quest CP reward ?   

    yea, idk. Try submitting a ticket to a GM about it.
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  10. Swift added a post in a topic [PvP/PvE] Pot Spamming   

    Lol. I love these polls because it's obvious how biased they are..."& should be spammable"
    They are not spammable in any way. If you can't slice through a person fast enough before they can pop pots to heal their health bar up, you are doing something wrong. At most people can pop three-four pots against me in a PvP fight; typically only in pivotal moments when they are CCed (when I am dishing out extra damage which negates the effect of the potion). Don't even get me started on a basic ranger who knows how to q-cancel. 
    While pots having a low CD renders heal abilities a bit worthless, they are still very much needed in group PvP and side-healing.
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  11. Swift added a post in a topic Bug with daily quest CP reward ?   

    I was under the assumption that the dailies at Olvia farm only reward on average below 100cp exp.. +Some of the 'quests' you do have multiple turn ins each quest which reward a ton of cp exp which is most likely the source.
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  12. Swift added a post in a topic Worth it?...   

    the middle-option for preorders is always the scam one. Either sink alot of cash into it for the top-tier package or buy the lowest one possible. 
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  13. Swift added a post in a topic Thank you mods!   

    This post offends me.
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  14. Swift added a post in a topic Why PvP should be unlocked at 50 and NOT 45   

    While I am very against there ever being a possibility of a PvE server (primarily due to how there is NO PvE endgame) I could stand by the statement of raising the cap to 50. I have several characters that serve different purposes and once they get to level 45-range, AFKing and leaving them over school and work worries me sometimes. The only argument I find is the rebuttal that why would anyone kill AFKers; it raises pointless karma. Alas, people will still continue to be people.
    It doesn't make much sense why PvP is activated automatically at 45...If you choose not to progress to level 50, you are already blocking yourself from ever achieving the actual game...mine-as-well get reward from it. It's not like a mass amount of people around will harness your ability to gather/fish faster, so what's the point of fighting over location?
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  15. Swift added a post in a topic Red Battlefield Gems question...   

    there are also some high-tier crystals which state that "They have a high propensity to shatter on player death" so be cautious...
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