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  1. Gietmex added a post in a topic If a mount is included in Preorder packages   

    For a sec i thought horse appearance was completely random. i never knew tiers where related with appearance >. <
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  2. Gietmex added a post in a topic Hello ß('-'ß )   

    hi hi 
    welcome to the forums o vo/
    as of the info we have devs have said that the game will be B2P (just like guilds wars) the price is still uncertain.
    and for the beta i think they wont be anymore alpha, and they will prob be 2 betas if everything goes right, and best bet to get in will be stalking all pages related to mmos giveaways 
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  3. Gietmex added a post in a topic Fairy types?   

    rather than play as a fairy, i will like to have some fairy pets. in a worlds where they are goblins, imp, and huge monsters. I dont think all pets should reflect real word pets
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  4. Gietmex added a post in a topic i want a chibi ranger :(   

    dam you, just made me want to play disgaea again, i remember i used to love the soldier class. all those good memories ^ ^
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  5. Gietmex added a post in a topic Which style is your type? PvE or PvP?   

    the truth is that if they where an option for both i will choose that. Although generally i would had stayed in pve bcz i had a really bad connection, but thats now fixed, and also im kinda of a hoarder in video games (got to catch them all) which is another reason for me to do more pve, since pvp is never as rewarding as pve in terms of items. so you can say i mostly cared about pve, but is not like i like pvp equally (some of the most funny, enjoyable times happens in pvp.
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  6. Gietmex added a post in a topic What about the pets?   

    i got a question reading this, what will happen if i where to bread to pets, will i loose both of them and get one in return or will i get and extra pet while keeping the other two or perphaps i get 2 new pets?
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  7. Gietmex added a post in a topic Territory of Service - Updated 13.11.2015   

    dam so close jet so far :c
    will there ever be support for Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti. like we arent part of South America and aparently now we arent part of North america to.
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  8. Gietmex added a post in a topic How big will Black Desert Online be in the West?   

    i 100% agree with this post, as long as we dont get Kr's BDO there a big chance this game will be big
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  9. Gietmex added a post in a topic Territory of Service   

    im also curiose about this, what about island like Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic. They are right in the middle of the area that will confirmed have access (left Mexico, right Puerto rico, North United States) on top of that geologicaly speaking this island are al part of North America
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  10. Gietmex added a post in a topic QUACK!   

    welcome to Na/Eu server. woof~
    may you have a woofaderful day woof~
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  11. Gietmex added a post in a topic is this allowed?   

    wouldn't it be nice/cool if the devs/customer service make a list of the mods we can use for the game as people ask them what its allowed to be used in game, like BDO workshop kinda of thing, monitored by the devs 
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  12. Gietmex added a post in a topic ip-block(nightmare)   

    there was a page that said that Daum was currently verifying the coverage of there license, they said that in the future there will put a list of the countries that are allowed to play. so there's no list as of now. the only thing to do is wait for now.
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  13. Gietmex added a post in a topic Pre-Order Pack Pricing   

    until i know that the game will be different from the kr/jap version i wont like to pay more than 20$
    since it will just be paying for the ability to play the game without vpn. If they do put all the features that the game was planed to have since the beginning i will gladly pay more 
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  14. Gietmex added a post in a topic Open Beta For US players?   

    i thought b2p games never had an open beta, i mean why will do they do an open beta to then kick evrybody out bcz they havent payed for the game
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  15. Gietmex added a post in a topic ip-block(nightmare)   

    You sir dont know the main reasons why ip block are put. i will more than likely tell you, but im tired of repeating it. if you want to know why ip block are placed read some of the comments in the Service territory posted by PM Balsazar in the news section.
    The more you know the better you will live
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