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  1. Angelstar added a post in a topic To all the people that STILL can't play the game!   

    Sorry - I checked everything including AVs and firewalls and misc programs. Did virtually every random non-official 'fix' from the forums, but it still didnt work. 
    Mind you, I could play for a few hours on the second CBT. I didn't change anything then and I cannot play since then, so it's far more likely their client/server which causes a problem, which is still not fixed. 
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  2. Angelstar added a post in a topic To all the people that STILL can't play the game!   

    Any updates on whether the new maintenance will fix the issues where so many of us cannot even login to the game since launch?
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  3. Angelstar added a post in a topic My Toons are gone.   

    If the characters are gone, it may be a connectivity or server side issue.
    But to find your game uninstalled? That's just weird if nobody but you use your PC (and you didn't uninstall).
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  4. Angelstar added a post in a topic Support Desk Isn't responding?   

    Be careful what you say. Fanboys like odd will trash you saying you cant have your money back cos you are making things up. 
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  5. Angelstar added a post in a topic free 2 play and the state of now!   

    And out comes the white knights. Have you even looked at the state of the game, relative to other business models? Or do you just like to use one liners? Also look at the definition of 'cash grab' please. People who pay also deserve a service - so how do you respond to those who paid for access with no access? 
    Find a better defence. 
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  6. Angelstar added a post in a topic To all the people that STILL can't play the game!   

    I have 8GB Ram on a high end build...so nope. Some of us MMO/PC Gamers know system requirements come first so yeah that is not the problem sorry. 
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  7. Angelstar added a post in a topic Character server transfers- Potential Ideas?   

    Certainly. $200 per slot, and then 'Now Processing' every time your transferred toon tried to log in. 
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  8. Angelstar added a post in a topic Upgrade GPU or Cpu?   

    Considering all the issues with this game, it likely has more to do with their coding than with your specs. 
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  9. Angelstar added a post in a topic free 2 play and the state of now!   

    If you're smart, you can budget to pay for one or more of those household expenses you listed. $30 for a supposedly 'F2P' model for basic requirements? That's just false advertising and a very obvious cash grab. Couple that with comparisons with other MMOs and the fact BDO has connectivity issues with hundreds of players who paid cash in advance? Zero communication? Yeah that's total legit business right there. 
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  10. Angelstar added a post in a topic Game does not feel Buy-to-play: I feel like I have wasted money   

    No one contends the presence of a cashshop for revenue streams on a F2P model (even after an initial charge). But the cost of the items need to be balanced. Look at any decent MMOs with a cashshop, and you wouldnt see overpriced tags for the basic items. 
    If it starts like this, thn you can only imagine what will happen once the non-basic items gets added to the shop. Real good way to start an MMO. 
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  11. Angelstar added a post in a topic Head Start Compensation & Support - Updated   

    What about players who can't even log into game since like...CBT?
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  12. Angelstar added a post in a topic To all the people that STILL can't play the game!   

    I sent a ticket for possible fixes 3 days ago. Heard tickets go unanswered for as long as weeks, and with the current buildup, I don't know the ETA on response.
    If there was a maint, then shouldn't there be a patch? My launcher stays at the same version as before with no patch initiated. Deleting the version.dat file starts a verification download process, but I still get the same problems with logging in game. 
    Not sure what the maint was for.
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  13. Angelstar added a post in a topic To all the people that STILL can't play the game!   

    I have Windows 10 - still cant play. So nope thats not a solution.
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  14. Angelstar added a post in a topic Patch Notes – March 3rd   

    Still nothing for the hundreds of players who cant play...not even with pre-order Conquerors. Worst launch ever.
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  15. Angelstar added a post in a topic Having problem to start the game   

    Has there been a patch in the past 24 hours? The patching system does not launch on the launcher. It just says Start Game, and of course, when I get into character select, the game hangs on 'Now Processing' and the xigncode3 bug. 
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