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  1. Endimyon added a topic in PVP   

    Node war Class?
    Trough i played basically every class (excluding Zerker) , i dont really feel any of them to be fun anymore personally. Got my Ranger-Tamer-Musha-Sorc-Valk to 56 and its really boring...even deleted my Musha. So i been wondering to start going to pvp maybe? We are basically a Dual guild : Meaning we have a brother guild that is the pvp Guild War-Node War side of the guild, but not sure, what class would be good for a beginner pvp er. 
    As i hear a lot of ppl say Zerker-Warrior-Sorc and some say Ranger. So i been wondering to play a Warrior, i deleted my lv 50 back in the days pre lv 55 cap. But sort of looks boring even awakened basing on vids, my alternative idea is to play a Kuno (since i have a tri liverto for her in my Warehouse anyway), but not sure...looks like the same boring shit like Musha ? ? Spin to win? ? Or is it actually more fun? How viable are they in Node wars? 
    More like how wanted, and usefull they are. 
    What classes are good-Ez to play for beginner pvp ers, and are wanted or helpfull for the guild in Node Wars right now?
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  2. Endimyon added a post in a topic Rise of the amount of chargebacks (p2w update)   

    Pay to win is a personal opinion, of they are so assholes to drag down a company that provides entertainment for the people so they can have fun, they are REAL BIG ASSHOLES FOR SURE ! Only because THEY think that some ingame outfit is so insanely powerful it breaks the game does not mean it is so. 90% of the people didnt even encounter this thing in the game or been affacted by it. 
    Going to the law and shit with things like this only shows how massive SHIT the world is becoming for support ASSHOLES like them! 
    IF they would just make there opinion heard it would be ok....but this way, they need to be banned from the game, so that others that actually enjoy the game can still enjoy it without assholes moaning, and wanting to destroy the company that provides the fun for others.
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  3. Endimyon added a post in a topic How to cancel-delete account?   

    Chargeback? Asking for refund or smt? First time i hear this.
    Nwm found this topic....no thx dont want any lawsuits on my neck.
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  4. Endimyon added a topic in Technical Issues   

    How to cancel-delete account?
    Trough, if i take a "small" timer interval, i dont play THAT much, but if i take a step back, i have to realize, i spend to much time playing....again.
    I deleted my B-net account and it was soooo nice. Like i felt free of a burden in my life. I have ...had hard time admitting i am addicted to mmo-games, trough the truth is : only to 4-5 games, so the solution "deleteing" an account helps. I know...dont turn on the computer, but then again, i do have to print and check things on web, talk with friends, watch movies ect....not an option.
    So my personal question is : Can you cancel your account? I cant find a way. Been wondering if i should "change" my password and push in some random numbers....but the reset option is still there. 
    Sure even after delete i can make another account, but need a new email ect....its simply to tedious for me, and its a really good way of barring me out of unhealty gaming. 
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  5. Endimyon added a topic in Ninja   

    Ninja or Kuno or Tamer?
    Since i heard we are gonig to get ninja as class i wanted one, but after i rolled one, it didnt really feel good, so i even took a half year or so from the game to improve my drawing skills ect...But i came back with 3 friends to play the game, and after leveling up a Sor-Ranger-Valk to 56 a ninja to 55 a Tamer to 40, a wizard to 55, i still feel...lost. I put up all my weapons on Market and now i am waiting for the money...
    just dont know what i should do with the tri liverto shortsword. Been wondering if i should stick to Ninja and see how is awaken, or Reroll to Kuno...maybe stay Tamer.(it feels boring spamming roar all the time...might be more fun awa, but i keep hearing its really shit endgame and pvp). 
    Not sure in Ninja and Kuno.  Swords look boring...already leveled a Blader to 56 and deleted it. Not sure if its any better. I personally felt the ninja to get sluggish at 55, after i blitzed trough mobs till 52 ish, and was fun.  In other hand Kuno seems boring after 56, spin to win i guess? But have no personal experiance, so could anyone give me some first hand experiance?
    Also, what is better in pve? Kuno-Tamer-Ninja? And in PvP? Trough, might be silly to ask this, since most ppl just take classes by general opinion and ignore personal skill and gear and say : Ranger-Wiz-Warrior-Zerker (i assume)
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  6. Endimyon added a topic in Tamer   

    So i rolled one...is it this monotonic?
    Greetings Tamer community!
    First of all : ALL my respects to all of you tamers that stick to the class.
    When i started the game after beta, tamers been a rare bird because of many reasons, and i have to admit, i respect all Tamers that still stick with the class.
    To have some fun i rolled a tamer, till Dark Knight comes out, gave her a tri liverto shortsword, and rolled out. Its still like 30-40 ish but it really feels boring to spam howl all day. Animations are really cool trough...but dont really se the point of cool and acrobatic moves if you dont use them anyway. The side way move is cool to, but compared to Sorc and Ninja feels clunky, like it stops after the animation for a second.
    It might be just the 150+ ap and 200 ish Dp i have, but not sure...does the gameplay get any less monotonic after awa or later on where you need these ap-s as base? Not sure i want to push it till up to awa if its the same boring   
    Anyone first hand experiance?
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  7. Endimyon added a post in a topic Why Witch prefered above Wizard?   

    I think i go Wizard. It just feels closer to me...trough i should think of this shit more like "its a game wont matter what you play as long as you enjoy it....it can be a half naked loly...its your character..not you" .
    But after so many years its not easy, but still fire and male character feels a slightly better to me. Especially since its not that underpowered compared to other games, where the counterpart class is weak as ----- and it forces you to play the other.
    No block then i guess....any way, is Wizard/Witch sluggish as game play feel? I started a ninja and it was fun till 55...blitzing around and killing stuff...but after 55 it got soooo sluggish, it had to stop to skill and all. Does Wiz and Witch feel the same on this topic?
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  8. Endimyon added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Why Witch prefered above Wizard?
    Recently i been switching classes to much (like i generally do in other games), i guess its still my own personality problem, I somehow know exacly how i am,(the tipical Ranger-Mage type of player-Nuke and support, at best utility)  but still wont admit it to myself. So we had a talk with a guildmate, and made me realize, i should be playing the class that is actually ment to be for me, a Wizard, or a Witch, and not go waste my time on my lv 56 Sorc-Ninja lv 50 Warrior, lv 56 Valk, and lv 52 Ranger.
    So i decided to roll one, but just not sure Witch or Wizard?
    1, Personally, i would maybe prefer to have a Male character (trough i gotta retailer it to be jung), 2, And alo i think i like the fire effects more.
    Then again i hear Witch has better range, and is better generally, i dont mind playing female dont get me wrong, i am more hung op on the Earth skills. They looks  sooo wierd to me. Atleast what i seen in vids...its basically a big black puddle.
    I see tonns of Witch es and barely any Wizard....so whats the deal? Do most ppl like playing Witch or female or is it just flavor of the month (because ppl say its better?) . Or is it realy that much better? Could anyone tell me his personaly first hand experiance? I still got like a day left till my unused tamer gets deleted.
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  9. Endimyon added a topic in General   

    Super Easy to play PVP classes?
    I know it sounds bad, but i am not that "op" flavor of the month fanboy (atleast not that much). I just play a valkyrie, and its quite fun, to play a not to populated class, and it can be fun to play "tank" ish role. It is a bit sluggish, and gets boring(as any other class anyway) after some time, but my only real problem is with the PVP.
    I was farming Elric with a friend (wizard) and we met an awa sorc and ninja and the sorc soooo owned us(trough i personally managed to cc him after some block and stuns and we killed her), it was so insane hard to target and follow up what is going on. I decided, that its hard for me to pvp with Valk. (been thinking on playing my Ranger...but not sure if its any better on control side)
    So can anyone more experianced in classes suggest me a Class that is considerable easy to control in PvP? 
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  10. Endimyon added a post in a topic Valkyrie-Sword><Lancia investment   

    Found a tri liverto for 230. Not sure i will need a tri trough considering what you say. duo might be more then i need, and instead invest in the shield. I only have 90- normal ap-130 ish awa ap, and 150 dp. My dp might be bad for desert...
    Personally didnt found it to be needed to priorize dp at all till now, but guildmate keeps telling me to get atleast 200....
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  11. Endimyon added a post in a topic Valkyrie-Sword><Lancia investment   

    Ok so i got the duo green lancia. 20 mill till i get the duo liverto. Got a +5 axion shield right now (its from my old warrior) , as i see, a good shield is aamazing ap boost for a really cheap price, (unlike at sorc).
    How much does it matter if i have the blue lance instead of the green? Or till i get the liverto duo the green is ok to?
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  12. Endimyon added a topic in General   

    Valkyrie-Sword><Lancia investment
    Recently i had time to level my Valk to 56, and not quite sure if i should invest in it (since ill play Dark knight anyway), trough a decent alt never hurts. 
    I got an +10 yuria on her and with all the armor and accesory she has like 93 ap, and since she hit 56 not quite sure if i should bother to buy her a duo liverto at all, or just go a tri Lancia. 
    On my Musha i had a tri liverto and a duo Spear and didnt really feel like its cutting trough mobs, like my sorc did with a simple +15 yuria and +7 scythe, so i figured i did something wrong, so i was like : wtf , how does this work?
    Can anyone tell me if its worth to skip the sword and buy a good awa weapon, or get a good normal weapon and get what ever i can get my hands on as awa. What gives more dmg and farm speed?
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  13. Endimyon added a topic in General   

    What to gather Manually?
    Trough i have a few 56 characters, and i aim to main the new Dark Knight class, i started to enjoy my Valkyrie and got most of my stuff to skilled 3-4....it wont hurt to have an alt to process and gather with that extra energy afterall.
    But then again, what are the things that are actually worth to gather manually?
    Aside from things you can not gather with workers (or just painfully slow) what exacly? A guild mate told me to skin pigs near Calpeon, so i did it, and i think i do remember that hard leather is in high demans since you need a tonn of it to make fine hard leather, and its painfully slow to gather a lot , but i was more like "meh ok i dump my energy on it" . 
    So anyone got some insight? Or personal experiance?
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  14. Endimyon added a post in a topic How exacly does Luck work?   

    Whell i have to tell the devs then : Atleast make EXAMPLES even if you are not telling us exacly what it does ! 
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  15. Endimyon added a topic in General   

    How exacly does Luck work?
    Recently i been wondering to get a "Luck set" of armor and buff up my luck to max (have a swimsuit anyway) and try farming low lv mobs instead (i am quite sick of max lv farming) to see if loot-money is any good. But as i hear luck only effects drop from same lv mobs. . . 
    Ok so how does Luck basically work. What does it effect! What counts the "same" lv mobs....because if ppl did not notice even grey mobs give exp. (i almost leveled from 50-51 on farming sheep blood)
    Also...is there any point getting luck at all? Is it usefull or just a pseudo mystical bs? 5 is only soft cap or you can actually go above it?
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