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  1. Nathalia added a post in a topic Show off your Sorceress!!!   

    Yeah that template is sick
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  2. Nathalia added a topic in Anleitungen   

    Probleme bei Quest In Search of Higher Processing Knowledge...
    Hallo, ich bin ein Wiederkehrer nach über einem Jahr und wollte nun meine afk Zeiten für processing benutzen. Diese Quest http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/2100/22/ soll wichtig sein wenn man damit etwas Geld verdienen will.
    Leider kriege ich es nicht hin die Quest zu bekommen. Ich habe vor wenigen Minuten diese Quest abgeschlossen: http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/2100/16/
    Die Quest als nächstes in der Chain habe ich wohl vor einem Jahr schon mal gemacht da der NPC mir keine Quest gibt sondern ich Ihn nur fragen kann was man mit den Kristallen so machen kann.
    Auch was die Farm von Alejandro angeht ich bekomme keine der Quests dort. Ich konnte nur 2 andere Quests heute da machen die alle nicht in der Quest reihe auftauchen. Daher denke ich das ich diese entweder auch schon gemacht habe oder aber irgendwas fehlt. Da ich als Wiederkehrer natürlich nicht mehr weis was ich alles gemacht habe ist das leider nicht so leicht.
    Aufjedenfall bekomme ich keine der Quests die nach http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/2100/16/ als next step dort angegeben werden.
    Ich hoffe Ihr könnt mir helfen
    Keiner eine idee?
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  3. Nathalia added a post in a topic Quest: In Search of Higher Processing Knowledge...   

    Skilled 1 atm
    Is t here a way to know If I have done that quest or not?
    I can make planks into Plywoods but that has nothing to do with the quest or? The Quest is for proccing Plywoods while making planks or?
    no one an idea?
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  4. Nathalia added a topic in PVE   

    Quest: In Search of Higher Processing Knowledge...
    I am an returning player and I have a fairly problem getting this Quest http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/2100/22/
    The Last Quest I did in this chain just now was: http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/2100/16/
    But it looks like I have done the next chain a year ago: http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/2100/17/ becasue I cant get it from the soldier and I can ask him what the crystals are for.
    So I have done it already in the past Í think.
    Also this quest http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/2100/18/ is not there for me (also did it a year ago maybe) becasue I only had 2 quests there to do today. I think I did all from the farm in the past.
    I find it really hard to find the missing part. The Problem is Gurceau at Alejandros Farm is not giving me this Quest: http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/2100/22/
    And I know I don't have done it becasue when I process Wood I dont proc plywood. So this means I am missing this quest or? (Processing Skilled 10) And I also just did some of the Quest line as I said above.
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  5. Nathalia added a post in a topic Learning Higher Processing Knowledge   

    I just did this quest http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/2100/8/ but I can't get the Next Quest in this chain: http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/2100/9/
    What am I doing wrong?
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  6. Nathalia added a post in a topic Which is the best gear for sorceress class   

    I am also having a gearing question. ATM i have a PRI Kzarka, +9 blue Scythe and +9 Hellrick.
    I try to snipe / Preorder a TRI Dande. Should I buy a ultimate tri scythe and tri jubre and try to get a low +dande / Nightvendor one or should I stay with this bad weapons till I get a Dande TRI.
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  7. Nathalia added a topic in Ranger   

    Skill AddOns not stacking
    I got Blade Waltz +7% as for 5 sec. And on Breezy Blade I got also +7% as for 5 sec.
    Instead of gaining 2 Stacks of buffs the one is only refreshing. It should stack normally or?
    Or am I just stupid
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  8. Nathalia added a post in a topic Returning Ranger questions   

    Becasue of the damn downgrade what can happen
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  9. Nathalia added a post in a topic Enchanting   

    is awakening really that good? I feel like I am presenting my ass to the mobs when I go into melee range 
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  10. Nathalia added a post in a topic Class nerfs?   

    Worng they nerfed ranger bow dmg some time ago and the nerf was so hard it is -----ing insane. They should revert the nerfs it feels like a wet noodle now.
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  11. Nathalia added a post in a topic Returning Ranger questions   

    i got 300 mil in storage atm. I was also thinking about selling my duo kzarka and try to get a tri kzarka.
    Would this be worth it? it is 12 AP boost. So i would be at 159 (atm I don't use my awakening really often, bow does same dmg and I will not get hit so often becasue of no melee range).
    I find it really hard to decide on what to upgrade next. I can Farm Sausans for days without pots. Yesterday I trief Pirates and yeah the ranged mobs hit quite hard becasue they can shoot at me   when the melees dont hit me very often.
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  12. Nathalia added a post in a topic reroll to sorc?   

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  13. Nathalia added a topic in Sorceress   

    reroll to sorc?
    atm i am playing ranger, got to level 57 my question now is I read that ranger suxx and if i should reroll to sorc? Or another class maybe?
    How is sorc grinding etc. is she strong? How is the feel of her combat etc / combos? How gear depended is she?
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  14. Nathalia added a post in a topic Returning Ranger questions   

    So this is my gear now.
    What to focus on now? Dandelion tri or duo?
    I am level 57 now btw.

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  15. Nathalia added a post in a topic Returning Ranger questions   

    Thanks for all the replies  I will try to get a dandelion duo (which costs like 330 mio when not pre ordering. Tri Yuria is 121 Mio atm in the market which nets me 30.5 AP. Tri Liverto is 247 mio and nets me 38 AP. really weak is my awakening yet atm.
    So I will continue to farm and level in Sausans for money and XP.
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  16. Nathalia added a post in a topic Returning Ranger questions   

    Okay, yes I wil stick to my ranger I already tried the Awakening combat and it feels nice but I have to learn how to use the spells which / when etc.
    Some combos only work when I get to 58 for example as I have found out lately.
    So I should buy a Dandelion weapon (Tri or duo) with my silver and then focus as you said. Is Awakening really that much more dmg compared to bow stance?
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  17. Nathalia added a post in a topic Returning Ranger questions   

    I Started as Ranger when the game released. I played Maehwha then a bit (ranger 51 Maehwa 55) and then I stopped playing the game completly (260 days offline)
    Now I got back to the game and I really liked the combat and gameplay of my ranger so I decided to get back to my first class which I wanted to play but I wanted to give maewha a try when it was released becasue combat / animations looked quite nice.
    I know that I will not stomp on other players because I was away for so long. I am wiling to grind / farm as much as possible to make my ranger more powerful I love this class and gameplay (just dinged 56 yesterday so I have to learn awakening gameplay).
    I also have no really clue about professions / workers in terms of perfect time / result usage. I enjoyed the combat so much in the past that I did not really care about those things how to make AFK silver and passive with workers what node to invest etc so I am really nooby in this part of the game.
    But I can excel really good at combat pve and pvp. The only thing I need to know is what to focus on depending on my gear.
    Ranger got some nerfs here and there and I want to perfectly spent my silver to get the best possible result now for my ranger.
    I have 260Mil silver atm and plan to get to 305 mil in some days (DI Kzarka costs so much). Or should I use my Silver for other items first?
    Here is a link of my gear what I am using now: http://bdoplanner.com/s/3lJbFkzw
    I would really appreciate some help in this question. Will a DI Kzarka help my farming speed more or focusing on rings, maybe Awakening wep or armor more?
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  18. Nathalia added a topic in Ranger   

    Returning Ranger questions
    I just returned to BDO and my Ranger (was 51 4 days ago).
    I hit 56 yesterday and did my Awakening Quest. ATM I am Saving Silver for a DUO Kzarka bow (should have it till Saturday if I can Grind Sausan like the last few days)
    My Stats are: 121 AP (bow) 71 AP (Awakening) 172 DP. I am Using Liverto +13 ATM becasue I planned to buy a DUO Kzarka. Awakening weapon is still +0 (just got it)
    I have 2 witches earrings (non enchanted) Wearing green +15 hebe set (I have the yellow Armor from Magical Exchange Armor Quest).
    My rings are the blue ones which drops in this Moutain Spot (cant remember name atm) also non enchanted.
    And my belt is the tree belt also non enchanted. Should I upgrade my Bow to Kzarka and then focus on something else?
    And on what should I focus after the bow? Or is it completly wrong and I should focus on other things first before I get a Kzarka bow. (I have heard Kzarka is a big big must have because of the high acc it will give)
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  19. Nathalia added a post in a topic rip plum   

    could you stop with this bad language please?
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  20. Nathalia added a post in a topic 15 arrows bow shot ???? ultimate ?   

    than you need glasses it is more then 3 times
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  21. Nathalia added a post in a topic Still getting 2 shotted by skelies when my ranger can take 15 hits and not die   

    Ranger is also not a tank sorry
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  22. Nathalia added a post in a topic +16 Yuria Axe?   

    on 1. of June yes with Valencia 1 but not now
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  23. Nathalia added a topic in General   

    +16 Yuria Axe?
    Hi everyone,
    today browsing Reddit I saw a screen of someone having a +16 Yuria Axe.
    How is it even possible now?
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  24. Nathalia added a post in a topic Kr awakening pvp videos   

    Buffbar to the Heaven, enemies seems like low level and then we are op?
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  25. Nathalia added a post in a topic Kr awakening pvp videos   

    You have 1 Skillpoint Pool for both trees. So you have to -----ing farm tons of them that you are ready or you have to reset so you can mix the trees -.-
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