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  1. Commodore_Fury added a post in a topic Altinova (Capital of Mediah) Housing Issue   

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  2. Commodore_Fury added a post in a topic No Option to Turn Off Red Battlefiel Notification?   

    Turn off this +1
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  3. Commodore_Fury added a post in a topic Pirate Fanart Contest   

    Pirate Commodore: Edward Fury.

    His Black Flag Icon!

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  4. Commodore_Fury added a post in a topic Auto storing Boats/ Mounts /Carts   

    Mhm, well sometimes you can "over-store" things, for example if in Heidel I have 3 Stable Slots, and a horse in it, then store my 2 horse carriage, it just simply goes 4/3 with no issues. But yeah, I mean a few silver to 'repair' hp wouldn't be bad, but ideally not indeed so. I don't think it'd be that hard, I mean they do a time on Rented Fences for farms----Once they expire the 7 days they go to storage or your inventory, so jsut implement this system, but for ships and mounts and cluster-clutter-shit around the places, it completely ruins immersion, the natural beautiful of the game and oft times makes RP immersion difficult.

    *X person stands on the docks, which have 100000000 boats cluttered and clipping* -- just eh...hence make it happen please? 
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  5. Commodore_Fury added a post in a topic Male Hair Shaping   

    Possibly so, but I think in fairness it shouldn't quite come to this, in that....it's RL fact, Men style hair (probably in this 'age) much more than previous generations :D. So would be nice to have a bit more freedom with male hairstyles too.
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  6. Commodore_Fury added a topic in Suggestions   

    Male Hair Shaping
    Female Characters can do this. Male Character should be able to as well.
    Simply put.
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  7. Commodore_Fury added a post in a topic Cash shop addition: Bathroom furniture/objects   

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  8. Commodore_Fury added a post in a topic More Counter-Parts.   

    It's not about the whole vagina issue fully - simply put, I am a Male IRL--I play Male toons because I Roleplay Male toons. Why? Because I'm not a Woman IRL so I can't get into te right mindframe of a Woman to RP a Woman, and the fact there are current only 3 (with blader 4) Male classes to 6 Female Ones means pretty much, I am locked in my choices to maybe 2 classes to RP on, as if I RP a Wizard I want to be able to say if that Wizard is young, and not instantly "Gandalf or gtfo" or maybe I want to play a Warrior that doesn't look like Justin Beiber? Hence why more faces would be good, and why for the male counterparts? or etc, simply because otherwise Me and mannnnny mannny people like me are so restricted in the class they play, specially if they RP or just can't get "into"the character because of the gender as it were,--well in short it'd make a great game perfect near-on.
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  9. Commodore_Fury added a post in a topic More Counter-Parts.   

    Hmmm a thought to perhaps +1 it alternatively; just more character faces would go a LONG WAY!
    Give us 'default' younger faces for Wizards, or Older ones for Female Classes, you know? Just a few extra "Default faces" to play around with in the editor. would likely save alot of time most of the time.
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  10. Commodore_Fury added a topic in Suggestions   

    Opening The Map When Fishing & More.
    Now I know it's only a minor thing, but being able to access the Map when Fishing, or Idle after fishing without needing to remove the Rod first to do so would be my first thing.
    Second thing would be something like being able to accept party requests when on a Horse, or transfer channels when on a horse.
    Just a few things which are minor but perseverant annoyances.
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  11. Commodore_Fury added a post in a topic Romance system plus for RP   

    They had a similar thing in Swordsman Online, in that Marrying gave boosts and buffs as well as that extra level of immersion (and a gold ring which could be seen on toons fingers when used X_X)---same as ESO did with the ring of Mara for the EXP booster. I'd +1 it.
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  12. Commodore_Fury added a post in a topic New Mechanics?!   

    It'd never be the right moment to suggest "Hey let's do this" or "We'd like this" but I'm not expecting this to happen for years, if at all--but the longer it's there the longer they've got to see it's a thing. 
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  13. Commodore_Fury added a topic in Suggestions   

    New Mechanics?!
    In a small MMO game (not so small) called "Swordsman Online" there were Mechanics allowing you if in the same party or guild at least, that one could share a ride upon a Horse for example, I know the new Tier Horses allow "two seater skills" which is fine -- but also Swordsman Online allowed stuff like holding hands, carrying in the arms, even piggy backs, as well as other such mechanics which gave a more "intractable" scene to most things. So more a call of support to perhaps IN time at least, add things like this?
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