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  1. Zimm added a post in a topic Cant you see its UNREALISTIC!!!!   

    You're gonna sit there, shooting lightning and shit, then ----- about the armor stats not being realistic. This game was designed to be Pay2win in Korea and so, you have to have large gaps in armor scaling.
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  2. Zimm added a post in a topic A COMPANY OF GREED   

    I gotta disagree with OP, sorry my dude but I was one of the people who couldn't care less either way about this change. Additionally I only make maybe 15mil a day because I always get distracted in game. I have all shit PRI gear, no Ogre Ring, etc etc etc. I'll sell pearl items on the market place for some extra scratch, and I don't want the prices to skyrocket. I could see them rising a small amount maybe but even then if you could make over 150mil a week off of cash shop items, this game would be ass. I would still sell shit but it would do nothing but take away from the game itself. As long as the prices stay between 15mil and 20mil per costume I think the game will be fine but raising the prices so much will just ruin the game. Again I'll say that I work 58hrs a week and have other obligations, I have no problem with selling cash shop items for silver and it benefits me as someone who can't play as often as others, but I do not want to see selling cash shop items become more profitable for everyone than actually playing the game. Think of it this way, you could at this point essentially buy a piece of DUO gear every week for real cash and, if using your blackstone for failstacks and upgrading, you could catch up to average gear in a month and a half while barely playing the actual game. That's crazy. Just my PoV but I think the prices are about right.
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  3. Zimm added a post in a topic Developer Response to Update Backlash?   

    While the caps was a bit over the top I get what you're saying, as I said I'm not really opinionated either way about it. I already have my outfits/costumes for my chars regardless and yeah I may be behind the people who dump 10hrs a day into the game but I'm getting by fine. That being said I don't have an issue with people selling items in the marketplace either.
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  4. Zimm added a post in a topic Developer Response to Update Backlash?   

    Some valid points, and I'm not surprised, as does everyone else I just want some news on it.
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  5. Zimm added a topic in General   

    Developer Response to Update Backlash?
    So I'm not particularly opinionated either way about this whole Cash Shop/Marketplace fiasco. That being said I have been following it, talking to people in the in-game chat, reading forums posts, etc. Although it's all I've seen from the community since the post on Thursday (or whatever day) I haven't seen much of any type of response from the GMs, I did see Jouska say he was just taking everything in which is good to know, I guess? I'd been looking around for any type of response from the team since then and just wanted to know if they would follow through with these changes, roll them back, or whatever. I suppose I'm just confused because the patch lands on Wednesday right? That leaves... a day for them to respond? Or are they just gonna drop the update on us? I'm in this game until Crowfall comes out anyway so I'm just looking for information.
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  6. Zimm added a post in a topic Lag on High End Gaming PC?   

    I don't know who built that for you but you need a bigger Power Supply. You're welcome.
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  7. Zimm added a post in a topic Compensation for purchasing the game :D   

    Lol funny as it is, I actually am only a little bit hoping they just give me some pearls to make up for the money spent buying the game, I got the Conq pack and that came with plenty of advantages to make the $100 worth it thus far, I'm thinking $30 worth of Pearls pretty much makes me say w/e to all this nonsense and keep playing haha.
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  8. Zimm added a post in a topic What games are you guys heading back to now the BDO is going to be P2W   

    Hell yeah! I've already pre-purchased Crowfall! Still playing BDO until that get's closer to release, or until we get the full map Alpha!
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  9. Zimm added a post in a topic People are upset because the game will no longer be U2W...   

    I feel you there, and I wouldn't mind seeing the games PvP become much more competitive.
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  10. Zimm added a post in a topic This is gonna hurt, I will be gentle (Updated)   

    I mean the people saying it's not Pay2Win are full of shit, I'm gonna pay and win though.
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  11. Zimm added a post in a topic People are upset because the game will no longer be U2W...   

    To be fair BDO isn't really much of a competitive MMO, half of the people I fight I shit on or get shit on by in one attack lol. I've destroyed friends in duels that were WAY better than me but I had a little bit better gear. I play Overwatch, Smite, Guild Wars2, when I want competitive PvP. I play BDO when I want the experience of feeling epic as shit in an Open World RPG.
    Completely agree but that would take away from the god like feeling people get for shitting on an entire group of people.
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  12. Zimm added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    I agree to a degree, while I do think this is a soft capped form of Pay2Win, I don't have the time to keep up with the best gear while I work 58hrs a week, so I'm gonna spend some of my extra scratch on items to sell. 
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  13. Zimm added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    I've been one of the people that stood by pretty much the entire time and agreed that the game was Pay4Advantage/Convenience even though people said it was Pay2Win, I thought the Ghillie Suit gave a huge advantage, so I bought one. So on and so forth, I don't mind spending money to have an advantage in a game I like, that's fine by me, but this is Pay2Win, am I going to do it? Yes, I'm gonna sell the 5 highest selling items every god damn week, but IT IS PAY2WIN.
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  14. Zimm added a post in a topic How can new player catch up?   

    Guild Wars 2, enjoy.
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  15. Zimm added a post in a topic Extended Maintenance Complete - NA   

    So are the other classes maintained in the same way? ie Class A is too strong w/awakening so it is nerfed, nerf is also on NA/EU servers.
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