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  1. Amenra added a post in a topic Awakening weapon question   

    As Xrayin mentioned above, awakening weapon should have priority when enchanting, however main hand should be up to decent level too. If l restarted from scratch nowadays l would probably pick up a green grade weapon with high accuracy (l heard rosar seems to do that?). Liverto is good and you could stick to it, however if you want to do endgame PvP Kzarka would be advisable, in which case l would personally skip Liverto and use the green mainhand l mentioned above. You should check though which one is the most useful, as l'm not sure about it nowadays. Hope that helped somewhat.
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  2. Amenra added a post in a topic Awakening weapon question   

    You should, as accuracy is carried over towards awakening, and also part of the damage. It depends on your main weapon ofcourse. If you're using Yuria or Azwell or something similar, you'll want to replace it sometime in the future with a Liverto or Kzarka, so don't go too high on it in any case. Just my thought.
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  3. Amenra added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    How is the investigation of Valkyrie block going?
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  4. Amenra added a post in a topic Did our shields get weaker with today's patch?   

    Thanks guys, for the hidden nerf. This will be handy during node wars..
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  5. Amenra added a post in a topic A daily quest where players can gain Sailing EXP has been added to Sihuram at Port Ratt.   

    Check in your quest window if you enabled all quest types by clicking the first icon 'All', making it orange. Else some quests are hidden, hope this helps

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  6. Amenra added a post in a topic Thanks for the voices Kakao!!!!   

    Always wanted more voices to be added, but this is disappointing... The emotes sound well on some of them but once you take out your weapons and fight, it's just annoying.
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  7. Amenra added a post in a topic How bad are they really?   

    This sounds interesting, do you have a source for these evasion accessories? Couldn't find anyone supporting their claim after some quick googling sadly
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  8. Amenra added a post in a topic Tier 8 fps drop   

    Thanks a lot, this works for me so far, although l'm not sure what the pressing X does, it works. Appreciated!
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  9. Amenra added a post in a topic Tier 8 fps drop   

    They're all fairly new, i7 3,3 GHZ, GTX 970,  not sure what M2 SSD is but l don't feel like renewing stuff after less than a year. Any other feedback?
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  10. Amenra added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Tier 8 fps drop
    I've noticed when using my T8 on full speed, my fps drops to around 20, also outside cities. Usually l don't mind it, but l started having issues with fps even after dismounting the horse, it remains as low as 25. At this point l have to relaunch the game or live with this fps rate, which is rather annoying. l've downscaled my settings from maximum to medium, but the same issue still arises. l've read somewhere it could be linked to slow loading of the files required by HDD but l'm using an SSD however.
    Anyone having the same issue or knows what's wrong?
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  11. Amenra added a post in a topic KR patch note for 19th January   

    Is there any news on what these "certain effects" are?
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  12. Amenra added a post in a topic More voice options, eventually?   

    Bumped and upvoted, nice character customisation, but everyone is squealing with the same voice
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  13. Amenra added a post in a topic Totem Results - Post Your Results Here   

    Can these totems still be equipped on the boats that arrive with next patch?
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  14. Amenra added a post in a topic The gathering time is invalid - Energy Theft!   

    l used to have this happening rarely, but after this maintenance l'm getting almost once every three actions! What an energy sink..
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  15. Amenra added a post in a topic Show your love for valkyrie   

    Good guess:)

    l find it hard to get everything right so l keep readjusting often, but if you want l can send you a frontal picture^^
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