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  1. Pkatt added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  2. Pkatt added a post in a topic Saint Patrick's Day Event!   

    ooo, I forgot that you can do this!    I got a total of 6 dyes, (3 dailys, 3 from loyalty)  but every one of them was a slightly different shade of aqua, so I may try combining two of them.
    and also, not complaining, I love this game, and many thanks for the event.    I just chuckled when I opened each shade of aqua.  
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  3. Pkatt added a post in a topic Saint Patrick's Day Event!   

    cool, thanks, looking forward to logging in tonight!
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  4. Pkatt added a post in a topic Best farming/solo class   

    LOL when I saw the topic, my first thought was farming as in farming crops, like corn and potatoes.
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  5. Pkatt added a post in a topic Loving the game so far, don't listen to the crybabies   

    I'm a casual player, maybe 3-4 times a week logging in, who enjoys working for what I get and exploring.  I don't want it handed to me, I want to find it and work for it.
    I love this game so far.
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  6. Pkatt added a post in a topic Your MMO Background   

    For me,    Ultima Online,  EQ1, DAoC, Horizons, WoW, LotRO, EQ2, The Secret World, in that order.
    now, this and Winning Putt. 
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  7. Pkatt added a post in a topic Plenty of ways to get dyes guys.   

    So I have to ask-
    According to what I see, you can get the unknown dye boxes in the loyalty shop for 200 loyalty.
    You can get 100 Loyalty per day, just by logging in.
    What am I missing?   Because that's like a dye box every other day, just for logging in.   
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  8. Pkatt added a post in a topic Thoughts on $30 price tag   

    I bought the $30 version, and so far I am quite happy with it,  I think it was worth it.
    I kinda see it like The Secret World was when it came out.   I think their base price was also $30.  You get the game, you can play and have fun, but if you wanted the really cool outfits or pets, then you bought them in the cash shop.    shrugs.   I have no problem with that.  It costs somebody money to startup the game, or in this case, get it changed over to NA, and it costs somebody somewhere money to keep servers and bandwidth going.   At least it isn't subscription based, like they used to be.
    Bottom line though, I've paid more than $30 for games that are far less enjoyable.   LOL
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  9. Pkatt added a post in a topic NPC knowledge from amity not working?   

    I too am confused about this.  
    A specific example I can give would be the goblin that is the guild npc in Olvia. (or however you spell it)
    On the amity circle, it had one that said if you get ( I think it was 100, maybe 200) it would give "knowledge" for Wolf Hills.
    I did the minigame, and got way past the marker, somewhere around 300+ amity.   
    But nothing happened that I could tell.    I was expecting either a new conversation that I could click, or up in the top right where the button is that you can click when you have learned new knowledge, it might would be there.    But nothing happened.   Unless it happened behind the scenes, and I don't know where to look for it.  
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  10. Pkatt added a post in a topic Walk toggle   

    I activated my forum account here and made a first post, just so I could add my support to this.
    Like another said on this thread, I looked all over the controls, trying to figure out how to toggle the walk.    I hate running, while in the towns, and it is so cumbersome to hold the key down all the time!
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