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  1. Shynxie added a post in a topic New cash shop outfit dye channels?   

    Hey a friend got me this and a pet this morning, a little early birthday gift! Looks like every region is dye-able.

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  2. Shynxie added a post in a topic Which NPC sells the practice celestial bo staff?   

    Edit never-mind didn't see date.
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  3. Shynxie added a post in a topic Lucky GM boxes   

    My boyfriend got a Kzarka bundle from an advanced GM box, personally I've only gotten blackstones.
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  4. Shynxie added a post in a topic DEVS: PLEASE Remove 1 of the 2 Bottlenecks so more players have access to horses   

    I disagree with the OP and like the new announcement system. A system in place to help everyone have a chance at purchasing tier 8's.
    Firstly it deters people from pearl gifting which I absolutely abhor in this game. Nobody should have to pay irl money for a "chance" at an item from the marketplace. You shouldn't even have to pay real money for a guaranteed trade (if that even was an option.) Sure the new system likely impacted some players "trading" horses to there friends, that's sad but if its stopping people from being so eager to pearl trade then you'll just have to suck it up.
    Secondly what is this bottleneck we're talking about in the first place? We all leveled up our own horses to begin with. We watched numerous patches make horse breeding easier for new players with both increases to successful breeding and increased maximum tier level in the wild. Are we talking about a bottleneck to a T8? Why does every single player have to immediately have the best horse in the game? If we are all riding around on a T8 then what is there for a horse breeder to do or work towards? Are we literally just looking ahead to a T9 and how difficult its going to be? If this is the case then maybe we should be more concerned with the ridiculous p2win wall that is the requirement of specific horse skills, with an RNG skill change coupon in the pearl store, where hope stacks clearly do not do jack sh*t.
    All this said I would hazard a guess that like with the previous patches we'll see an increased breed chance for T8's when T9's are introduced to the game.
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  5. Shynxie added a post in a topic Tamer changes 26 April   

    Just thought i'd add that the icons seem to be for the blackspirit 100/200% for all classes.
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  6. Shynxie added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    I got all the rewards except for the newly added armstrong skill guide.
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  7. Shynxie added a post in a topic No PvP option   

    Are you in a PvE guild? (Check your guild panel and see if you own a node/have war declarations.) I have spent some time in a PvE guild (when I wanted to catch up to endgame again in relative peace) and the only PvP I experienced in that entire duration was at high EXP/Silver/rare Item areas, like Sausans, Pirates or Outer Valencia areas like Gahaz/Basilisks etc. It's very easy to live a PvE life if you're not trying to farm EXP in popular locations. On top of that you can scout areas before killing mobs, so you don't accidentally interrupt somebody else's rotation. I say this because it really does sound like:
    A) You're not telling the whole truth and you're being pk'ed while farming exp, not while pve exploring.
    B) You're unwittingly in a PvP guild so the chance of players attacking you on the road or for no reason at all is dramatically increased.
    C) You're on one of the Olvia channels where new players might randomly be more hostile for no reason at all.
    D) You're playing on channel 1 of anywhere in the evening at Node-wars/Conquest time. This is when the mobs all disappear from the world, and most regions get flagged for PvP.
    I honestly don't mean to come across as rude or anything of the sorts. I'm just trying to understand the full situation and explain some reasons why you might be getting ganked. Because from my day to day experience of a little over a year of playing this game, I have only been randomly flagged (and I mean literally for no reason at all, with 0 gain for said player) twice. Every other time I have either been in a guild war or been farming Exp and somebody has tried to take my spot from me. Those are the reasons people flag PvP. 
    All of this said I am not entirely against a PvE server (though I can't imagine that PvE servers would survive long term. Explanation next paragraph.) However this would have to be a complete separate server cluster, with no transfers from PvE to PvP. For all the same reasons that other MMO's don't like to let players transfer from pve to pvp servers. It makes the company money but is damaging/unhealthy for the game. Having to have both players flag for pvp would be an even worse option imo.
    The reason forced PvE doesn't work here is because Black Desert is just not like other MMO's. Everyone will always want to be in the best zone because we don't have an exp cap. Furthermore we don't have multiple massive zones like other games do, the area's are relatively small and cannot efficiently host a large sum of players. The game does not offer the same amount of PvE content as Western MMO's (instances/raids.) Black Desert is instead built around PvP: nodewars, siege wars, guild vs guild, open world pvp. The size of the zones and disparity in EXP/Silver is an indication that we are intended to clash and "the threat" of PvP helps cut-down the amount of players in any one area at a time. That said it is entirely viable to do the games limited pve content mostly undisturbed. You can quest, capture horses, sail the ocean, fish, kill sea monsters, hunt, process, cook, gather, trade etc etc all without even setting foot in a highly contested exp area. You can even explore the world without getting into trouble. Which is why you see I find your post quite puzzling.
    If you're trying to farm EXP to level up then don't follow a guide. Because its likely that that's where everyone is and you're going to have a bad time. Head to quiet areas. Yes they might be lower EXP zones, but since you're not being disturbed every 5 minutes you'll probably find you actually gain more exp. All of Calpheon's exp areas are relatively empty, places in Mediah like Abandoned Iron Mine, Manes, Wandering Rogues are going to be quieter too (just people doing dailies or hunting elites,)  theres probably a little more pvp at Elrics and Helms but if you find a spot out the way you can avoid pvp there too. If you're geared enough head to locations that are in the desert like Desert Naga or Fogan, these have a different PvP system and players can be jailed for flagging, which tends to deter people from pvping in the first place. They're also so far away that less people go there to begin with. All in all its pretty easy to stay out of trouble. 
    I hope you find something of use here and good-luck in Black Desert!
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  8. Shynxie added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Edit: Thanks Pandora, looking good!
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  9. Shynxie added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    Yay thanks for fighting our cause!
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  10. Shynxie added a post in a topic 5000 Hours Playtime reward   

    I'm glad that you made the rewards better but it really sucks that it was not retroactive. I completed my 5000 hours only a week ago and its terribly frustrating to have missed out on such good rewards, then get told that we'd be reimbursed (yay!), and then get told that no actually that was an error (/cry). I hope that there was just some technical issue with doing that and that you still intend to fix the situation.
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  11. Shynxie added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    Please bunny ears! I need them! <3
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  12. Shynxie added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 22nd 2017   

    Good that you're trying to make changes (...except that your changes actually just made things worse since now if you bid on X items and something goes up lower priced you can't even confirm your higher priced bids anymore?!), but the problem (aka time wasted) still remains. We're still gated with items like Relic Scrolls, where there are thousands available on the marketplace permanently. Yet we have to constantly sit and wait for bid phases to end. You get like 10 seconds (maybe) to buy as many as you can before another bid phase pops up and blocks you again. Its a huge time waster and very frustrating. Is this system intended to actually stop us from buying out everything on the marketplace? Because it kind of feels that way.
    So what can you do?
    A) Remove the bid phase for items which already have massive quantities available on the market. The bid system is more useful for items which are not regularly on the market aka rare gear pieces and other high demand items. 
    B) Make it so that we don't have to purchase an item in bid phase first at all. That its optional. That way you can choose to either sit and wait for a chance at the very cheapest item on the market, or you can choose not to waste your time and buy the slightly more expensive items. Cheapest item still gets sold and no time wasted for others, win win.
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  13. Shynxie added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom Screenshot Contest [Winners Announced]   

    Wow forcing people to use Facebook for this event? What a terrible idea.
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  14. Shynxie added a post in a topic Post pics of your Tamer   

    Its from the Daru set so still available 
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  15. Shynxie added a topic in Suggestions   

    Reduced Spell Effect Setting
    So in some other games (like World of Warcraft) they have a low option specifically for spell effects (I think its called 'particle density' in Warcraft.) Sadly in Black Desert we only have the option to turn other player effects "On or Off" which is troublesome in larger scale PvP since there is a big FPS hit with it on, but turning it off leaves you completely blind. So what i'm asking for is a low spell effect setting for abilities, which would hopefully ease the fps hit while letting us still see whats going on. 
    Another thing i've suggested before but i'll mention again, i'd also love to see an option for nameplates that would hide all nameplates except players that are flagged for pvp (ghillie suits un-affected of-course.) I would like to turn off other players names for immersion but I don't want to handicap myself in pvp by not being able to see nameplates.
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