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  1. Falia added a post in a topic {RoW} Ravens of War [Mercenary RP-PvP] - Looking for skilled PvPers GS 400+   

    questions? Whee exactly lol
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  2. Falia added a post in a topic {RoW} Ravens of War [Mercenary RP-PvP] - Looking for skilled PvPers GS 400+   

    Okie doke!! Right now I'm working third shift this week. So I will not be available after 6pm est for the next 4 days
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  3. Falia added a post in a topic {RoW} Ravens of War [Mercenary RP-PvP] - Looking for skilled PvPers GS 400+   

    1. Talk about yourself as a gamer, what games you played, what experience you have with PvP, PvE, and RP.
    2. Give an overview of a medieval character you want to play in Black Desert Online. (Please have a normal name)
    3. A short paragraph describing your character story. (3 sentences minimum)

    1. Herro, I'm Julianna, player of Falia. I've been an avid gamer since EQ/DAoC time in all three categories. Though I am more veteran with PvP/PvE. My experience with PvP/PvE has been almost every MMO I've played. In DAoC I was an elitist PvPer(Not so much elitist attitude). I played a Human Paladin on the Lancelot Server. Was the first RR13 Albion on that server and was the leader of the Knight Of The Round Table, which was one of the top RvR(Their form of PvP) guild in the game. From there though I ventured off to the world of EQ and then EQ2. Both of which i honed my PvE craft. Playing a MAgician in EQ1, and a Conjuror in EQ2. I raided the top things per expansion, though my favorite from both was raiding Plane of Anguish and Time. Sooo much fun. Then.... the crack happened! WoW crack. I got addicted so fast. I played in Vanilla/BC, stopped and cambe back for Cata and WoD. I always switched between PvP/PvE so much. I wanted to be the best at it all. Always improving, always askign for better ways to do something. Now my RP experience comes from much different games. TT and PnP. I RPed in the D&D world, the World of Darkness universe, Call of Cthulhu. Over all I was big game geek, loved it all! Now I am in BDO, to mix both my love of RP with PvP/PvE to create a Lovecraftian child.
    2. An overview of what i wanted to play in BDO was an elven tracker(Rangah!), named Falia. She was orphaned from her parents and was forced into the world alone, having to learn what is out there through trials and tribulations.  Sorry for this being so short, it is a generalization, the details will be in 3.
    3. Falia was an elven child, abandoned at a young age for reasons she still has yet to uncover. The poor girl was left out in the outskirts of Glish, where the Ellion priests found her bundled up in rags. They felt it their duty to take her in, care for her. And so they did, but it was rough for them. The church was already in poverty, the chapel ragged and worn. It could hardly house and stabilize the priests themselves, much less a growing child, whoses needs are much more demanding then aging wizened men. When Falia became of age to be taught life skills, self preservation, survival, the priests took it upon themselves to ask the strife stricken townsfolk, specifically the hunters, the soldiers, to aide in teaching the young girl on how to persevere in such a harsh land. It fell upon a tracker ,whose name Falia does not remember, to become her mentor, her guide. But this tracker, while rough and brash, held a kind heart and compassion for the girl. Instead of taking away her innocence through the bloodshed of animals, beasts, and monsters, he invented a way of making it a game for her, lessons in games. She took to it well, enjoying the way the lessons were delivered. In doing so, this kept her innocent, naive, for her own good. Years carried on with Falia being under this mans wings, while still receiving teachings in books and knowledge from the priests. But as the time grew, so did she, and so did her mentors. Time withered away what little and precious years the elders possessed. In the end, Falia is now left alone once more, with knowledge and skills, to survive the world. The rest... Is yet to happen.
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