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  1. Rimonis added a post in a topic Nouver or Kutum ?   

    Playing sorc for 9 months now.
    Kutum/rosar only for very large scale pvp.
    Kutum also nice for hystria ruins but for that you need 240+AP 
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  2. Rimonis added a post in a topic Kuno or sorc   

    I rerolled kuno from TET geared lvl 60 sorc and I don't regret kuno is amazing in both pvp and pve, but 5 times harder then sorc to master. Just look what skills sets and play style you like more and go master that class  don't bother with pvp until you are at least lvl 59, train your muscle memory on mobs first, then go arena for a week or two non stop.
    Gear up and you are good to go
    P.S. sorc is faster in pve for lvling, but we don't have tier 9 pets to loot everything we leave behind.
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  3. Rimonis added a post in a topic Are these normal to get from just trying to DUO?   

    Yeh.... Spent 160mil to get 35fs 
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  4. Rimonis added a post in a topic Least Repetitive Class   

    Go sorc m8 ita rly fun and nice, but very high skill dependant. For pvp you have many different way to kill your opponent and for pve, all classes probably the same
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  5. Rimonis added a post in a topic GS warrior beyond broken   

    I'm a pvp player, playing sorc and I can say - train more warriors are rly strong, but you melt them ower time truth super armor or insta melt after they miss ultimate.
    On friday i was fighting 2v2 with my guild mate sorc 
    2sorcs vs zerker and warrior
    And i can say everything  is balanced.
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  6. Rimonis added a post in a topic Why are all these lower level spots packed with level 59s?   

    at lvl 59 II get 2% in hour at pirates and around 8mil~
    At cresents I make 1.3% hour and 4-5 mil
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  7. Rimonis added a post in a topic want some insight on this game   

    you need to buy pets from in-game store or buy them on marketplace and you also need to buy item that increases weight you can carry to stay competitive. 
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  8. Rimonis added a post in a topic Siege on sunday!   

    Making Siege wars on Sunday's would be wise idea, just make it mid sunday not late evening.
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  9. Rimonis added a post in a topic Always Remember! ^-^   

    Love you too bro!:D
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  10. Rimonis added a post in a topic Remove RNG, GRIND, P2W= Become WoW Killer!!!   

    I play 2-4 hours a day and I'm competitive as hell
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  11. Rimonis added a post in a topic Sorc viability and damage   

    would love to see how you kill me with DF spam
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  12. Rimonis added a post in a topic Poll: Should they remove the 30% bonus to the marketplace collections?   

    No I love this 30% market bonus. Keep it.
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  13. Rimonis added a post in a topic Dr.Jumbo's Cure #2: Karma Bombs(PVP)ll Thoughts Anyone?   

    Best idea is to make peaple spown in town.
    Example: you get pk'ed once - you get debuff 
    Debuff: If you get pk'ed in next 15 min you can't respown on node for 15 min
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  14. Rimonis added a post in a topic Let us set minimum prices on expensive items   

    Same here no1 is buying my helric talisman duo for 219mil, its blue. While ultimate duo is 220 mil. I don't believe its possible to sell it. it should be like 120
    i wonder for how long my kzarka amulet TET would stay on market, its 1.5 bil
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