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  1. MaxVespir added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 26th 2017   

    ok so, you guys broke something on hunting and it is quite annoying. Before, after you killed a mob you could go close to the corpse and press R to butcher it, when you had your matchlock equipped. Now you have to unequip the matchlock to perform the butchering.. is this intended? its quite annoying.
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  2. MaxVespir added a post in a topic Droprate | Enchanting Stones | Events - Suggestions   

    gotta love spending 40 hours at basilisk to have 0 belt drop, and see everyone getting it from accessory box. makes sense.
    that item should cost 3x the price for the absurd droprate.. this game gives no value to items related to the amount of time you need to grind them. 50 mil for an item that requires more than 40 hours to get is simply stupid, idk how people dont see this and are fine with this really.
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  3. MaxVespir added a post in a topic Ultimate Echo Pierce   

    test what exactly?
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  4. MaxVespir added a post in a topic [PVE]: Damage Normalization or Gear AP Bug?   

    well it doesnt happen only on sausans. It happens on a lot of mobs, manes, kamul, even helms. something is really off because by the same logic we shouldnt be able to oneshot skeletons at hexe sanctuary farming easily witch's earring, but infact you can oneshot them.
    all these hidden nerf/changes lack of communication is completely garbage to be honest.
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  5. MaxVespir added a post in a topic To Those requesting Wizard/Witch Nerfs   

    i can post you countless videos where wiz gets deleted times and times again, this proves nothing.
    you dont know 1) the buffs they using 2) the other guy level 3) the gear they are wearing 4) the builds they are using.
    i always said. SAME LEVEL AND SAME GEAR. This game is extremely heavy gear dependant.  Besides this nin is failing on attacking him during super armor and not sneaking. but whatever im done, wiz is op have it your own way guys lol.
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  6. MaxVespir added a post in a topic To Those requesting Wizard/Witch Nerfs   

    so much misinformation and stupid comments really..
    IF anything, the only thing that wizard/witch has compared to other classes that makes them more versatile and good is the SUPPORT skills. not the damage. The healing and the buffs he can give to himself and the party. Since is the only one, i agree that it is quite too good, but dont say wizard is op because of his damage, because this is frankly dumb.
    You kids screams about the damage output of a wizard, but i wanna see you doing that kind of damage before getting destroyed, warrior/dk/tamer/kuno/ninja/sorc can output way more with combos. Iframes > Stun cc > combo and you are dead.
    on same gear and level:
    - wizard cant oneshot anything unless your hp are already low, it has the same lethalty as a CC opener stunlock combo of any other class. Once a wizard gets knocked back on the ground he is dead. So how is wiz op?
    - on gvg and massive group pvp, sorry to tell you this, but if you keep getting deleted by wizards you might want to revisit your positions and awareness. Just watch korean streamers and GvG or even NA good guilds, they dont lose the castle because of a wizard. Get real.
    - ultimately, the argument of 1v1 and GvG, is frankly dumb. If you are unaware of wizards around you in siege or group pvp that is your fault (hint they have a hugeass glowing goddamn summon, you can clearly see where a wizard is), what if a ninja or a warrior pays attention and go straight to a casting wizard and kills him? because that what happens in korea many times during sieges. Wizard is a PAIN to stay alive because it gets instantly focused. Go try join red battlefield as wizard, see how it goes. And hey look, when one of these classes go against a wizard to cc/kill, it turns into a 1v1, where wizard is the weakest one.
    Try on same gear and level to 1v1 a wizard, he will lose all of them, he will go 0/100 duels. Now you are telling me that during a GvG no one can go against a wizard and kill him? well whos fault is it? Because he has people around him protecting him? Well you have your people and your wizards too right? So as you can see, it comes down at being able to have awareness.
    If you get killed by a wizard is mostly your fault, not the class being OP, and its your assassin class fault that are not doing their job.
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  7. MaxVespir added a topic in Suggestions   

    Droprate | Enchanting Stones | Events - Suggestions
    Right, lets start by saying that i dont think thread will make a difference and probably wont be heard but anyway, i've started playing BDO at launch and then quit for one year, recently came back, and while i love the game, there is something that is extremely frustrating to a point that sometimes it pushes me away to quit for good, so it would be nice if we could do something about it.
    The problem is regarding the droprate %, the enchantment stones and the events, they are all connected to each other.
    Lets talk about rare items drop, example a basilisk belt. You can litterally spend 30 hours grinding and not get one, then Kakao release an event in which you get a box, and someone else get the belt by just sitting in town and opening it. I find this quite disappointing (i got many items during the events). I think the supre rare items shouldnt come of an event or some random game that just throws at you drops.
    While its nice to have, it just destroys other people morale and willing to farm them, because the droprate is extremely low on these items. So there is a solution to this i think, do not include rare drops into events boxes, especially since its a spam fest, even the attendance rewards, made accessories drop in price so much because people just spammed them, its just really stupid in my opinion, and increase the droprate of these items, this will push people to farm them more.
    The other problem that is related to this, and i'll explain why in a moment, is the enchantment stones. Been like 5 days in a row there are absolutely not enough stone on the market, talkin about Armor stones, the basic one, not the one that are needed for enchantment +16 and above.
    Considering how hard is to 1- build failstacks 2- succeed into an enchantment 3- farm the stones 4- buy them off market, i find the income of these stones absolutely ridicolous.
    The amount of stones you need for this enchantment system is simply crazy, i get it this is a very grindy korean MMO, but i dont think havin way more sources to get these stones will be counter productive. At the moment you could have 10 bilions in your storage but 0 stones.
    These aspects are the most frustrating thing this game has to me, on top of the fact that i tried for example the kamasylve loyalty droprate bonus and the droprate scroll bonus that comes with the 4500 pearl value pack. While one seems to not work that much, the 4500 pearl one seems to work way better. Now i get it you Kakao want money, but it really looks like is a bit too much to speculate on droprate, i even have the impression that the droprate was kinda lowered on purpose, but yeah no proof right, how could i have?
    Anyway bottom line is, considering the rng factors into breaking the accessories when enchanting, and the absurd amount of enchantment stones usage, i do really feel like the droprate of rare items (accessories) and the income of enchanting stones should really be boosted.
    What do you people think?
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  8. MaxVespir added a post in a topic To Those requesting Wizard/Witch Nerfs   

    Yeah i agree, no clue why people say wiz /witch op, then a nin stunlocks you to death without being able to do anything.
    wiz is very stationary when casting stuff and some of them cant even be interrupted like aqua jail, hell, you can even grab a wizard during aquajail and kill him..
    seriously learn to play.. its not even that hard..takes 2 seconds to get behind a casting wizard and delete him.
    on another note, if people gets deleted by a wizard whatever skill, maybe you guys have the wrong gear? I've watched countless of sieges, and streams of Twirow and not even him during siege with his incredible gear can stay alive that much, or "DELETE" people like everyone says.
    most of the times he gets stunned once and die instantly to some Ninja/warrior/zerker. 
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  9. MaxVespir added a post in a topic Returning players looking for Guild   

    alright guys thanks everybody for the answers and private messages too, i got really alot, sorry if i can not answer to everyone at once, i'll keep in touch as soon as i figure out, keep them coming!
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  10. MaxVespir added a topic in US Guild   

    Returning players looking for Guild
    Hey guys, me and a friend would like to join a nice guild, prefer one with these attributes:
    - Guild that performs Hunting (we would like to get a party to do hunting regulary, never done it at high level but would love to try and invest time currently leveling up at apprentice)
    - Node wars/ GvG pvp oriented
    - Possibly mature in age, we are both 30+, i mean age isnt a problem just we would like to avoid screamy kids and attitude in general
    - Chill attitude, nice people, a place we wouldnt regret joining
    - Prefer discord, no at teamspeak please.
    We have 2x Wizards (one almost lvl 59, other almost 57) 430 - 400 gs, darknight almost 56, ranger almost 57, bit lower GS due to not havin bis weapons atm, very friendly ppl
    oh we are on NA, you can send me a message trough forum and we can get in touch after!
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  11. MaxVespir added a post in a topic Server Lag is unacceptable.   

    man its been going on since days now, even worse, bosses with no loot because of the lag, mass server kick.. come on Kakao.. wtf is this?
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  12. MaxVespir added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    well after this 8 pages of useless posts, can the whiners explain to me how wiz/witch are op?
    Because to me it looks like 1) you have no idea how to fight them 2) your gear is inferior to your opponent, in which case any class can destroy you.
    Seriously Wiz has a 30% winratio in Korea at the moment in tournaments and 1v1. What you people smoking?
    Any class will destroy wizard in 1v1 with same gear and level. Hell you can even grab a wizard during aqua jail..
    If you get 2shotted by a wizard is because your gear is simply inferior.
    so now what, nerf Ranger?
    learn to play.
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  13. MaxVespir added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    learn to play, wiz is easily killable. - check.
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  14. MaxVespir added a topic in General   

    Server Lag is unacceptable.
    Hello Kakao.
    Is it possible please for you guys to take a look at servers? Frankly they are extremely bad. The lag today is insane, normally i wouldnt complain but its not really nice to waste milions and break crystals because your servers arent working. And im not talking about a random lag spike. It was going on for a long time.
    Sorry about the tone but its really annoying to lose stuff in game because of lag. Fix it please.
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  15. MaxVespir added a topic in General   

    House Fame Event Prizes
    Hey, anyone knows how this works? i just got one useless box, while friend of mine that plays since 30 days got like 6 boxes. Just happened today after maintenance, am i missing something, both our house fame are at 700, yet i did get a single reward, he got 6.
    anyone can shed some light on how it works? thank you
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