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  1. Irrigatio added a post in a topic Maehwa Awekening pvp/pve videos   

    Honestly if you really enjoy the class I have to ask you: do you care about highly competitive PvP?(if yes please switch games as MMORPG are never a good go for this)
    If you just play for fun(like normal people should learn to do again) and really enjoy the class and liek the idea of using a spear then just go for it. Ignore all the trolls like mister russia there who keeps telling everyone first they suck and the class is perfect and then going over to tell everyone how bad the class is compared to others.
    also for videos:
    Some Gif's showing off the new awakening skills

    and some people posted videos here

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  2. Irrigatio added a post in a topic Abandon the class before you invest too much, while you still can.   

    Everytime I see such a post allI can think about is tryhard....no one is playing a class just for the fun anymore if how good other classes are compared to it is all they can think about. Enjoy the gameplay of the class and ignore other people. And don't get me started on so called hardcore PvPers I said multiple times on this forum that they already failed by choosing a MMORPG as their playing ground as there is never fair competition.
    And to mister russia who likes to trashtalk the class: I know that europeans cry a lot here but honestly if the class is that bad as you want to make it out to be then how the F*** is it suppsed to change if everyone just abandons ship like the rats they are? Only trough valueable contructive feedback(that a lot of people provided here in the forums between all the whines) can tha balance issues be changed.
    Also funny to see how you went from "you all suck the class is perfect as it is" to just blindly agree that the class is crap compared to others because of whatever Korea is doing at the moment.
    TL;DR: Ignore what the F---- others are doing if you really enjoy the class. And if you wanna have competitive PvP go to a game without gear progression as everything else is no useful form of PvP to boast about.
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  3. Irrigatio added a post in a topic SILVER KEY collection contest!   

    as i never can be bothered to hunt for chests I keep selling them in 200er batches to the npc for a few silver instead
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  4. Irrigatio added a post in a topic "Aerobatic" or "Acrobatic" for Kunoichi awakening?   

    as it was a conference thing i would expect them to chose the right words and thing they did mean aerobatic but i have not further read about it as i do not really care about the class myself.
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  5. Irrigatio added a post in a topic Merchant Banking Returns   

    if you are as unlucky rng wise as me its definitly worth it haha. anything i can get without doing much while training my horses is a worth investment to me. but i have to agree that the 3g investments give shit back but the glish safe investment nets good money slowly and for me the game is not a race anyway haha
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  6. Irrigatio added a post in a topic Merchant Banking Returns   

    I can suply you with data on the safe investments for florin, northern wheat, glish, heidel, keplan and the smaller safe one in calpheon if needed.....did not manage up saving up more until now to try out the higher safe ones other then those evne though i have the house ready in mediah as well...maybe if i finally learn to not spend my ingame silver so much
    EDIT: would be on going from now on though as i did not bother writing it down before.
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  7. Irrigatio added a post in a topic Dance, Hug, Marriage and other QOL features   

    dunno why we have two yes options in the poll......
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  8. Irrigatio added a post in a topic Horse skills   

    As far as I can tell compared between my last two horses Sprint is faster than what the horses normally gallop at yes.
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  9. Irrigatio added a post in a topic Letters in corner of item's icon?   

    The B on Items stands for the Bidding system I think. It automatically triggers for high value items put up on the market. There is some to me unknown timer on it where people place bits and then rng decides who wins it.
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  10. Irrigatio added a post in a topic Who else is disappointed with the events?   

    Hm yeah makes sense that it gets boring if you only fight the same people all the time. The mass was probably doing that WvWvW PvP jsut because it was run with the zerg to win At least it was like that till i fully stopped GW2 but what i heard from friends it dod not change too much there...I kinda fear that sieges will be a massive zergfest here as well =X
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  11. Irrigatio added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    petbufs are inactive if the pet is having an empty "stamina" bar as well. noticed that when forgetting to put them away during night and getting the popup for the luck level increase when i feed my dog again
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  12. Irrigatio added a post in a topic Getting ready for +20 enchants be like...   

    lol "all monsters"
    I always knew the sea is a monster to be watched out for
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  13. Irrigatio added a post in a topic Furniture in an abandoned residence   

    never tried it out but the game told me once that all the items should be moved to storage when this happens.
    Wall covers and special floors are not returned in any case though.
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  14. Irrigatio added a post in a topic Character list request to change order   

    not at the moment sadly. It was however requested before so maybe in the future then
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  15. Irrigatio added a post in a topic 1,000th Post! Uh oh, better make it a good one!   

    haha fair thought you meant the avatar....and yes i do miss it as well =( was way too good but hey here's hoping for a season 2 soon
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