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  1. Zato-Ichi added a post in a topic This 2 minutes review of BDO is beyond weird! ^_^   

    Hahaha best review ever
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  2. Zato-Ichi added a post in a topic Musa has the perfect samurai outfit!!!   

    i take it you rather look like a christmas tree? Which of course is your prerogative.
    In my opinion, simple, non-exagerated armor is so rare in mmo's. I am just glad bdo caters to all kinds of tastes.
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  3. Zato-Ichi added a post in a topic Musa has the perfect samurai outfit!!!   

    Guys it is here! It is finally here
    it only took the better part of a year, but still im a happy camper.

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  4. Zato-Ichi added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 4th   

    ^ yes this please
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  5. Zato-Ichi added a post in a topic Post your awakened ninja pics   

    i had the exact same idea! Looks awesome, but how long did it take you to get it from santa?
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  6. Zato-Ichi added a post in a topic Post your awakened ninja pics   

    Nice stuff brahs.
    only cool people play ninja. That much is clear. Cant wait to jump in as well.
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  7. Zato-Ichi added a topic in Ninja   

    Post your awakened ninja pics
    Guys, like you I have been waiting for ninja awk for way too long. Unlike you I am unable to play this week. -----ing shitty timing. I know. Please, to give me my fix, post pics of your awakened ninjas. I am especially curious how the new outfit looks.
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  8. Zato-Ichi added a post in a topic Any lore available on the upcoming Haso Kingdom?   

    very nice. Never actually paid this any attention. Still the compass in your map tells you that valencia is east. So which is right? Maybe in this world the sun goes from west to east...
    @kakao can we have any update on this?
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  9. Zato-Ichi added a post in a topic Dear Sanka (Kakao Santa)(post your dear sanka letter)   

    I don't want a lot for christmas. There is just one thing i need.
    i don't care about the presents. Underneath the christmas tree.
    i just want the vagabond outfit for the musa for my own. More than you could ever know! 
    Please Kakao don't make me switch to the japanese version of BDO!!! My kanji reading comprehension is rusty!!!

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  10. Zato-Ichi added a post in a topic Post your Dream Outfit!   

    Necrod the shit out of this thread!
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  11. Zato-Ichi added a post in a topic Actions against 'Shovel Exploiters'   

    Very nice Kakao.Haven't seen the community this positive since release, or ... ever maybe.
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  12. Zato-Ichi added a post in a topic Which costume (looks) is your favourite?   

    sadly only in japan so far.

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  13. Zato-Ichi added a post in a topic Bladers be waiting   

    I dont even know if it is available in korea. Could be japan exclusive, although I hope kakao come to their senses. 
    i would throw mad $$$$ at it
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  14. Zato-Ichi added a post in a topic Bladers be waiting   

    please kakao can we have a respons on whether you are even planning on releasing this costume? There seems to be quite some demand for it.
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