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  1. Ozendec added a post in a topic Preparing for Margoria   

    Do you know if the compass will work in the ocean?  And if not will there be an ocean equivalent?  If there isn't an equivalent then how do people navigate in the ocean?
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  2. Ozendec added a post in a topic Value pack   

    "This was totally a suggestion" - posts to General forum instead of the Suggestion forum http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/forum/16-suggestions/
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  3. Ozendec added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Emergency Maintenance December 22nd   

    They've promised a lot of things that they never delivered on so don't get your hopes up.
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  4. Ozendec added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Cannot report someone due to support form
    Player posted hate speech in NA world chat and I cannot report because I don't have their family name.  This game either needs a chat report function (other than report spam which I'm told is to be only used for Bots), or it needs to allow players to be reported via the support form with no family name required.
    Hopefully someone from support can message me and I can submit a report somehow.  I have a screenshot of the player and chat message.
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  5. Ozendec added a post in a topic Daum are you even aware   

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  6. Ozendec added a post in a topic Zerkers becomming too OP with all the buffs   

    ITT: One side says "NO I'M RIGHT!!!" while the other side provides actual arguments and valid viewpoints.
    0/10 would not read again.
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  7. Ozendec added a post in a topic Traveling to new continent in Korean version   

    Honestly I welcome extremely long travel times.  It'll be refreshing to have a game that takes actual time to get places.  As long as things are built around the travel times (having certain level bracket areas near to each other) then it should be fine.  Plus you can already transport characters to places you need to go (granted it takes longer than actively moving there) if you want to go to the old places for some reason.
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  8. Ozendec added a post in a topic Looking for guild list?   

    There is a tool that allows guilds (officer and higher I believe) to see people who aren't in a guild.  You're automatically put into this regardless of if you want to be in it or not.   To my knowledge there is no way to opt out.
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  9. Ozendec added a post in a topic How to add XP loss back   

    If you can't see the hypocrisy in your statements then trying to reason with you is a lost cause.
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  10. Ozendec added a post in a topic How to add XP loss back   

    Yeah those griefers deserve a ban!  I can't believe that Daum is allowing this to go on for so long.  Anyone who continuously PKs someone else is obviously in need of a ban.
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  11. Ozendec added a post in a topic How to add XP loss back   

    I agree 10% xp loss on death.
    Oh btw I'll make sure to bring my friends and PK you while you're farming.  Granted you may be more geared than me and it may take 20 of us to kill one of you, but assuming you're above 57 you've just lost at least 5 hours of farming while we've lost nothing.  Why?  Because we'll have 0% xp characters and that 10% won't effect us.
    But wait you want to make it so we respawn at town?  Well no problem either because even if 20 of us take out just one of you you've still lost your 10% and it'll take us less than a minute to ride back and kill another one of your group.
    See how this kind of thinking doesn't work?  And before you say "well I have +20 gear and wont' die regardless" then my question becomes why the heck are you having problems with people stealing your mobs?  If you're so geared that you cannot be killed then obviously you're farming at such a speed that people who are contesting your mobs don't have time to kill any significant number and thus are a non issue for you.
    Edit: Apparently the comment that I quoted was edited so here's my edit to the addition
    As long as you're fine with down leveling as well it sounds fair to me.  Honestly the people who seem to cry the most are the mid level pvpers who are getting wrecked by the top guilds thus they feel the need to wreck anyone they can.
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  12. Ozendec added a post in a topic How to add XP loss back   

    Honestly it appears that the "absolute losers" (as you called them) are the ones crying daily on the forums.  You don't see the top guilds crying about it because they kill the mobs so fast they get the loot and xp regardless of if the mobs are being contested.
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  13. Ozendec added a post in a topic How to add XP loss back   

    Maybe instead of being a jerk you should ask people to nicely leave.  If they don't leave then I agree there should be something you can do... like change channels... OH WAIT you can do that already.
    The people who are having a "hard time" right now appear to be the same people who would PK on sight before the XP removal.  Try not being a jerk to everyone you meet and maybe they won't use game mechanics to get payback.
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  14. Ozendec added a post in a topic Groundbreaking Glitch   

    There's even certain areas where the mountains don't connect completely with the ground so you can see through the world.  In other games there are report functions in game that screenshot, record your character's coordinates, and allow a description - kinda wish that BDO had report tools like that.
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  15. Ozendec added a post in a topic Any way to purchase additional Camels?   

    Agreed.  Would be nice to have a couple of camels.
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