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  1. Elsza added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom Screenshot Contest [Winners Announced]   

    Cool posted mine :3 
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  2. Elsza added a topic in General   

    !!!Add ANOTHER SERVER!!!
    It's impossible to go any where to grind or make some cash without starting 5 guild wars or getting pked this shit i ridiculous it's overcrowded every where iv switched channels today like 9 times and still could not even find room in a party.. http://origin.webcdn.theblackdesertonline.net/forum/service_live/monthly_03_2017/a12312.thumb.jpg.cf2c86f77d369e8d5a82d3e12aeac030.jpg i mean really just add another 6 channels with a new server this ain't freaking asia to be a few players ... europe at least it's unbarable i mean i like pvp just as much as the next maniac but let's be real here i want to get some cash too 
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  3. Elsza added a post in a topic [Boss Event] So, when are we getting that compensation you say ?   

    well i was leveling a new character and i did not know about this and out of no where a ton of players sarounded me and i have to set my game to low settings when i go into cities because i keep it at max settings and i play mostly alone to be able to enjoy the high end graphics... but since so many players popped out of no where my GPU burned... and now i cant even play .. so they just screwed me over .. i have to wait another 5 months until i can save up for another GPU that can run this game 
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  4. Elsza added a topic in Art & Media   

    Up a hill and far away
    So im broke on cash and pearls sadly and there is no 5 euro option for me to buy mt glasses :< for my toon so sad so i took print screens 


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  5. Elsza added a topic in General   

    5Euro Pearl
    Seriously why not add 5 euro as well... i want to buy some glasses just for my 3rd character but i don't have what to do with 500 more pearls and i am to cheap to waste money on anything regardless of how much iv got 
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  6. Elsza added a topic in Suggestions   

    Invalid Key String
    The game is full of errors, the Korean client does not have any of this errors. only NA and Eu ones have it. The japanese one also works perfectly. 
    go to D:\Games\BDO NA\Log
    check client_20170xxxxxxx.log scroll towards the bottom you will see all the errors your client does making it freeze and lag crashing.
    Why is this happening? basically the game was badly localized and the idea of them changing how they are importing the patches to the game differently to cater to west is making the game bug as well
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  7. Elsza added a post in a topic Fan Art Friday!   

    My Deviantart - http://elitekitten.deviantart.com/art/Black-Desert-Sketching-Jordan-601229938
    i did a request yoru character on facebook a while back 

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  8. Elsza added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    upgrading blue wep to yellow NOT WORKING
    It's a blue weapon and i cant upgrade it with either of the stones... i have 1 stone of each grade and it wont let me put it in... this is really frustrating

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  9. Elsza added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Corrupt File 5 Times in 1 day
    Iv done the version.dat delete and repatching this does not last no matter how much i do it.... iv already done it a few times, and no it's not my ram i ran a scan when i got them 3 days ago they were fine, did another one today just to be sure still no errors in ram.... is there some kind of actual fix to this ?
    it is starting to get frustrating ...
    i have a i7-6700k
    16gb ddr4 2133 hyperx black
    strix gtx 970 asus
    ssd corsair 240gb 
    hdd 1tb wd black caviar 
    1gb fiber optics internet connection running at around 900 mb/s - 980 mb/s
    @GM_Huego @GM_Axion @GM_Dew
    iv figured that this is happening when i am switching from Europe to NA
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  10. Elsza added a post in a topic Pirate Fanart Contest Thread - is back and up for voting   

    good luck to everyone  cant wait to see who got first place
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  11. Elsza added a post in a topic Think i stand a chance in the Pirate Contest?   

    lol Twizted Sizter
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  12. Elsza added a post in a topic Live Stream Pirate ART Contest Entry   

    aw thanks fixed it
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  13. Elsza added a topic in Art & Media   

    Live Stream Pirate ART Contest Entry
    I am improving the drawing shading and shadows https://picarto.tv/EKDrawings dual streaming with a friend of mine. My friend is doing a 18+ image so keep that in mind
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  14. Elsza added a post in a topic Think i stand a chance in the Pirate Contest?   

    I am improving the drawing shading and shadows https://picarto.tv/EKDrawings dual streaming with a friend of mine. My friend is doing a 18+ image so keep that in mind

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