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  1. Scathson added a post in a topic Soloing a Guild   

    except this doesn't seem to work - my personal guild has +1 fishing and +1 gathering
    doesn't register at all - depending on what gear I have on I can have zero "bars" in either or both from the stats screen
    and yes, I was in a BDO guild once - quite enjoyed it which surprised me as I'm not really a joiner - was basically a lifeskills guild, then the leadership got the whole gear grind bug along with it the whole node wars/pvp thing - didn't participate in that part and was booted - not happening again
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  2. Scathson added a post in a topic Lavientia's items   

    not getting the items from dailies either - another Ka$hKao screw-up?
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  3. Scathson added a topic in General   

    Waterspout/Typhoon/Tornado - Is This New?
    And yes, this is dangerous - swam over to it (couldn't resist) and started getting smacked as I got close
    Couldn't tell if it was moving much at all but if it does it certainly poses another danger to AFK fishing in deep waters

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  4. Scathson added a post in a topic GM refuses to help me   

    it is an obvious exploit
    I'm going to assume you are not 6 years old and would realize that going through a multi-step process to stuff your wagon/horse hugely overweight is an exploit
    And yes, there is an indicator of weight to let you know when you are overweight and that you need to put something back whether at a trader or from your inventory, when you are planning a legitimate trade run - pretending you don't understand something so obvious makes you look pretty silly doesn't it
    Remote collecting has a possibility of destroying some or all of your cargo - again, whether legitimate cargo or your obviously huge pile of "stuff"
    Stop crying and suck it up!
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  5. Scathson added a post in a topic No snow effect?   

    need to get home
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  6. Scathson added a post in a topic How does loot from Santa work?   

    I see this posted for almost every event - if each event is worse than the last, just how bad can they get?
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  7. Scathson added a post in a topic Horse capacity?   

    this doesn't have anything to do with having a wagon out since the screen shows your current mount - I would just change channels or relog and try it again
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  8. Scathson added a post in a topic Looking to have some fun with production again.   

    most of my workers (not sure how many at this point with extra slots purchased from Pearl Shop) are in Heidel - I just send them out to other cities to make stuff if I need to make something that only that city has the workshop for - as long as the matts are in their home city they'll haul them out - just takes a bit longer but since I'm in no hurry...
    I don't shift my contribution points around except for when I need to buy way too much housing to get to that shop I need (and they always do seem to be at least 9 points deep)
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  9. Scathson added a post in a topic Looking to have some fun with production again.   

    I've made most of my silver (and I am at or near number one placement on the various channels I visit) from trading - not trade packs - imperial trading is certainly better than regular of course but still decent - trade packs are good money (depending on which ones you do) but I don't think it is worth it anymore since the experience for these has been killed off
    I also dabble in farming (4 ten slot farms) and selling what is grown - for sometimes an awful lot of silver in my opinion - depends on what you grow of course
    More dabbling in boat and ship building - not enough payoff for me so just make them for myself
    Then there is actually selling the raw mats when I have a huge surplus - they all sell but the hard ceiling on the price limits this but it is still "free" silver other than the cost of beer for workers (even when you make it yourself like I do - it is minimal though)
    Quite a bit of silver from loot just from doing quests - add grinding a bit and you'll have a nice pile but then you have to turn it all in at various places and the stuff tends to be heavy so not so fun (lots of hauling when I could be trading during that time)
    More dabbling with costumes but not much - want to spend more time on it but, lordy - so much to do in this game and definitely not enough to time to do it (darn job)
    Main thing is - if you're enjoying it, do it - seems too many people forget that this is a game and take the whole thing way too seriously
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  10. Scathson added a post in a topic Let's talk about money   

    currently at 2.1 billion in the ol' Heidel silver pile - not really sure how much is spread around the rest of the map - mostly from life-skillin'
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  11. Scathson added a post in a topic So far. . .   

    all stuff merged with no problem
    now I have random crashes - not an issue before merge
    skill buttons/bar gets wiped after a crash or relog - pretty annoying putting that back together each time - inventory goes random each time too - audio settings go back to default upon crash/relog but not other settings, weird
    map screen has improved - not sure why but maybe some setting got changed or this was actually improved - zips along where it used to chug
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  12. Scathson added a post in a topic Impossibe to buy valuepacks   

    I like to think that I could get one
    the problem is
    i'll be sailing out to my fishing spot and BAM! 5 listed altogether - grrr
    on run from Heidel to Calpheon - Holy Crap! a whole chat page full of them - ugh
    patiently wasting time in front of the AH - crickets - sigh
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  13. Scathson added a post in a topic Winter Weather Effects   

    the snow effect is pretty pitiful considering all the other excellent details in the game
    just looks like a badly done layer of frost (just a few elements changed to white) - no actual snow on the ground
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  14. Scathson added a post in a topic What did Lauren give you?   

    hard black crystal - yeah, I was thrilled
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  15. Scathson added a post in a topic [POLL RESULTS]New server Name!   

    all in for KashKao
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