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  1. AngelicBunny added a topic in General   

    A Problem I'm Having [Marketplace Questions]
    Recently I have been trying to list my [DUO: Ultimate Agerian Armor]. Yet every time I list the item on the marketplace I can't post it lower than the currently listed minimum price...
    The Minimum Price It Gives Me To List At:

    And This Is The Current Lowest Price:

    Is this a bug being fixed or am I missing something? If you know anything please let me know, this has been a problem with my high priced items lately.
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  2. AngelicBunny added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance July 06th - extended   

    Your grammar kills me more than your own hypocritical sentence. Crying over the people crying about a serious damage debuff. It's not that we don't know how to play the class, it's the fact that it was our basic attack, opener, closer. (ex. Shotgun for Rangers)
    I'm sick of people complaining and asking for nerfs too, but as a Sorceress I have noticed a HUGELY diminished damage scale compared to the older 'unfixed' version prior to the update. The crit. rate is 90% of the bug right? well now the attack says it does more damage then even Shadow Eruption buffed now. Taking away a most used attack skill isn't us not knowing how to play the damn game, it's the frustration of having to reroll to other characters cause of how weak every other attack is or even having to reroll completely on our skill trees to fit/work around the base attack of claws of darkness, darksplit, shadow eruption etc, rather then relying on something we've had from KR/JP/RU, beta, launch, Mediah, and Mediah part 2. What I'm trying to say is, think of your most powerful move on your class, like a valk/warriors block, a rangers shotgun, a tamers beast all getting completely taken out of the picture to become completely useless and saying it would be fair, as if we didn't already know how to play? We do know how to play, it's just piss for brains damage now. Really had to clear this up for the forums.
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  3. AngelicBunny added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 22nd   

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  4. AngelicBunny added a post in a topic Feedback - June 17th Update   

    Greetings Daum,
    I'm a little bit upset about that Sorceress nerf, not just because of the nerf as a whole, but because the class is completely useless compared to how it used to be.
    Now a main basic source of damage is basically 90% gone. What do I do? Re-roll? Did that. Wait for awakening? That's not coming for another few months as I recall...
    Today I did some testing, open world tests, but now it seems it doesn't even do a tick of damage compared how we used to, although unless off completely off cool-down we even do around 60% reduced compared to how it used to hit. I've re-rolled my skills twice now and PVP'd several different classes, and still, I do absolutely nothing...
    Although I thought this nerf wasn't going to be as bad as it is, I really was wrong I'm going to be honest, I don't really like playing any other character as well. Sorceresses either need a better damage update or a buff that actually helps them do damage, there aren't any other good damage dealing attacks aside from Claws of Darkness. which barely helps at all trust me.
    Like Ranger for example,  nerf'd once and buffed two times. Now they need to be broken like us haha.
    Just kidding but, the damage us Sorceresses do now seems ridiculously low compared to before the update...
    People Laughing at the Classes Damage Now
    >5 months ago when the first nerf was Rangers. Ah good ol' memories when they complained the same way.
    All seriousness we're upset because every other attack does absolutely no damage or is just a resistance/abnormality.
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  5. AngelicBunny added a topic in General   

    Calpheon to Mediah (Questing)
    Got amity with both people in Calpheon, now I turned it into Herman. But then when I finished, I got nothing else? What do I do after completing those two?
    This would help others too if it got answered...
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  6. AngelicBunny added a post in a topic [Questing] How to get to Mediah   

    just did that too... I'm guessing it's the black spirit quest you get? maybe not...
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  7. AngelicBunny added a topic in General   

    Lord of Keplan Quest Help
    Got 500 Amity with the guard in the front, but now it says I need more info with Theology. Where do I even find things for that? Is there a guide for this...?
    UPDATE: Found it if you cant find info on it!
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  8. AngelicBunny added a topic in General   

    Costume Effects - MORE QUESTIONS!!!
    One item gives me "knowledge" effects, and the other gives me "advanced knowledge" effects, is there a possible difference between the two? Or does one just give you a better grade of knowledge..?
    Added some pics, just in-case someones confused at what I meant...

    NVM, found it I guess I went blind for a bit.
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  9. AngelicBunny added a post in a topic 6 Days, No S Rank   

    I still wouldn't mind the chances of an S rank being increased knowing how many mobs there are in the game, I could see it taking months to get a single area down... It's almost not even worth it at this point.
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  10. AngelicBunny added a post in a topic 6 Days, No S Rank   

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  11. AngelicBunny added a topic in General   

    6 Days, No S Rank
    Is it just me or is it almost impossible to get an S rank. I've used over 600 energy, about 100 each day, and its almost been a week. Still no S rank.
    What are the chances of getting a S rank?
    • 22 replies