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  1. Fudgestix added a post in a topic Fastest way to level training skill?   

    The fastest way to level your training skill is simply to catch horses.
    Of course this gets increasingly difficult as you level up. I found Artisan 1 to Artisan 2 took roughly 100 horses, meaning 1% per horse. Artisan 2 to 3 was roughly 200 horses. It actually continues on that trend until Master. These numbers will vary slightly depending on the Tiers you catch as well. But it'll give you a rough estimate of how many horses to catch. From Artisan 10 to Master 1 it took me roughly 1000 horses with tea. As you can imagine, getting Guru for me will be a massive pain seeing as Master has 20 ranks. Getting your training up by leveling horses is by far the slower option. It's doable but not very efficient if all you want is a higher training level.
    I leveled up my training hoping that it would give me an advantage but so far in terms of horse skills and other stats it's not showing much promise. But again it might just be my horrible luck.
    I do not believe that higher training skill effects the skills learned however, the number or which learned. Majority of my horses are on the low-end of how many skills learned, and a slightly higher than average speed. Which skills the horses learn is probably the worst luck I have....(41 hopestack on two-seater)  If anyone has data on this it would be great - but I think majority of information for horses is the breeding process and not the leveling proccess.
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  2. Fudgestix added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    First two attempts at t8.

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  3. Fudgestix added a post in a topic Payto_win VS the Orwen server   

    Well we found that if there is a cap on how many guilds can dec up on 1 guild, it's atleast 70.
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  4. Fudgestix added a post in a topic Payto_win VS the Orwen server   

    Nah I know the person who made the guild, it's a friends account that quit a long time ago.
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  5. Fudgestix added a topic in General   

    Payto_win VS the Orwen server

    64 guilds if I counted right. That has to be breaking a record.
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  6. Fudgestix added a post in a topic What exactly is a quartermaster   

    It's not senior officer, quartermaster is below officer. They cannot recruit, start guild missions or accept guild master. Trying to figure out what they do right now but so far nothing.
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  7. Fudgestix added a post in a topic Anyone else noticing no cooldown time for horse breeding?   

    That makes sense, guess I'll see if it happens when I don't switch.
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  8. Fudgestix added a topic in General   

    Anyone else noticing no cooldown time for horse breeding?
    So I've been breeding many more horses lately, and I remember that there was a 6 hour cooldown after each breeding. I don't seem to have that cooldown anymore. I've asked guildmates, they seem to still have the 6 hour wait, I haven't read anywhere that training rank(mines Artisan 9) would reduce wait time. Anyone else in the higher ranks noticing the same thing? 
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  9. Fudgestix added a post in a topic Have you gotten your t7 yet? How many tries?   

    How many of you guys leveled all the way to 30 and how many of you guys just got to the threshold?
    Mine was from a pair of lvl 30 t6 horses.
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  10. Fudgestix added a post in a topic Have you gotten your t7 yet? How many tries?   

    Just got my first t7 on 18th try  
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  11. Fudgestix added a post in a topic Ninja or Riot   

    Think of me as you will, I just don't understand the frustration that people are having with the release dates.
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  12. Fudgestix added a post in a topic Ninja or Riot   

    I don't know if you know this but, you're never going to catch up to the hackers. It doesn't matter if you have 1 month or 6 months extra. Any new classes will be behind no matter what. Would've been nice to have all the classes out at the start of the game but it's already set. You aren't a shareholder or developer. Your opinions on when and how patches roll out will not effect how Daum prepares them. You're not going to get everything you want when you want it. There is no way to please everyone.
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  13. Fudgestix added a post in a topic Ninja or Riot   

    I still don't get why you're upset over the catch-up. Any new class that is going to be released after the game is released will have to go through that process. It would have been nice to have the 30% exp bonus when the character was released but I'm not complaining. I still get exp for the rest of the characters I'm playing. You said have fun catching up while trying to do node wars, you were going to have to do that with any other character you make after node wars anyways. This isn't a ninja specific issue. If they released a new class in Korea right now you'd be months into nodewars before getting this new class. No one told you to main a class that hasn't come out yet.
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  14. Fudgestix added a post in a topic Ninja or Riot   

    So have you not been playing the game up until now?
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  15. Fudgestix added a post in a topic Have you gotten your t7 yet? How many tries?   

    Oh man I'd wish you good luck on your next pair but I don't think you want my luck.
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