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  1. Templarek added a post in a topic High AP build   

    Well i have 218/313 and dont feel tanky at all when it comes to fighting top guilds and 60+ pple. I dont have sicil and centaur tho. 
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  2. Templarek added a post in a topic High AP build   

    I have 218 with 2xrce + tadd. But it's more than enough i would say. Serpent from behind does like 50-95%, and ulti does 70-100%. https://youtu.be/EzOKi4N5U68
    I dont think glass cannon will work siege. 310dp+ and full buff is a must imo (not to die from random aoe). 
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  3. Templarek added a post in a topic Ninja 4/05/17 Buff False Alarm   

    No need for crit gems in gloves? Sounds crazy good
    And what if... it already has 100% and description is wrong? Cant believe it will do even more dmg
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  4. Templarek added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    Combine 3 Black Spirit's Claw Pieces (into shape of - I) for:
    Black Spirit's Claw
    @CM_Aethon How do we get Pieces?
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  5. Templarek added a post in a topic Ninja buff 03/15/2017   

    Yep, i expect it to hit like truck but i dont know if i dare using 2nd unsafe dps animation in combo. Mby in 1v1
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  6. Templarek added a post in a topic Ninja buff 03/15/2017   

    Addicted is not kinda new in the siege community. We hold castle for 6 weeks streak, and would have been 8 if we did not left mediah before just to have some fight as pple are kinda scared to compete with us. Enemy and Addicted are hands down 2 best guilds in EU. No idea which is better as we did not face in 1v1 siege yet (i think everybody waits for the clash of the titans). But i can assure you that everyone in this clip had 60+ and 510gs+ with proper evasion stacked (this is top EU players meta atm). I would not compare Enemy folks to VoS/Sfora (from Pessle clip you mention) as they are way better geared and more skilled in pvp + they are organised with casting protection areas which kinda nulifys your dps. This is just not the same level. You can compare my dmg vs weaker enemies in other vids on my yt channel.
    Going back to the previous vid: ninja can engage fights better than other classes because it's unexpected (you can see zerker lava piercer, or wizzard double tp so you can probably prepare for the impact and cast your protection areas use SA/iframe + grab the gankers and even get advantage as passive side). If my team was a bit closer when i started that would be perfect wipe but still when i watched this on proleter movie (https://youtu.be/DIluXVt0nYE?t=1m20s) we traded only 1 death for clearing the opponent completely even if many of them used "V" to survive a few secs longer. Sync could be better but we made a good use of the opening and kept the pressure to hunt down survivors.
    For sure i am less tanky and more dps than Pessle. Sometimes it work great, sometimes i could use some extra dp/eva. When i hit my pen dande i will try switching basil to centaur as i want to stay above 210ap. 
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  7. Templarek added a post in a topic Ninja buff 03/15/2017   

    Hopefully ninja will be never easy and boring. What make you strong as ninja in the battlefield is knowing your limits and playing to be most efficient with your absolutely wonderful skill set. I think the problem of many people is that they are ninja, and they play like they are warriors/wizzards. We are just not, thx god.
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  8. Templarek added a post in a topic For the few that still remain. NA Ninja Edit   


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  9. Templarek added a post in a topic Ninja buff 03/15/2017   

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5RFE3z9osI Sry for potato quality but i couldn't restrain proving you how wrong you are about ninja and gvg/siege fights. 
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  10. Templarek added a post in a topic For the few that still remain. NA Ninja Edit   

    I will also record some pvp gameplay. Here is some trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-FgqFOoYw0 . More and longer vids will appear for sure  
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  11. Templarek added a post in a topic Feedback from freetrial, combat needs a revamp   

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  12. Templarek added a post in a topic Definitive answer   

    i kinda wrote it there
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  13. Templarek added a post in a topic Definitive answer   

    If you ask if it boosts any dmg in passive way - NO. However you can have some use from this when you sideway + RMB to get transition while dmging. For example when you do seamless -> corrupt it's not possible to get into transition without it (sideway + rmb will do transition while just rmb will make sudden decap) and you could make silent charge -> ninja step to disengage the fight with 2 iframes. And in pve you could want to use sideway + rmb to cast double serpent -> sudden without stopping ur combo for block animation (in pvp block animation is way better and double serpent is waste of time). Ofc this is not any core, but some nice to know details. 
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  14. Templarek added a post in a topic Ninja buff 03/15/2017   

    For me the most important thing is to do something with flash bondage vs zerk and double serpent hitbox. At the moment i use double only for pve cuz it works reliable only there.
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  15. Templarek added a post in a topic Ninja buff 03/15/2017   

    Sudden decap is most interesting part in here imo  It's great skill already but if they gonna speed up the animation so we deal 4 hits in same time as we do 2 atm that will be amazing dps skill for downattacking (risky cuz no frontal/sa tho).
    Dont get the bound 'bug' fix thing. Is there any bug about sudden at the moment? Havent noticed any
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