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  1. Cls added a post in a topic Zerks, are we scaled to other classes?   

    I know they arnnt super powerful in pve before 50, but srsly there is nothing to tank as a zerker... You pull together a bunch of melee mobs, fd buff, and spin them down.
    If you position yourself even semi smart you wont even take a hit, except from ranged mobs.
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  2. Cls added a post in a topic Did not realize how weak my character is   

    I honestly think its not that bad. Im currently about 100/100 AP DP.
    You spin everything down within a few seconds and pull mobs together in the downtime, which is only like 4 seconds anyways.
    Lava piercer gets you to the next group of mobs pretty fast.
    I dont think other classes can grind much faster, except for ranger maybe.
    In pvp things get better too. Get 100 base ap + food (5ap,10acc) + fd buff (16ap) + human dmg potion (7? dmg) + fd awaken (5ap) + Undertaker (8 AP)
    A downed FD Crit on a Ranger or a witch now hits like a mothafckin Truck ..
    In group pvp you are pretty useful as well, grab a target and undertaker slam it back to your teammates makes you feel like king of the battlefield.
    Its not easy to pull of, but its fun to get better at it and pretty rewarding
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  3. Cls added a post in a topic Zerks, are we scaled to other classes?   

    Id say they have less consistent aoe dps, like spin2win, but can be quite bursty especially with their ultimate.
    In terms of pvp they are about on par.
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  4. Cls added a post in a topic grabs broken   

    No. If they resist the grab it says "immune" which is sadly one of the more satisfying results because at least it wasnt bugged...
    The problem is NOT that you cant grab someone in the first place, the fact that they can escape during the animation or dont get the knockdown afterwards is.
    Or just teleport around on the floor like you mentioned.
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  5. Cls added a post in a topic Awakening skills.   

    + AP on FD is nice2have imo
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  6. Cls added a post in a topic Grabs failing because of lag.   

    lava piercer is probably not activating because you are subconciencely pressing "w" . You have to stand still for a few ms.
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  7. Cls added a post in a topic Zerks, are we scaled to other classes?   

    you didint mention defense which is also quite high due to lots of hp and dp. And CC which is also good.
    id go with:
    mobility 7
    damage 3
    CC 8 (5 currently for for bugged grabs)
    survivalbility 8
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  8. Cls added a post in a topic How/Where to Reawaken Skill?   

    its there.
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  9. Cls added a post in a topic Gating our usefulness behind a 1 in 12 RNG chance is BS.   

    btw noway in hell its 1/12 , its waaaay lower...
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  10. Cls added a post in a topic Why is nobody talking about this?   

    +1 for removing it from pvp
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  11. Cls added a post in a topic Sooo. Who quit berserker today?   

    you need to do boss scrolls in 5 man groups for stones
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  12. Cls added a post in a topic grabs broken   

    do warriors have the same issues with thier grabs ?
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  13. Cls added a post in a topic Grabs failing because of lag.   

    Im really wondering why there are so few people caring about this, if you only do pvp for a couple of minutes you are literally guaranteed to get one of these glitches.
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  14. Cls added a topic in Berserker   

    grabs broken
    Dont know why there are so few posts about this, but the class is currently absolutely broken, it is not possible to win any 1v1 against an equal player.
    The whole class is build around grab combos and now these bugs/lags/glitches mess them up so bad its unplayable.
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  15. Cls added a post in a topic [GUIDE] Berserker Road to 60 [Update 29. July] Including Google Doc   

    Elastic Force resets CC immunity ?
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