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  1. Enumeratingw7 added a post in a topic Awakened Wizard   

    Very curious about that, it might rekindle the little flame to play once again.
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  2. Enumeratingw7 added a post in a topic Are we going to become a pet class?   

    If we're to become a pet class.....

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  3. Enumeratingw7 added a post in a topic Wizards/Witches feel free to post and share your build [after patch]   

    Before the patch I had earthquake IV and higher level mana drain III without MMA. Low exp level 55
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  4. Enumeratingw7 added a post in a topic What should I do : Gear discussion   

    I believe you underestimate the value of HP.
    Weren't you Agerian/Heves before? The fragility comes in large from the missing health and the EVA/DP mix from individual gear pieces. When it comes to gear sets, it is important to have a goal in mind. How you want to balance AP/DP is up to you however a lot of people don't understand the principles of tanking.
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  5. Enumeratingw7 added a post in a topic so no cd mma today, whats gonna happen   

    Super Armor only applies during the cast, not execution of the skill. Almost want to drop earthquake down a rank but haven't logged in to see how much infinite mastery I can get before that.
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  6. Enumeratingw7 added a post in a topic How much dp magic lighthouse reduces?   

    That's pretty nifty. Skill got a whole lot more useful! Good thing it's maxed!
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  7. Enumeratingw7 added a post in a topic Sick of +20 being thrown around   

    When I stop QQ about +20 it'll be when I decide to level up life skills fervently.
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  8. Enumeratingw7 added a post in a topic Awakening Delayed   

    If we get the aforementioned buffs I'll be good. Even if temporarily, I believe earthquake should've had Super Armor. Not a big fan of the magic lighthouse nerf but it's not that I really needed the aggro properties. So here's hoping we get some buffs!
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  9. Enumeratingw7 added a post in a topic Damage related to MP in PVP   

    Personally I don't really know how much of an effect MP damage has but I'd assume it's significant enough to warrant reduced damage. Think 20% is a safe bet? That is if you do 5 extra damage you'll do 4.
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  10. Enumeratingw7 added a post in a topic Witch stats at 55   

    Level 55
    923 Base HP (no infinite mastery, food training, guild, gear, etc etc.....)
    963 Base MP (divide health benefits by 2?)
    2213/1208 HP & MP with gear.
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  11. Enumeratingw7 added a post in a topic Witch - Grunil VS Taritas   

    I wouldn't go that far
    As long as the majority continue to stack AP (let's keep it that way) and bheg gloves continue being rare then yes it's pretty powerful like that. Though EVA doesn't help you much against other wizards since they often sport higher accuracy.
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  12. Enumeratingw7 added a post in a topic Remove sorcs from game please?   

    Honestly I thought Tera balancing was worse..... at least considering BiS is a lot more straightforward than all the theory crafting that goes on here. Sadly that's my only reference, the rest would be fighting games which are generally designed with balance in mind if we assume a character's play style (i.e. Shoto, Rush Down, Zoner) represents another class.
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  13. Enumeratingw7 added a post in a topic Remove sorcs from game please?   

    We'd never do something so cruel..... maybe slightly more resource usage? Can't say sorcs give me much trouble but they're annoying as hell and if it wasn't arena I'd probably just run away or something, not worth the trouble.
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  14. Enumeratingw7 added a post in a topic Warrior Nerfed   

    That is an incredibly awkward translation. I assume it acts a "piercing" effect that is -5 DP is applied to the calculation on critical hit. Hence dealing the crit damage when the target's DP is reduced by 5..... though truly I speak out my butt.
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  15. Enumeratingw7 added a post in a topic Seeking Armour Advice (Primarily PvE)   

    DR is pretty bad unless you have really high DP & HP. That is to say unless your DP is over 200 I wouldn't bother with DR period.
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