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  1. Flash added a post in a topic Different kinds of RBF   

    Been wanting something objective based ever since release. It just makes it so much more fun if you need to work together with people, to achieve something.
    But I totally get why princess Lemon doesnt want it, dont think he's capable of teamplay  XD. 
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  2. Flash added a post in a topic epic chat delay   

    I crashed switching char. now it's impossible to log back in. 
    great game. 11/10 kakao. 
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  3. Flash added a post in a topic 5.000 hours and 10.000 hours achievement changed.   

    I'm glad I'm only actually online when i play, not at night/when not home. so im somehwere between 3 and 5k, havent got 5k yet. Need that juicy book of combat
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  4. Flash added a post in a topic Introducing "Black Spirit"   

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  5. Flash added a post in a topic Black Flickering effect   

    annoying people like you.. that does not remove the screen flicker... but there alwways has to be one person in each of these threads..saying this lol
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  6. Flash added a post in a topic Plejehjemmet   

    Hvis du leder efter en dansk guild, tror jeg den eneste pt. er SemperDanica.
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  7. Flash added a post in a topic Excessum - [EU][EN][PvPvE][GvG][Nodes][Discord]   

    Good to see you guys back. 
    Hope you guys will get up again and be at the siege scene. Surely could use some more guilds around. 
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  8. Flash added a post in a topic [Resolved] Known Issue - game crashes in desert region   

    Logs in right after patch. Begins to move trade goods to valencia through desert. crashes, sends ticket and get teleported to val city without my elephant. *moved to warehosue with 347 % overweight..* and how am i supposed to go back through desert lmao
    hope gm will tele me back on the other side of desert. otherwise i gotta try again and pray to not get stuck i guess
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  9. Flash added a post in a topic How is this guy getting 90 frames per second?   

    The picture is valid enough. Im only using 1 970 and a 4790k at 4,6 ghz. uusally like 50-80 fps grinding solo
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  10. Flash added a post in a topic If your girlfreind deleted your Black Desert character?   

    So people playing bdo actually has time for a girlfriend? 
    maybe that's the fault right there, if your char one day goes poof xD. 
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  11. Flash added a post in a topic Login issues Jordine / Edan - November 11th *Updated*   

    Probably has more load, due to more population.
    makes me wonder how one server is gonna be like after merge lol. 
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  12. Flash added a post in a topic Critical Screen Effect - Headache city. Halp!   

    It really doesn't make sense it's still here.. Grind for 5+ hours is tiring enough without the black screen flash.. or white with max effects..
    I can even imagine it could give long term eye problems in the future. staring at the screen already tend to cause short sightedness - cant imagine the black flash making it better...
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  13. Flash added a post in a topic Millennium | Semi-Hardcore | Sieges & Node Wars   

    To return from the grave, or stay between the worms
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  14. Flash added a post in a topic A Sad day for those hoping for a toxic player purge   

    It's naive to think this will be the only patch towards p2w.
    Personally I already quit and left my guild. However it's not only because of this, as I have played p2w games in the past.
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  15. Flash added a post in a topic What games are you guys heading back to now the BDO is going to be P2W   

    waitign for revelation i guess. but i'll stay here till then. 
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