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  1. Ediblestarfish added a post in a topic Small scale and Large scale PVP   

    Say a melee is sticking to a friendly wizard, trying to kill him.  To get the melee attacker off, you need to CC the melee. In a sense, un-sticking him, as if peeling the attacker off.
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  2. Ediblestarfish added a post in a topic Small scale and Large scale PVP   

    Valk can be a lot more tanky, and more importantly, a more sustainable as tank compared to zerk. Zerk has a lot of HP, but that does nothing to improve healing efficiency. With all the guard and DP buffs that valk gets, every heal or pot you use gives a lot more 'effective HP'. Trying to kill a DP valk with continous heals is maddeningly frustrating.
    CS is arguably the best peel in the game, as if it hits, the knockdown always works. Fairly short cooldown too, and works at range. Shield Throw, if not resisted, can stun whole groups of clustered players trying to charge in. Alternatively, it can be chain tossed on top of a friendly player or small area, like a landmine to keep melee away (if you're good with all the cancels, you can keep Shield Throw up until you run out of stamina). You also have a few more CC tricks to round out your toolkit.
    Valk of course, can actually follow up on CC and do significant burst. Zerk does practically no burst. Either zerkers do a chain CC (which they can do very limited damage--need team to kill for them), or continuous mediocre damage without CC.
    Zerkers are almost exclusively single target CC and AoE damage. Valk is much more well rounded with abilities for all sorts of situations. It's what gives valks a good 1v1 potential.
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  3. Ediblestarfish added a post in a topic Small scale and Large scale PVP   

    Usually frontline tank/peel and kill assist with a lot of defensive gear, breaking up the enemy formation as they attack or defend. Or backline guard (peel, burst down) with a lot of offensive gear to catch the flankers as they try to move in on the squishies.
    You don't have the mobility to be a true offensive assassin type that can solo flank for hit and run tactics, even if you have the gear, so you need to stick with the group and support them as best you can. Just be aware that this calls for self sacrifice, but not meaningless death. You can't help the fight if you die. Need to be careful to take on as much as you can, but know when to run and have your team cover you.
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  4. Ediblestarfish added a post in a topic This should of been our Awakening   

    Well, considering CS is one of main attacks, I see the spear thing going for us. However it doesn't seem meaty enough for an 'armored' class so the lance works for me too. Or maybe a lance that shoots spears...
    I'm actually fine with the Lance not vastly changing our play-style. I'm pretty comfortable with valk as is. Lance seems to add more melee range, more mobility, more general damage, all behind the capability to guard. Pretty good I think.
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  5. Ediblestarfish added a post in a topic From Ranger to Valk   

    Red Battlefield is pretty awful, I usually do okay, but still die quite a bit with the uncontrollable zerg mentality and uncoordinated attacks. In GvG, I often end up the last player standing on our side, if it comes down to it. Usually I end up soaking up the powerful attacks in the initial charge, which gives the opposing team's DPS less tools to deal with the Berserkers, Sorceresses, Musa/Maewha attacks coming in right behind me, or to the side. This is usually enough confusion that I no longer get focused and can charge or dash behind something to hide, or go right through to the back lines where we have heals waiting for me. 
    Like anything, if you want to be good at tanking, it takes some time, skill, planning, and luck to pull it off. It really is a deliberate team effort, and not a solo carry.
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  6. Ediblestarfish added a post in a topic From Ranger to Valk   

    I don't know any tank setup that relies solely on DP to reduce damage. You stack your DR, your health, food and pot buffs. It is more than doable to tank a few DPS long enough to have the rest of your team charge in. With an escape plan, a quick dash or charge will let you break LoS and recover just fine.
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  7. Ediblestarfish added a post in a topic [Arena] Maehwa vs Valkyrie   

    Valk can Shield Dash backwards without collision, so if someone gets behind, it's a simple matter to reverse the situation, if they didn't burn all their Shield Dash charges. However if that happens, the followup is normally Just Counter and not Shield Counter.
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  8. Ediblestarfish added a post in a topic [Arena] Maehwa vs Valkyrie   

    Curious if the valks you deal with use Shield Counter. Seems like many people skip it, but I took it and use it to provide an edge in melee fights to initiate a burst combo without relying solely on Shield Throw and Just Counter.
    How it works is when a valk is in Guard, they tap RMB as soon as a melee attack lands, and a hit will be made. If it lands and is not on cooldown, then 2 sec stun, which is more than enough time for a valk to start wailing on targets with a combo in retaliation. I find it a nice extra tool to keep in mind.
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  9. Ediblestarfish added a post in a topic From Ranger to Valk   

    Well, someone has to break the front lines for the assassins to jump through and start messing people up, and I'm the only class besides war that can take 3-4 rangers spamming shotguns to the face, yet somehow make it back to safety. It's a thankless job in group PvP, but needed to make the most of limited people on your side.
    You'll never be a red battlefield hero if that's your thing, but valk is a great frontliner with heavy DP and DR. Also a great guard for backline with high AP and ACC to keep a target CC-ed until you can blow them up.
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  10. Ediblestarfish added a post in a topic Ultimate Yuria vs Liverto   

    Your assumptions that both have equal accuracy are very wrong. Someone has tested it, and has shared the data to public.
    Don't make assumptions--if you don't know something, just say that you don't know, instead of forcing misleading information.
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  11. Ediblestarfish added a post in a topic Video - valk 1v1 vs Sorc/War/Witch   

    Counter-->Shield Toss isn't even close to instant at 5 cast speed, which is really easy to see yourself. You don't even need to land a hit with Counter, just do the combo and it works. (Hold S the entire time, then LMB click, then hold Q.) 
    The full Counter animation still plays, just that the Shield Toss travel time is reduced. I use this move all the time (it should be a staple PvE attack you've used thousands of times), and get pummeled for it if I time it badly or miss. Much worse in group PvP. It also takes you out of Guard Stance if you don't dash when you finish Shield Toss. If someone is right in your face, Shield Toss will actually fly past them and not hit, so it's not a good choice when things get too close.
    You have to pretty careful with its usage, and lead your target by quite a significant amount for it to land. Ultimate for Shield Toss comes in handy to keep it out long enough for them to run into it. You can cancel Shield Toss really quick if you're sure you hit your target, but my hit% isn't all that great in the mess of things, and I like to have it stay out a bit longer. Also great to use Shield Toss and throw it at an ally that is about to get hit. With the Ultimate, you can have it hang in the air until someone runs into it.
    But Shield Toss is not the only thing you should lead an attack with. Just Counter and Shield Counter have their spots too.
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  12. Ediblestarfish added a post in a topic Video - valk 1v1 vs Sorc/War/Witch   

    I wouldn't recommend Shield Toss or Just Counter often, it leaves you vulnerable to a lot, especially in group PvP. Even CS's cast time can leave you open for longer than you want, especially if you miss it.
    Shield Counter doesn't get talked about much here, but I find it invaluable when I'm under a torrential assault in guard and can't find a way to retaliate without compromising my guard for too long. Minimal investment in skill points (9 I think?), and you don't even have to be fast about using it. Just tap RMB in Guard Stance sometime when being attacked in melee and instant stun. Way better than grab desync. Not sure if it works for groups of players yet (have not tested it with multiple attackers in PvP), but it works for groups of mobs.
    It makes you more active in guard, giving you another chance to retaliate and create an opening, rather than waiting for an opening. It's become a staple of my fighting technique.
    It can halt an aggressive sorc or blader/plum in their tracks and really make them reconsider fighting you. It works against anyone in melee range of course, but since sorc or blader have no grab, it's a really hard thing for them to deal with.
    Just my $0.02
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  13. Ediblestarfish added a post in a topic Ultimate - Sword of Judgment   

    Usually it's assumed you get it because awesome. You don't need to click again to activate it, just hold down S+RMB a bit longer.
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  14. Ediblestarfish added a post in a topic Are any of you valkyries still waiting for Pearl outfits?   

    Was looking at Aker and Kyriad, but really want the awakening underboob constume.
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  15. Ediblestarfish added a post in a topic Video - valk 1v1 vs Sorc/War/Witch   

    Sort of long so I skimmed it, sorry if I make some errors.
    Just noticed some missed opportunities for SoJ cancels, it doesn't seem like you have SL. Also if you CS at range, don't go right into SoJ (you're too far and miss the hit)--use Righteous Charge to gap close, then cancel that into SoJ as you make contact, then grab right after. If the grab lands, then SL-->SoJ.
    Don't seem to use Counter-->Shield Toss, which is slightly faster than shield toss alone. If a Shield Toss stun lands, Righteous Charge to gap close, but don't go right into SoJ as you will barely have time to get it off. Use CS-->SoJ--Grab-->SL-->SoJ combo
    In defensive stance you don't seem to be too quick on the Just Counter usage. If you see an opening or pause, quickly Shield Charge in and start stabbing to inflict stiffness.
    If you have Shield Counter, it helps a bit on a Sorc or Blader/Plum assaults, which can be hard to find an opening with for any other attack. If the stun lands, start at CS-->SoJ--Grab-->SL-->SoJ combo.
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