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  1. Zephy added a post in a topic Witch awakening: floating orbs of disappointment   

    Can't please everybody.
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  2. Zephy added a post in a topic [MEGATHREAD] Event Boss Armor Box: Red Nose Armor   

    ^ To the above. Fixing the bugged box is a good move.
    The main issue me and the quoted post was referring to was about people defending that a bugged box was ok in the first place. No fix of any kind.
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  3. Zephy added a post in a topic [MEGATHREAD] Event Boss Armor Box: Red Nose Armor   

    Exactly this.
    I can't believe people are actually defending Kakao for this. But hey, Trump also has a lot of supporters.
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  4. Zephy added a post in a topic would anyone play Ranger when he would be a male only class and same "look" like "Giant"   

    Population will definitely fall.
    I'd play berserker if there's a nice looking female skin for them. <.<
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  5. Zephy added a post in a topic Enhancement of mounted combat for Witch/Wizard... and everyone else   

    We're just being realistic here. There's no point asking the devs to do so since all awakenings are just around the corner.
    Also, sadly, you'll just be wasting your time sending them suggestions. Even if they're well made, US version simply copies content from the KR version anyway. They wouldn't make notable changes with mechanics.
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  6. Zephy added a post in a topic Enhancement of mounted combat for Witch/Wizard... and everyone else   

    Once the awakening comes out, goodbye horses.
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  7. Zephy added a post in a topic RNG box nerf   

    And you're complaining with those?
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  8. Zephy added a post in a topic A cash shop item that prevents item fromdowngrading   

    Might as well place PEN items in the shop for $1000.
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  9. Zephy added a post in a topic When did Kakao encourage the community and players to give our stance on things?   

    It's so they can filter positive feedback and repost them while deleting negative ones.
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  10. Zephy added a post in a topic New content concern   

    Then they'll decide to implement HEX.
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  11. Zephy added a post in a topic Killing Fort From Safe Zone?   

    Cheesing is just a fancy term used by people who do it. It's exploitation and is a clear violation.
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  12. Zephy added a post in a topic Killing Fort From Safe Zone?   

    That's a dangerous way of viewing things. It's an exploit, nothing less. Else, people can just reason out that they're simply "cheesing" things when they discover and abuse a mechanic that can give them easy PvE kills. Let's not be a smart-ass about this.
    Let's say, I discover that using a musket can chain stun mobs. I'm merely cheesing by using it and not breaking any rules. Why ban me?
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  13. Zephy added a post in a topic Cash shop is okay ? Keeps future content free   

    It's all about the money in the end.
    They figured out that people will buy the game anyway even if they placed a pricetag on the game itself unlike other regions where it's free. More money is always good.
    Are they greedy a$-holes for doing this? - Yes.
    Do they care? - No, as long as the cash keeps flowing in.
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  14. Zephy added a post in a topic Possible to Play Both My Characters Concurrently? (2 PC's)   

    2 different accounts on 2 different PCs = sure
    same account on 2 different PCs = not possible
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  15. Zephy added a post in a topic I was reported for fish botting??   

    You responded to him as you noticed that you're being attacked. That is proof enough that you're not really afk or botting. I wouldn't worry about if you're sincerely not doing anything illegal.
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