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  1. Stormfyrez added a post in a topic Ranger need a buff   

    the mages don't have iframes
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  2. Stormfyrez added a post in a topic What happened to Witchzards again ?   

    almost had it, just need a clip of bong with his 280ap ulti on people not paying attention.
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  3. Stormfyrez added a post in a topic I wish BDO included Tab/Focus-Targeting as an option.   

    While bdo combat has many issues, tab targeting is not one of them
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  4. Stormfyrez added a post in a topic I think blizzard/ultimate blizzard have their cooldowns reversed.   

    for future reference, a lot of skills get a lower cd as it levels up.
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  5. Stormfyrez added a post in a topic NA Region Guilds Exploit node war system   

    Its not an exploit, but it is horrible game mechanics 
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  6. Stormfyrez added a post in a topic Confused about trading and the so called profit.   

    Think you quoted the wrong person. 
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  7. Stormfyrez added a post in a topic Confused about trading and the so called profit.   

    crate selling only becomes very profitable at master 2 WITH the additional trading desert buff, when you add in bargain bonus, distance, bonus and the master 2 desert buff, crates sell for 4x+ (increasing with trade lvl) of its facevalue. 
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  8. Stormfyrez added a post in a topic Witch needs buff!   

    would like to see healing aura not heal others, lighthouse have a longer cd, protective aura get reworked to where you cycle that and magic shield for active damage reduction to deal with us being so damn squishy.  some of the animation shortened/more passive cast speed, and block on magical evasion.
    and our ultimate not be trash. 
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  9. Stormfyrez added a post in a topic Valkyrie propaganda debunked.   

    its very cherry picked data, the large radius aoe classes rack up last hits in gvg when the at high gear lvl its a fps game, ya they are right where one would expect such things
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  10. Stormfyrez added a post in a topic Confirmed Kuno and Ninja THE WEAKEST!!   

    Large aoe classes, get a lot of last hits in large scale (zerg v zerg) combat, damn who would of thought! 
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  11. Stormfyrez added a post in a topic Node investment for Lifeskills   

    Not worth it, if you are capping out on energy on an alt, buy energy pots in velia and gather more or bank/sell them. 
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  12. Stormfyrez added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    As a zerking you should walk over mages in a 1v1 situation, if you don't 90-0 them in grab chain then you either messed up your chain or have lesser gear 
    sprint at them and grab, if they don't blink it you win.  If they do blink it rocket jump on them to start a cc chain, if you missed your rocket jump max range cannon them and repeat when things are off cd.
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  13. Stormfyrez added a post in a topic DP Still useless in End Game PvP   

    are you stupid? the items are cheaper because of supply and demand, and the whole scenario still doesn't deal with the fact dp is a ignored stat for 95% of the game.
    Sure in this one situation it has its uses, outside of that its exceptionally underwhelming. 
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  14. Stormfyrez added a post in a topic DP Still useless in End Game PvP   

    and not even taking 30% of their hp away with a full ultimate hit. 
    Not to mention, his team lost badly in the 3v3 series 
    Still doesn't change the fact its a fps rbg pvp for 99.9% of the players 
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  15. Stormfyrez added a post in a topic A stable method of passive ~6 mill/hr - minimum setup required   

    grinding is easy to hit 6mill an hour
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