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  1. Kutsuu added a post in a topic Which class to stay with?   

    IMO Kuno suffers a lot from the biggest difference between KR and NA/EU - latency. Those guys can depend on having anywhere from 10-30ms latency. Many east coast NA players experience 90-110ms latency, and some are much worse or have a lot of jitter and inconsistency. Some classes are more susceptible to the need for precise timing than others and IMO Kuno is one of them. Kuno iframes are short and need to be used with precision, and when you're playing against someone with a 200+ms gap in their actions getting to you (from them to server, from server to you), you almost need to be precognizant of what they are going to do.
    For example assuming you're east coast playing against an east coast warrior - warrior engages you with head chase into solar flare > C > grab while you are blocking or using a move with frontal guard. On their screen it takes them around 1/2 a second to complete the full engage. It takes half that time for you to even know they are doing it, and half of the remaining time for your command to get back to the server... so you have to ghost step within 1/10th of a second of you seeing them move and there's still a good chance that you will just rubber band back into a grab when you thought you iframed it because your client showed you iframing it. The server just seems to roll the dice on who's client was "right". 
    Warrior is just less susceptible to timing issues because of the lingering super armor. You still deal with desync on grabs, but it's hard to get CC'd otherwise unless you mess up. There are a lot of other factors, such as warrior having faster mobility for chasing people who run, faster engage into a stiffness, easier to land and more powerful slow (30% on grave digging), better accuracy bonuses, and 30% resist pierce to grapple resist. For small scale brawling it's hard to beat and can get very technically challenging. In large scale it's braindead easy and very effective. Shrug. For the time being I sold off all my weapons for all my chars other than some cheap stuff to do relic scrolls with while I lifeskill for more money. I want to see what striker's awakening is going to be before I decide to play striker or go back to Kuno. 
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  2. Kutsuu added a post in a topic Which class to stay with?   

    Every class is "missing damage" at level 56. Even witch/wiz are doing half the damage at best that they will do at later levels. You can't let that decide on a class.
    Kuno is very solid and relaxing in PVE - you never need HP/WP pots and the AOEs are good radius. This is a kuno grinding pirates: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsBvhlbSZIE&feature=youtu.be
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  3. Kutsuu added a post in a topic Wizard or Witch   

    I gotta say in most cases i prefer block over SA against world bosses. SA without a ton of DP means a lot of healing yourself. I do agree that wiz is a better boss killer since their main DPS rotation is all protected other than aqua bomb which is quicker than fissure wave. 
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  4. Kutsuu added a post in a topic When the striker class comming?   

    Here is a link to the full list of preawakening striker skills. Notice that the damage %ages are nothing out of line with current preawakening skills, and that the accuracy bonuses are extremely low compared to most other classes preawakening. I don't know why so many people have this agenda to create panic and complaining about the class. 

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  5. Kutsuu added a post in a topic Kuno or Maehwa ?   

    The ghost step out of block change was very important for Kuno, but I wouldn't choose one or the other due to a single patch note.
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  6. Kutsuu added a post in a topic Kuno or Maehwa ?   

    Responses to these threads make me sad.
    I've played Maehwa to 57 and Kuno to 58. Both are very cool and unique classes. Maehwa grinds faster than people claim, and Kuno is stronger than people think. The playstyles are vastly different and will appeal to different people. Unless you can decide on one or the other based on play style right away, level both to 56 without spending any pearls and spend *at least* 8-10 hours playing with the awakened weapon (grinding first, then some PVP) to see if it's your style, keeping in mind that strength greatly improves in the higher levels when you get flows (ie don't worry about losing to people who are 59+). 
    Maehwa is extremely fast getting around and has very potent and short combos to secure kills. Your average combo only lasts 2-3 seconds because it's just stiff/stun > knockdown > DPS. You can't easily stay in the fray, and you don't want other players behind you when you're cracking off a combo on someone because most of your protection mid-combo is frontal guard. She is mechanically easy to play - by that I mean the very few animation cancels are not hard and don't have difficult timing to master, aren't punishing to mess up. However needing to aim your attacks carefully does bring an extra element to gameplay. Maehwa is a very fast grinder in PVE situations where mobs are tightly packed and she kills them in 1 combo. Instead of going to Bashims at 150AP like a Wizard would, stay at Sausans with 150AP, and earn similar XP (assuming level 56-57 here). With 180-190ish AP she can be quite fast at pirates/Gahaz as well. 
    Kuno is a brawler with good sustain and a lot of protected skills (FG/SA). Her in-combat mobility is pretty good when combining both mainhand and awakened skills, but her sustained run speed is very poor combined to many other classes. PVE Grinding on this class is super laid back and relaxing. You have a large AOE radius, huge sustain and it's very hard to get yourself stunned or knocked down because of all the FG/SA. In small scale PVP situations her extended combos can kill people 100-0 with a lot less AP than Maehwa needs to 1-combo someone, but they are longer combos, and involve using unprotected abilities in the mainhand tree to extend with grab. Being able to open on people from stealth gives you the potential to kill people who vastly outgear you by catching them with a CC from stealth and killing them before they are released. For reference I can kill a 283DP warrior with a single combo initiated by a stun from stealth with 180AP on my Kuno (level 58 for chain crash). In larger scale battles Kuno has some solid utility in her ability to AOE CC and damage several people in a pretty wide area for 4-5 seconds before needing to retreat. With considerably high AP, or having both Z and E buffs up, she can AOE kill with this short combo. Kuno played at a high level in PVP is frantically paced and can be difficult as the skill ceiling is very high, and screwing up animation cancels is very punishing (mess up shadowstomp for example is almost 100% death sentence). You can't just relax and assess the situation in a super armor dash like Maehwa can. 
    You should really try to play what is fun and fits your play style. It's a waste to play something just based on how strong it is because unless the class just happens to click with you, you'll reroll before long. The long grind in this game necessitates that you enjoy your class, whether people think it's strong or weak, IMO.
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  7. Kutsuu added a post in a topic PvP Class for Skill-less player   

    Flow between ninja and warrior is totally different. It's hard to explain lol. Was really hard for me to transition from Warrior to Kuno and back. 
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  8. Kutsuu added a post in a topic When the striker class comming?   

    It's not true that they are OP without awakening. Check out some of the streams... from what I'm seeing they're not quite as strong as unawakened DK was in either PVE grind speed or PVP performance. This guy does PVP constantly and has around 209AP. https://www.twitch.tv/addvent
    We really need to see how the awakening plays out to see how strong they will be. 
    And probably nah on the rocaba... There are better sources of evasion and Striker desperately needs the accuracy from Bheg's. 
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  9. Kutsuu added a post in a topic WE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY   

    It's really not unreasonable to ask that we are simply shown what stats are on each item, and what stats are affecting our characters overall. 
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  10. Kutsuu added a post in a topic Are Red Corals Earring Overkill ?   

    Simply what you said you were planning - "Next thing i am gonna do is try a TRI Cent instead of TRI basi and see how that goes." Not sure if you're expecting people to read your mind or what. 
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  11. Kutsuu added a post in a topic Fastest Grind   

    Witch/wiz are only winners with lower AP, or at camps where mobs have a ton of health (valencia II and such). Pirates, bashims, gahaz, that kinda stuff a high AP musa can get around a lot faster. 
    Either way you either slow down to loot mobs or you lose out on loot. Even with 4 T4 pets you'll leave a ton of loot on the ground if you just grind hard and don't stop to loot. 
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  12. Kutsuu added a post in a topic Are Red Corals Earring Overkill ?   

    Centaur all by itself without any other evasion isn't going to be too noticeable if at all. Most would combine it with an evasion offhand, evasion food, protection stone, and housing buff in order to see that "OP" benefit that someone told you about. 
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  13. Kutsuu added a post in a topic Swap key   

    Not datamined - nobody has datamined accuracy. However tests have shown that it has very little accuracy, somewhere in the range of 3-5. 
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  14. Kutsuu added a post in a topic PvP Class for Skill-less player   

    If you want mechanically easy then go Wizard or if you really want to be a female, Witch (just note wiz is stronger in pvp). Except for a single ability (protected area), they can be played entirely from hot keys and do not have complicated combos, animation cancels, or tight timing on skills. There's not much aiming since you have wide hitboxes. Any time you duck out of combat you have large heals to recover with. 
    Literally every other class, yes even including warrior, has a faster paced style when played effectively in PVP and requires key combinations and combos. Warrior has to be careful not to get stuck in long swap animations when trying to grab, has animation cancels to deal the best damage, and actually has to aim a bit in comparison to the wiz/witch. 
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  15. Kutsuu added a post in a topic Returning player advice   

    Ninja outplay potential in 1v1/small scale is very good. Most people won't dedicate the time/effort to be "that" ninja - you gotta love it.
    While some classes are easier to be good at and there is some paper/rock/scissors the biggest deciders of small scale fights are level/gear, skill, and knowledge (knowing how to fight your opponent). 
    I recommend you pick a few classes that look FUN to you, that look like your style (do some research, watch some videos), and try not to let the opinions of what's the most OP screw up your selection. Level them up to 56 without spending any money on the pearl shop and spend some time trying them out. 
    Reason I'm saying this is because someone playing a class that they really like, as in enjoy the animations and play style, is going to spend more hours grinding and practicing and getting ahead in the game. A level 60 "bad class" with knowledge and practice under their belt is going to cream a level 58 "op class" who doesn't enjoy their character much and hasn't put in the time. 
    I try to give this advice based on my own experience. I have several level 58 characters that I rolled b/c they were "OP" and even unlocked weight increases on, that are now just collecting dust.
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