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  1. Evangely added a post in a topic My BDO Music Videos !   

    Excuse me, but you can create your own topic to post your videos, I've made this one for mine, otherwise it'll be chaos ^^
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  2. Evangely added a post in a topic Mes vidéos   

    Merci ! Et merci d'avoir déplacé le topic dans la bonne section, je m'en étais rendue compte avant-hier soir seulement 
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  3. Evangely added a post in a topic My BDO Music Videos !   

    Hellu !
    Here's a Black Desert Music Video that I had started several months ago, but I never had the courage to go on with it.. 
    So one day, I was checking my computer files, I found it, and decided to take a look at it, just to see what I had been doing you know. 
    Next thing I know is that I miraculously found the courage to finish it. YAAAY !
    I hope you will like it, tell me if you want to see more coz' I don't know if I'll be doing another BDO video.
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  4. Evangely added a post in a topic Mes vidéos   

    Voici une vidéo que j'ai faite à partir d'enregistrements du jeu cette fois, j'espère que vous aimerez
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  5. Evangely added a post in a topic My BDO Music Videos !   

    Yeah, I'll try to do this, even if making videos with video games is quite limited. Plus, it could help me by new video editing programs, yaaay \ o /
    Thank you, it really motivates me to do more
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  6. Evangely added a post in a topic My BDO Music Videos !   

    I've corrected it, thanks for pointing it out, I sometimes write too quickly and don't see the obvious mistakes I make, also I'm not used to speak in english
    I also have recently decided to really push my limits in video editing, by trying to learn how to make special effects, try new things, see some tutorials, etc.
    And yeah, it is quite lucrative, I've already been asked to edit videos and to be paid for it, but I've never accepted because I was pretty young, I just wanted to do this for me and didn't want to be stressed about it, but now I think it might not be that bad actually
    Anyways, thanks ! I hope I'll be able to make some BDO videos, I'm not sure coz' it's kind of a challenge with the mechanisms of the game, so we'll see x)
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  7. Evangely added a post in a topic My BDO Music Videos !   

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  8. Evangely added a post in a topic My BDO Music Videos !   

    It's just a hobby, and it's true, I do enjoy it a lot ! Never had any studies about digital media, or I haven't even seen any tutorial about it. 
    I was 11/12 years old when I did my first video ever. I had seen some machinima's/MV/... on YouTube and decided to try by myself  
    And so I've taught myself, but it's only a hobby, and I still have to make a loooot of progress
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  9. Evangely added a post in a topic My BDO Music Videos !   

    Thanks ! Maybe I'll try to do some music videos or machinima's next time =)
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  10. Evangely added a topic in Art & Media   

    My BDO Music Videos !
    Hello ! 
    Before the game had released, I had done a fan trailer with the one that Pearl Abyss had already released. I decided to share it with you, and I hope you'll like it
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  11. Evangely added a topic in Créations de la Communauté   

    Mes vidéos
    Bonjour à tous !
    Avant la sortie du jeu, j'avais fait une bande-annonce du jeu à partir de celles déjà sortie par Pearl Abyss, et je décide de la partager ici, j'espère que vous aimerez 
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  12. Evangely added a post in a topic Mes teinture disparues   

    Oui, c'est ce que j'ai vu et j'ai vérifié chaque onglet, aucune trace de mes 4 autres teintures 
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  13. Evangely added a topic in Discussions générales   

    Mes teinture disparues
    Je essayé de voir si d'autres personnes étaient dans le même cas mais je n'ai pas encore trouvé. Je vous explique, j'ai pris le pack conquérant dans lequel on peut trouver 5 teintures. J'ai donc ouvert ce paquet j'ai eu mes 5 teintures et je les ai toutes mis dans ma palette, mais le problème, c'est que quand je regarde dans ma palette je n'en trouve qu'une et ne vois pas les autres. Alors je voulais savoir si j'étais la seule et s'il y avait une solution, merci :c
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