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  1. Ninety added a post in a topic Good gosh almighty. Fired this game up again today, what the...   

    You chose a bad time to return. Last few patches have screwed up game optimization in terms of frame performance and latency. Couple months ago wasnt so bad. Now half the channels are unplayable.
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  2. Ninety added a post in a topic Are the dev's or GM's going to acknowledge that half the channels are broken and completely unusable by the majority of the player base?   

    I sent in a ticket a few weeks ago. They said they are aware of the server issues and have been looking at a fix. 
    Im convinced that they rarely notify about things in the forums because these forums are full of flamers anyway.
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  3. Ninety added a post in a topic Sick and Tired of being sick and tires   

    A lot of the odd-numbered channels in NA have issues. Like serendia 3 5. Idk about EU.
    But in these channels, its impossible for alot of people to play. I usually disconnect within 15 minutes when Afk or I have alot of delay in NPCs, potions, mobs, etc.
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  4. Ninety added a post in a topic Sick and Tired of being sick and tires   

    I agree with the whole not spending money thing. I mean, it comes naturally. If I'm not satisfied with the product I'm getting, I won't spend more on it. I was planning on buying some pearls at the beginning of April but I held off on it because I didn't think it was worth it due to connectivity issues. Once it's fixed and stable then I'll gladly hand over my cash again.
    But on another point, these forums are a toxic cesspool of raging dbags, sarcastic memes, and White knight whales that insult everybody within sight. As a GM, I wouldn't visit these forums often. It's probably more productive to send in support tickets (with a proper, noncancerous title) as those reach GMs directly. 
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  5. Ninety added a post in a topic GET RID OF THIS GOD AWFUL MECHANIC   

    They don't need to get rid of the bid mechanic entirely, because it makes buying rare items fair for everybody.
    However they do need to make it so that you can still purchase other items during bidding phase for items that are not rare, whether it be by increasing the threshold of pricing, or by counting the number of items listed.
    The mechanic is necessary but could use some fixing up for sure.
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  6. Ninety added a topic in General   

    This sounds awesome!
    Just wanted to take a moment to appreciate this hidden gem of the OST. Never realized it before, but this one sounds great; plays on the way to Sand Grain Bazaar. Has some Nier Automata vibes, especially around 1:35. Love it! Alot of the Valencia tracks are actually really well done
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  7. Ninety added a topic in General   

    Imperial Alchemy Question
    25x Elixir of demihuman hunt can be turned into a trade package that sells for 315k.
    However, each individual elixir can be listed on the MP for 15k each : 25 x 15k = 375k > 315k
    What's to stop me from just putting these elixirs on the marketplace instead of using the imperial trade? Wouldn't I make more profit by using the marketplace? There is a slim chance of proccing 2x packages per 25, but even at artisan7 processing this rarely happens. I don't think the seals are worth the loss in profit if I have 1000 elixirs stocked up. 
    Say if a proc for 2x packages did happen, you'd get 630k for 25 elixirs.
    375k - 315k = 60k
    630k/60k = 10.5   <-  The proc would have to happen about every 10-11 crates for the profit to match MP me thod, which is almost impossible as I get maybe 2-3 proc's every 35 crates.
    Is there something I'm blatantly missing, am I doing my math wrong? Or is imperial alchemy for these elixirs just not worth it? 
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  8. Ninety added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

  9. Ninety added a post in a topic Changes to the Black Spirit Quest Line   

    Definitely poor design.
    One way to shorten this process is instead of clicking exit after accepting the quest, just click the back button. Then you will get the reward screen without having to exit and re enter the BS .
    This also works with daily boss scrolls which you already have the knowledge for.  
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  10. Ninety added a post in a topic Help me. FPS problems.   

    First, make sure your monitor refresh rate is at its maximum. Right click desktop -> Display Settings -> Advanced display settings -> Display adapter properties -> Monitor tab.
    Then, if it still doesn't work, try downloading this: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/5695/? Just click manual download.
    It's a Skyrim mod page, but it should work for any game. Essentially, it fixes the 35 ms timer that Windows 10 defaults to. You'll have to open that up everytime you play BDO.
    I would also check your NVIDIA control panel and set Maximum pre-renderred frames to 1, and preferred refresh rate to application-controlled (this helped me at least). Finally, play with the VSync settings in there. For some people, off is better, while for others on is better. 
    I've also changed the compatibility mode of BDO launcher to Win XP SP2, but I'm not sure if this really does anything. 
    Finally, make sure High-End mode is not enabled in your BDO graphics settings.
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  11. Ninety added a post in a topic Critical Screen Effect - Headache city. Halp!   

    I get this problem with games that have a lot of camera movement as well, especially in first person views. BDO hasn't been too bad.
    One thing that actually helps me a bit is to stay hydrated, because I notice that my mouth gets a little dry.
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  12. Ninety added a post in a topic This game/company is done for, they even start remove threads & ban people who express their feelings in civil manner.   

    After reading that link, I'm actually done.
    I'm outtie . Seeya.
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  13. Ninety added a post in a topic The hypocrisy of QQing about the cash shop update   

    1. Inflation exists. When free value packs and dyes are gone, expect to see dye prices increase. These caps are soft caps based on demand.
    2. It's not about getting full PEN. It's about playing at a disadvantage because of a p2w mechanic.
    3. Jouska has repeatedly expressed that the game would not be following a p2w route, and that it's been strictly pay4convenience. Even so, the false reasoning of the implementation being a benefit for the "less fortunate players" is infuriating, because they are just covering up their cash grab. 
    But please, insult me more and express your rage.
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  14. Ninety added a post in a topic The hypocrisy of QQing about the cash shop update   

    Many things wrong with your explanations.
    1. Dyes are RNG. Risk-to-profit isn't worth it. Everyone also got free Merv's palette. Of course prices of dyes are going to decrease madly, compared to KR. Comparing dyes to costumes is like comparing Rattata to Dragonite. One is plentiful, and low-demand. The other is of much higher quality and higher demand. So saying that costumes will also sell for 1/6th of the KR price, like dyes do makes zero sense.
    2. How low of a price do you really expect PA to cap? If it's too low, nobody will buy them from the cash shop. Nobody's going to shell out $30 for whatever price most people deem acceptable to not be p2w, whether it's 5m or 10m or even 20m. Clearly they will price it in a way that people will actually buy them. Many people would already not want to play with the disadvantage (or advantage) of 71m silver a week, as you mentioned, and I'm sure it will be higher via the previous argument.
    3. Most of the "QQ", as you state, is directed at the loss of trust rather than the actual changing of a game mechanic. Had PA said the game would be p2w + b2p from the start, instead of slowly getting us to give them their money with slightly more questionable cash shop additions every week, most people wouldn't be as upset. They were all under the pretense that this line wouldn't be crossed. That is, the line of real $ for in-game $.
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  15. Ninety added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    With the update , I can gather two important things to note.
    1. Cash shop items in the MP is being debated now. That's why the word "might" was used. This is a good thing. Hopefully, the company makes the right decision. 
    2. This act has been proven to be a pure cash grab more than anything else, and certainly not for the players'sake. This is because if anyone up there has been paying any attention at all, they'd know that this implementation would completely alienate at least 50% of their players, causing many to quit or never spend another dime. The fact that this implementation is still being questioned is proof of kakao/PA' s desperation for short term $$.
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