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  1. FuzZz added a post in a topic Non-Afk Fishing Vs Trading vs Hunting   

    Besides the whale , what is there to hunt? i looked were there were supposed to be crocodiles near the catfish, but found nothing.
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  2. FuzZz added a topic in General   

    Duo to Tri
    When you fail an attempt at an armor or weapon for Tri , will it always go down a level if you do not use cron stones?
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  3. FuzZz added a post in a topic What happened/ Where are all the Amberjacks at?   

    Have you tried harpooning? read in some harpoonthread somewhere about spots with a lot of amberjacks.
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  4. FuzZz added a post in a topic TRI Chance increased?   

    I would like to report another tri mark on alustin server not long after you posted this .
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  5. FuzZz added a post in a topic End of BDO   

  6. FuzZz added a post in a topic Patch 26.06.2016 ?   

    Yet you open your mouth about respect, mirror mirror on the wall.....
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  7. FuzZz added a post in a topic Fishing Bug   

    Have you tried jumping? helped me out a few times when stuck in place glitching on a boat
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  8. FuzZz added a post in a topic strong mop in area that i cant find ??   

    Came here expecting pics of strong mops.... i am disappointed 
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  9. FuzZz added a post in a topic Non pre ordered boss armors   

    So in other words, stop being a damn noob, pool your silver together and make a huge pre order on the item you want . Got it thanks
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  10. FuzZz added a post in a topic Non pre ordered boss armors   

    Yeah i know how the pre order is supposed to work, i kept 100 million in bank after my pre order just to make sure i can bid on boss armors that arent being solld threw pre order. Watching this happen tho makes me feel its a waste of time to try and get it and a waste of my pre order since i can up it with about 100 million.
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  11. FuzZz added a topic in General   

    Non pre ordered boss armors
    I have been watching the market lately for boss armors NOT pre ordered , and whenever they come up ( last 5 atleast ) , within a second they get bought within the B phase. Literally all you see is the number go up or maybe flash in front of you. Are there still market bots active or is it always the extremely fast people that ALSO get the lucky roll on the B phase within a second of it going up?
    I can deal with the fact people are faster then me, but not even getting a chance to roll on the B phase seems a bit suspect and downright demoralizing o.0
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  12. FuzZz added a post in a topic Moving fishing hotspots near Altivista   

    You mean altivista?
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  13. FuzZz added a post in a topic fishing hotspots   

    Offtopic maybe but i am very curious, can you repair that triple float rod? Seems awefully good for hotspot fishing o0
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  14. FuzZz added a post in a topic TET or Quit - RIP   

    seeing what he had left AFTER he blew up his stuff completely and instantly cured me from feeling bad for him 
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  15. FuzZz added a post in a topic Getting pretty discouraged   

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