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  1. -michael added a post in a topic Banned until 2046?   

    What the hell. I just got banned too. I barely play this game other than fish while I play league and H1Z1 in the background lmao.
    I swear to god they better fix this for people. I'm guessing they found a program from the other game as an exploit but how can you make an AFK game and not let us minimize it to play other shit.
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  2. -michael added a post in a topic Before you cry, about Fish Costume   

    It allows people to bypass making an actual boat and pay real money to be able to swim to fishing locations. Not only that but the costume adds stats. Even if it's just 1 it's still added by a pay wall hence pay to win. 
    Just got it myself.
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  3. -michael added a post in a topic Low fps with 980ti   

    Even when I get 30fps in cities my cpu never goes beyond 80% 
    My brother had the same problem when he first played, he just changed the preset to high which now gives him 50-60. His specs are far below mine. Something else must be bugged sorry!
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  4. -michael added a post in a topic Low fps with 980ti   

    i7 4790K
    GTX 980ti Windforce G1
    8GB Ram
    Windows 10 64 bit
    2560 x 1440 Resolution
    Game settings on max apart from high end mode
    I get around 30-45 in the main cities which is normal because of the insane amount of players.
    Outside I get around 50-60 depending on how many mobs and how many spell effects seen.
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  5. -michael added a post in a topic Resolution   

    I have the same problem playing at 2560x1440. Fixed it by playing in Fullscreen windowed or windowed mode, fullscreen bugs it out for some reason. Maybe because I have my DPI boosted up for larger icons etc.
    You will just have to try and hover the invisible mouse until you can change it, you can normally see the options light up when the cursor is on it.
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  6. -michael added a post in a topic Horrible framerate on high-end PC   

    Also is the FPS drop in towns or outside?
    Edit: Just saw the resolution tag.
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  7. -michael added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Corrupted File Has Been Detected - 350.03mb Patch
    Hi, my brother is having a problem where his game gets corrupted at 350.03mb every time he tries to re-download and recheck the game. It only crashes when trying to download this patch file.
    No version.dat file to delete, he has also ran all .exe as admin. The game also re-downloads EVERYTHING again when he repairs.
    AMD FX-8350
    Windforce GTX 970
    8GB Ram
    Windows 8.1 64bit
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