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  1. Zeen added a post in a topic Why is warrior considered as OP   

    From my personal point of view...
    I think Warrior is still has the "OP" stigma attached to it because it was the first Awakening released in KR, and now here in NA. Also, in small to large scale a well placed warrior can CC a lot of people and deal loads of damage, but the downside to that is that it's unlikely we'll make it out alive because our escape in awakening isn't the best. (Long animations on Grave Digging, Slashing the Dead, and our i-frame is on a 2 sec cool-down. Remember that the Super Armor on Grave/Slashing isn't damage immunity, and our GS/S&B blocks can be disintegrated..) Don't get me wrong though.. It's VERY possible to get in, wreak havoc, and get out, but it's harder than it seems. Throw in the fact that our ultimate one-shots almost every non "tank" class and you get a recipe for the masses to cry OP.
    Regardless of that, Warrior is still a very strong awakening.
    Just wait for more to be released and you'll see that other classes have a ridiculous 100% and piss out damage. In my opinion, the only "OP" awakenings at the moment are Blader (Loads of AoE, spammable high damage, good ulti, good CC, and permanent super armor dash...), Giant (Grabs grabs grabs, mobility, ranged CC, AoE CC, and even more damage.), and Ranger (When played properly it's actually retarded. There's gonna be a large split between good Awakened Rangers and bad/average.)
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  2. Zeen added a post in a topic Scars Cancel   

    If you use Scars to swap from GS to S&S you would be correct that you cannot cancel the Scars animation under that specific condition.
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  3. Zeen added a post in a topic Best ways to switch between GS/SS?   

    You can cancel 95% of S&S or GS animation with C to swap. Get creative. =)
    Solar Flare > Overwhelmed (Proceed if Floating CC'd) > Grave Digging > C Swap > Grab > C Swap > Ruthlessly First Hit > Slashing The Dead
                                                 (If Overwhelmed did not CC) > C Swap > Grab > C Swap > Grave Digging > GS Dash Away
                                                                                                                                                           > C Swap > Forward Slash/Charging Thrust/Ultimate Shield Charge (To get away)
    Just as an example.
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  4. Zeen added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Warrior   

    Is the title being given out after the 13th or should we have received it after quest completion?
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  5. Zeen added a post in a topic Reccomended lvl and SP to use awakening feesibly   

    Oh that's a fully spec'd S&B build just for demonstration. You can gut SS as you really don't need it at all.
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  6. Zeen added a post in a topic Reccomended lvl and SP to use awakening feesibly   

    Just ran a calculator on it. A fully functional S&B build is 730 SP w/ maxed Ground Roar (for PvE and keks.), and adding every Greatsword skill up to 57 brings it to 994 SP. So, 57 GS would be 264 SP altogether.
    ^ That's the build I made for reference.
    Oh yeah, I did forget about the add-ons thing. Thanks for reminding me!
    I'm still not much a fan of the new system for S&B since they took away my slow setup I ran with the old system, not to mentioned the loss of the 10% attack speed on chopping kick. I still haven't seen much about the GS add-ons with revamp so I'm looking forward to that surprise though!
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  7. Zeen added a post in a topic Reccomended lvl and SP to use awakening feesibly   

    Recommended is 57+ for Greatsword. At 57 you unlock absolutely crucial flow skills for the Awakened Warrior.
    57 gives you the following skills; (Using names based on BDDatabase's skill calculator.)
    Overwhelmed - Second attack of Solar Flare. (Dumb range + dmg + float.)
    Hilt Strike - Second attack of Balance Strike (Stun/Stiffness/Rigid)
    Tempest - Greatsword's actual HP regen skill.
    Knee Kick - Think chopping kick.
    The only thing of note at level 58 is the 10% distance increase on our Greatsword dash. Aside from a minor buff to our level 56 HP regen skill Pulverize, there is an across the board damage increase.
    This is where shit gets real xdd!!
    One of Greatsword's best skills is given at level 59. Wildcat Strike, which is a stationary charging cleave attack. (I know it's called Reckless Blow on the calculator but I absolutely refuse to call it that even if it is the official NA/EU translation. Wildcat Strike just sounds so much better in my opinion.)
    Aside from Wildcat Strike nothing much else happens at 59 aside from across the board damage increase.
    Your last multiplier upgrade, Pulverize HP regen increase and another distance boost to Greatsword's dash.
    As for skill points, you can pretty much gut everything S&B aside mobility and grab. (Max Charging Thrust, Ultimate Forward Slash, and Ultimate Shield Sharge) It is recommended to keep your S&B Block upgrades, Ultimate Chopping Kick (Technically a filler for mobility.), Ultimate Deep Thrust and Piercing Spear though.
    Get 57 if you want to be fully functional, 59 for maximum keks, and ----- that S&B trash.
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  8. Zeen added a post in a topic Missing items in cash shop for ninja   

    This needs to be addressed asap so I can throw more money at Daum! D:
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  9. Zeen added a post in a topic Cokoro Ninja/Kuno Costumes Not Available   

    Its pretty much the only good Ninja/Kuno costume IMO.
    This needs attention!
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  10. Zeen added a topic in General   

    Cokoro Ninja/Kuno Costumes Not Available
    The Cokoro costumes for Ninja, and Kunoichi are unavailable for purchase and they were in the patch notes.
    Please fix this and take my money Daum!!!
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  11. Zeen added a post in a topic [Valencia] Nhuver boss spawn location   

    There's 0 reason for them to release the old Nouver though.. I would honestly be heated if they released old Nouver. Given the current NA community I think New Nouver will be received quite well. ^^
    What do you mean by field boss version? Our Kzarka timer is different, and they don't even have Field bosses. Instead, they have "Awakened" Boss scrolls.
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  12. Zeen added a post in a topic [Valencia] Nhuver boss spawn location   

    Did you ever fight the revamped Nouver? It is far from boring. It's comparable to Vindictus Season 1, Episode 10 dragon bosses. It's incredible. Most Koreans actually stopped killing for a week or two because it presented an actual PvE challenge in this game, and they died repeatedly.
    Also, that's outdated spawn information. =)
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  13. Zeen added a post in a topic Server lag?   

    What the heck did they do to the servers @_@
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  14. Zeen added a post in a topic Server lag?   

    Same here.
    Ever since the June 13th patch every mid-afternoon (2:00 - 5:00 PM EST) I am greeted with god awful server lag, which I thought ended with the emergency maintenance, but I was quickly proven wrong during yesterdays sieges. From around 8:00 PM EST until maintenance I had to grit my teeth through terrible server lag which had people rubberbanding constantly from my viewpoint, and the game would often rubberband me when I would ride my horse or do typical Warrior movement abilities. Not to mention when I attempted to do Kzarka last night on Edan server my potion use would fail to update quick enough with my attacks resulting in me unable to deal significant damage to receive loot.
    It is disgustingly unacceptable.
    Also another thing... I am actually currently unable to connect to the game right now. Fresh after a maintenance, and the game refuses to let me past the character select screen... Extremely infuriating.
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  15. Zeen added a topic in General   

    Edan Server Lagged Out?
    Ever since yesterday's patch, several people in my guild and myself have been experiencing extreme lag in the early afternoon on EST time. (1:00 - 5:00 PM EST) Unsure if this is a widespread problem or limited to a messed up patched version of your game.
    Any other players experiencing this lag? Character loading in without customization, NPC's taking ages to respond when talking to them, players constantly rubber banding/desyncing, random disconnects.
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