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  1. RocketG added a topic in US Guild   

    Recently Returned, Any Guild Out there for me??
    I started since early beta but I was overwhelmed by all the content all at once and quit after a month or so for various reasons. I really didn't have the right mindset coming into the game so this time around I am gonna be alot more laid back. I am looking for a guild that doesn't take itself seriously and mostly looking for a guild to do boss runs with and make some friends along the way. No trolls, not too interested in PvP If I am on I'll probably be making silver or grinding my first 30days to make as much progression as possible. As I've recently come back I am just focusing on getting up to 200+AP as fast as I can. Currently im sitting at 121AP / 164DP and I know that isn't nearly enough to be very effective on the real stage. If your a guild claiming that you've been around for centuries, have your own webpage and an up to date portfolio of all your recent accomplishments throughout the MMO world...probably not the one for me either. Again just trying to sit back and enjoy the game this time around. 
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  2. RocketG added a post in a topic Just Came Back Explain II - III - PRI - TET   

    I appreciate the help guys definitely cleared up things on my end. Yea, I think I'm gonna skip the RNG this time around and just buy my gear. 
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  3. RocketG added a topic in General   

    Just Came Back Explain II - III - PRI - TET
    Hello everyone, I just recently came back and found these gold armors with III or infront of them in the market. I don't think this feature was in the game when I left earlier on. Can somebody explain them to me? I left when I started working on my grunil armor, should I continue to make my grunil, I saw this new evasion armor that sparked my interest but I'm not sure if the evasion would actually be worth it. I have read up for the last hour to see some of the new features but if you guys to help a new returning player with some tips; please by all means do so. =] 
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  4. RocketG added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Weapon Grade Upgrade Noob
    Hi I am fairly new to the game and I am trying to get a grasp on how to upgrade your armor/weapon, I was going through the forums but couldn't find a good explanation/guide on how to actually go through the process and the requirements your character needs to have. So I am making this post hopefully, so it can help anybody else like me that wants a detailed explanation on how to actually go through the process. Maybe somebody can show us a link to a video or guide.
    So far what I know is to upgrade your weapon rank you need to first upgrade your armor or weapon with blackstones to save you the trouble of having to repair your items durability becuase it keeps your blackstones on the upgrade. Once you have your gear set to whatever level you would like you go ahead and forge it to the next rank. To do this you need to go buy a house that allows you to craft the materials required to upgrade said weapon or armor.
    Lets take this armor for example if you wanted to craft it you would need to get one of the houses down at the bottom of the page. 

    Now I can't seem to find a page where you can get a list for the houses for blue armors. Ex. I assume the mats next to it would be the mats needed to make the blue tier but how come it doesn't have the Grade 2 Armor Reform stone; I assume it needs one.
    How do you know what houses crafts what armor?

    What are these for? I assume those rank ones let you upgrade from a common item to a green.
    Do you need a certain rank of processing or alchemy [or something] to make a blue tier weapon or armor?
    If I missed any step or got anything wrong please feel free to correct it; links would be best. Just trying to help the community of noobs like me.
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  5. RocketG added a post in a topic So what's wrong with Pking?   

    I wasn't serious for most of that post. I started to read more of these type of posts and I didn't even know people where running around killing AFK fishers...thats real D move. I like to PvP but they'res a line between enjoying the game and being a nuisance. I'd like to be able to defend my grind spot at any level wihtout having to face any penalties. Ganking players that are grinding isn't something I do unless I know that person and then its more of a comedic thing. 
    Is it a thing? To go around just PK'n afk people? Is there a reward for PKn? Id understand in a game where...you actually get rewarded for PKn but in this game you just get punished...no?
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  6. RocketG added a post in a topic Tired of crybabies complaining about PVP   

    The fishing simulator part was hilarious, im done lol.
    Just don't get wrkd by a fisher that isn't AFK one day. Then that just embarrassing. 
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  7. RocketG added a post in a topic So what's wrong with Pking?   

    I'd like PvP to be open from Jump. Why? So I can force everyone out of the grind spot I want....or just randomly go gank players while they grind...isn't that what pvp is about? I want to go to Olivia @ lvl 80 and kill every single f'n newb till I bore. -prays to BDOGs-
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