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  1. Circe added a post in a topic Am I in the wrong for being salty about Artisan Memories?   

    You're not wrong to be angry about it, it saves quite a lot of time. But there's worse P2W and DAUM doesn't get that money either. So they are kind of forced to provide a better alternative so that they don't lose money to rmt. 
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  2. Circe added a post in a topic Flashbacks to ESO   

    It was worse in eso for sure
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  3. Circe added a post in a topic GUILD POWER RANKING - WEEK 3 XMAS EDITION   

    It's always interesting to read what people think of Gravity from the outside looking in.  Maybe after BDO dies I'll tell you a story haha
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  4. Circe added a post in a topic Why you don't talk?   

    Here is somebody that gets it
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  5. Circe added a post in a topic Tamer no longer has a unique function.   

    Feels tamer man 
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  6. Circe added a post in a topic New World Pre-Season Guild Ranking List   

    Oh there's still plenty of salt 
    Skystrike, MangoBay?
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  7. Circe added a post in a topic High end siege guild kicks all TAMERS. The purge has begun.   

    It isn't, get over it lol. 
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  8. Circe added a post in a topic Future Ocean Boss? Looks 10/10   

    Inb4 sinspawns on our boats haha  
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  9. Circe added a post in a topic Gravity and FML loses to ManUp 2v1 while Iconic dodges   

    I mean it was more entertaining to read 
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  10. Circe added a post in a topic Popular Opinion Poll: How many hours to go from 56 to 60?   

    Pretty much, the game just hands out free stuff everywhere. But it's understandable you know, it's so that new players have some way to catch up and be at least able to compete or the game would just die off.   
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  11. Circe added a post in a topic Vision great leader Ariwan strats released   

    This really highlights what coordination and theorycrafting can do for your guild. Our first gvg wasn't like this for sure but the practice paid off. 
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  12. Circe added a post in a topic New siege problem   

    It's a feature LOL
    Edit: In case somebody doesn't get the joke https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Undocumented_feature
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  13. Circe added a post in a topic Mediah Showdown Cancelled – Manup brings 8 guilds   

    This just shows how clueless you are... you need to check your info. 
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  14. Circe added a post in a topic Mediah Showdown Cancelled – Manup brings 8 guilds   

    Great night of 2v6?  Do you know what a zerg is?
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  15. Circe added a post in a topic Mediah Showdown Cancelled – Manup brings 8 guilds   

    Tfw your siege is killing 6 empty bases for your conqueror title...
    It's like PvDooring emperor in TESO when you zoom around undefended keeps and set up rams lol. Quality PVP? 
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