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  1. Pacbi added a topic in General   

    new KR Boss gear stats?
    I've heard that there are new boss gear released in KR specifically Helm, Gloves and Boots.
    Does anybody know the stats of these gear pieces yet? 

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  2. Pacbi added a topic in General   

    Selling / Buying through World chat
    Anybody have any experience doing this? how is it done?

    if it's done through pre-orders, how does it work? Because I've placed items on pre-order before and the listing just ignores my pre-order and goes into the bidding / sniping phase instead.
    • 2 replies
  3. Pacbi added a post in a topic PvE Skill rotations   

    I never tried kuno myself so I couldn't comment, but I have friends who play kuno and from what I've heard from them the mobility isn't all too great compared to other classes, being someone who loves mobility, personally I don't think I would ever play a kuno over a maehwa
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  4. Pacbi added a post in a topic PvE Skill rotations   

    Sorry for the late reply, I havent been checking the forums lately. 

    I love how her skills require high precision to land which makes maehwa different from other classes, I've played the Witch and Musa and  both are very aoe heavy which is nice for PVE but I much prefer precision and focused damage in PVP, I enjoy picking people off instead of blowing up groups.
    Secondly the mobility is un-matched. In every game I play I usually play dps class with high mobility and the maehwa fits the criteria perfectly.  
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  5. Pacbi added a post in a topic So someone who used P2W just passed me??   

    I watched his stream last night farming pirates, I dont get it, when he opened his inventory he had 120AP. How is he out gearing you, if you've played 8 months and still haven't reached 120AP aren't you doing something wrong? Or did I miss something??
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  6. Pacbi added a topic in Maehwa   

    PvE Skill rotations
    I've recently tried a lot of different classes and have decided to stick with Maehwa because imo nothing compares to this class gameplay-wise, so now I want to dig deeper into the class and master it.
    So, what skill rotation do you guys use for them dank clear speeds? I've been experimenting different combos and want to know if I'm heading in the right direction in comparison to everybody else.

    I mostly spam moonrise into redmoon as a filler while my other abilities are on CD.  I also use a lot of moonrise -> frost pillar -> petal bloom whenever Im fighting a big pack of mobs. 

    • 10 replies
  7. Pacbi added a post in a topic .   

    did the warrior dc there at the end? lolol
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  8. Pacbi added a post in a topic How is this class doing?   

    I only recently got my musa alt to level56 so I'm heavily inexperienced, however from what i've read so far in a lot of Musa threads is it seems like this class have a lot trouble when fighting in the thick of things during large scale battles, only being able to use a few skills safely. Couldn't geared musas switch up to a more assassination role like a maehwa instead of being in the cluster of explosions? Since a geared musa can also blow enemies up in a relatively short amount of time. 
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  9. Pacbi added a post in a topic Standard Awakened Rotations (PVE or basic PVP)   

    So im quite new to the game mechanics and only recently got awakening and  I've been finding petal drill the gap close stun is one of the more awkward / harder skills to land. In terms of pvp, would it be wise to start a combo landing a hit with stiffen first such as the F skill then chain into a petal drill in order to guarantee a hit and stun? 
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  10. Pacbi added a post in a topic Pure AP earring VS Red Coral Earrings   

    My end game goal is going to be pvp for my maehwa. 
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  11. Pacbi added a topic in Maehwa   

    Pure AP earring VS Red Coral Earrings
    I'm kinda new to all this gearing stuff,  but I have gotten to the stage where I have enough resources to consider and start upgrading my jewellery. I have everything sorted out but I am unsure whether to go for pure AP earrings like witchs or red corals for the accuracy boost. Anybody with experience mind giving me some advice?
    • 25 replies
  12. Pacbi added a post in a topic Importance of a the blade?   

    Sorry to revive this post as I haven't been checking the forums all that actively. 

    So is this the reason why people always reccomend getting a DUO Liverto first before investing in an awakened weapon because some of the mainhand stats actually carry over to the awakening? 
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  13. Pacbi added a topic in Musa   

    Importance of a the blade?
    So i recently decided to start BDO again after a v v long hiatus and I'm looking to reroll and play musa since they weren't out when I was playing. I did some research and it seems like Musa's rely heavily on their awakened weapons after 56, so my question is.. As an uneducated returning player, should I ignore getting a decent / good sword and prioritise keeping my resources until I get my awakened weapon then put all that resource into the A.Weapon?
    Also what sword should I aim to get pre-56 as a player with limited resources? 
    • 8 replies
  14. Pacbi added a post in a topic BDO only 100k concurrent players....   

    100,000 concurrent players is amazing. I remember reading a report and statistics show 80% of people who try an MMO will leave within a month or something. BDO managed to keep 1 : 4 ratio which is a really impressive feat. 

    btw 100,000 concurrent players is extremely high for an MMO these days, lets look at some stats, these are all MMOs released this year:

    Tree of Savior currently have 25k - 30k concurrent players
    Blade & Soul had around 75k concurrent players at LAUNCH (including f2p players) so they're probably at around < 35k players atm (excluding bots). 
    Black Desert Online have 100k Players after one month of launch. The game is far from dying.
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  15. Pacbi added a topic in PVE   

    Black Seals
    I did some research about where to get liverto weapons and found out you can get them by either boss drops or exchanging 100 of these "black seals" for a liverto bundle. So does anybody know if these seals are in the game yet, if so where do you get the quests for them?
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