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  1. hihey54 added a post in a topic Accuracy Explained - UPDATED 04/06/2016 - Read the first post - Third Document released!   

    I did go below 60% when I was attacking a lv50 Tamer as a lv7 Ranger - I just did not report it in any table as the hit rate was so low that I stopped testing after 20-30 arrows. 
    Still, we need more info before coming to any conclusion. More specifically:
    -Attack Used (and level of the skill)
    -Full equipment, including Enhancement Levels, gems and Off Hand
    -Other meaningful Passive Skills
    -Guild Buffs

    -(defensive) Passive Skills
    -Guild Buffs
    It MIGHT be possible that an Ultimate Yuria provides the same Accuracy as a Liverto of the same Level, but I'd refrain from making any statement until more information on this subject has been provided
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  2. hihey54 added a post in a topic Accuracy Explained - UPDATED 04/06/2016 - Read the first post - Third Document released!   

    Did you miss the the fact that in Liverto vs Kzarka the Ranger was using Bow Mastery I, whereas in the Liverto vs Yuria I was using Bow Mastery X?
    The Math is flawless tbh, and so is the information provided. Read the document more carefully
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  3. hihey54 added a post in a topic Yuria vs Liverto again, but with some numbers now (Human damage test)   

    You need that if the opponent is running full+15 Grunil. I don't know if those numbers hold true for +16-20 Grunil (or for other armor sets - or for opponents using DP-related items)
    Well, Liverto is superior to Yuria because it has a higher Accuracy. A +15 Liverto can be considered as having around 10 more Accuracy than a +15 Yuria, on top of having 2 sockets AND +3 baseline crit. You can offset Yuria's increased damage with a +5 AP gem apparently: in this scenario, the two weapons would deal the same damage, but the Liverto would still have +3 crit (against a +1crit/+1AS) AND will provide +10 more accuracy.
    Of course, if Crit is not needed, and if the user has enough Accuracy to achieve 100% hit rate against an opponent, then Yuria is better. A full +18 player with Bheg's against a full +15 player with "regular" armor is likely to have 100% hit rate against him, which would make Yuria=Liverto. 
    Just random thoughts though. I haven't been following the scene anymore, as I have too much stuff to take care of.

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  4. hihey54 added a post in a topic 3 Optimal PvP Foods   

    Whelp, I just took a small break from writing my Master thesis, and of all the threads that I could stumble upon, I chose this one.
    I can confirm that the 5% increase seems to be correct. I remember doing some Movement Speed tests (going from point A to B while autorunning and measuring the time taken) and it indeed looked like the increase per level was 5% - not that it would change much if it were only a 4% increase anyway.
    But the fact that "it goes over the cap" is a false myth. It (most likely) doesn't. Look at the reddit's thread of reference: https://www.reddit.com/r/blackdesertonline/comments/37a07m/attack_speeds_above_5_testing_no_benefit_at_6_7/
    ..at first glance, it MIGHT look like it is providing some sort of benefit (there is a gain from lv5 to lv6). However, the values registered do not match the expected values: if the increment per level is linear (that is, if it's always a 5% increase), then why did result values show a non-linear behaviour?
    Lv3: 202 frames ---> Lv4: 193 frames (so 9 less frames) ---> Lv5: 188 frames (so 5 less frames) ---> Lv6+: 184 frames (so 4 less frames)
    If the increment was linear, then we would see:
    Lv3: 202 frames ---> Lv4: 193 frames (so 9 less frames) ---> Lv5: 184 frames (so 9 less frames) ---> Lv6+: <184 frames
    What I believe is that the poster made a mistake in determining when each attack animation started and ended, resulting in the Lv5 value to be higher than what it should be, which led to an apparent small benefit in going from Lv5->Lv6. And, in any case, there is no sensitive benefit in going above Lv6. 
    IMHO there is no benefit whatsoever in going above 5. If you think there is, you are biased, as it would be absolutely impossible for a human being to notice it unless through extremely detailed tests.
    I honestly think you're clutching at straws here. There is absolutely no reason for different skills to show a different behaviour when it comes to an Accuracy bonus. The code the game is written in is, with all likeliness, the same for any skill.
    You're basically claiming the following "Bow Mastery is not affected by Food-provided Accuracy buffs, but the other skills are". As a programmer, I find this possibility to be extremely unlikely. 
    I stand by my tests' results. Unless someone can provide a valid reason as to why my tests are flawed (sorry, but I don't consider your reason to be valid - unless you show me evidence to support your claim), or unless someone provides reliable data showing that their hit rate has actually increased after eating a Serendia Special (which could very well simply mean that the bug has been patched), I will continue to believe that food-provided Accuracy buffs do not work.
    Of course a hidden fix by Daum/PA could always occur, but scientifically it'd be wrong to consider the Serendia Special to be working without proper testings on proper samples.
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  5. hihey54 added a post in a topic DP & Damage Mitigation?   

    AP does not give Accuracy. AP is purely an "outgoing damage"-oriented stat.
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  6. hihey54 added a post in a topic DP & Damage Mitigation?   

    It surely works for the majority of people I think. At least all the people I did my Accuracy tests with were indeed taking less damage the more armor they had equipped. 
    This is why I am absolutely dumbfounded by this. 
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  7. hihey54 added a post in a topic DP & Damage Mitigation?   

    That sounds really strange. I honestly don't understand how this is possible, especially if it happens ALL the time (and from what you said, this seems to be the case). It completely defies not only logic, but also all the tests that I did on this matter. A few weeks ago we had Maehwas/Musas complain about receiving a lot of damage, but from what they said this happened "randomly", and definitely not consistently.
    I don't think this can be explained with any of the in game mechanics. RNG stats or not, there's no way a lv50ish player takes the same damage with and without armor from any source of attack.
    I wouldn't normally ask for this, but could you perhaps be able to record a video of this? I'm pretty sure this could be possibly game breaking.
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  8. hihey54 added a post in a topic Ranger Armor Choise - Explained   

    It has a niche all of his own. It's an useful niche by all means, and definitely something everyone should pick. But in the grand scheme of things, it's still a niche. 
    There's no reason not to have maxed PW when you're a lv55 Ranger anyway :3 I've been a big supporter of this skill in the past (if you coordinate a party of 5 rangers, you can oneshot glass enemies easily with it without being spotted! I did that for a couple times just for the lolz), and I strongly suggest learning how to use it properly. 
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  9. hihey54 added a post in a topic Ranger Armor Choise - Explained   

    Wait, I never said you shouldn't max out Penetrating Wind. I simply stated that it's a rarely used ability, which is very situational. 
    Basically, Penetrating Wind is only used in PvP and even then you will not "spam" it. You can use it here and there, sure; but having 1% more damage due to the HP scaling because you're stacking HP is very negligible on that skill. 
    If I had to break down my damage output in PvP, this is what I would come up with:
    -Shotgun: 50%
    -Blasting Gust: 20%
    -Ultimate: Descending Current: 10%
    -WotW: 10%
    -Penetrating wind: 5%
    -Autoattacks/Evasive Shot/Evasive Explosion Shot (Umbrella): the remaining 5%.
    (I honestly think that this break-down is very similar for every lv55 Ranger player).
    Doing 1% more damage for Penetrating Wind means that my damge output would increase by 0.05% (and only in PvP)... which is basically nothing.
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  10. hihey54 added a post in a topic Accuracy Explained - UPDATED 04/06/2016 - Read the first post - Third Document released!   

    The third (and, probably, last) document is available:
    Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1smwz89e4Bktik-mYdU4e4FiS1_0XhRS7BL5hV8wpZ2k/edit?pref=2&pli=1#
    First post updated.
    It contains a more detailed explanation of some of the things I've already written here and there in the forums. Namely:
    -Kzarka vs Liverto (Accuracy-wise) (Kzarka>Liverto)
    -Liverto vs Yuria (Accuracy-wise) (Liverto>>>>Yuria)
    -Ultimate Armor [Grunil] vs non-Ultimate armor [Grunil] vs Heve armor (Evasion-wise) Ultimate=regular=Heve
    -Some stuff about skill facts and classes (you can easily use my results to obtain the expected results in the case you used a different skill/were of a different class)
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  11. hihey54 added a post in a topic Vangertz accuracy   

    Without. Yes, it is indeed a lot - possibly impossible to reach unless you use an Accuracy-focused offhand weapon.
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  12. hihey54 added a post in a topic Vangertz accuracy   

    One of the tables I linked has the results obtained from a Tamer's perspective. The Tamer's attack was Whiplash VI (+1.25% Accuracy), and achieved a 78% hit rate. The Ranger's attack was Bow Mastery X (+6.25% Accuracy) and achieved (an average of) 80% hit rate.
    You can clearly see that the results are very similar even if Bow Mastery X provides a bigger bonus than most other skills available to most classes.
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  13. hihey54 added a post in a topic Vangertz accuracy   

    As a Ranger with Bow Mastery X, I was able to hit my opponent 100% of the times with a Liverto and around +19 Accuracy.
    With a Yuria, I needed around 30 Accuracy to hit an equal level opponent in full +15 grunil 100% of the times.
    Of course, should the opponent have EVasion boosting items, then the amount of Accuracy you need is higher.
    If you want more info, I suggest you take a look at these tables (I haven't talked about this stuff in my documents):


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  14. hihey54 added a post in a topic DP & Damage Mitigation?   

    Then there is something odd going on, as the damage I take with a full +15 Grunil is less than half of what I take without the armor on.
    Care to provide more detailed information as to:
    Your class
    Your Level
    Your Passive Skills
    Your Gear (including gems and quality)

    The Attacker's class
    The attacker's level
    The attacker's passive skills
    The attacker's gear (including gems and quality)
    The skill the attacker is using to damage you
    The number of attacks used
    The damage received per hit
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