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  1. Medicator added a post in a topic Which warrior skills to take and max first?   

    Just chiming in to clarify for others leveling second/third/etc characters that you only get the free skill reset (it's at level 45) on the first character to reach level 45 on that server as an achievement reward. Any subsequent characters don't get the reward as it's already been achieved once.
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  2. Medicator added a post in a topic Special attack +1 actual bonus?   

    awesome! thank you!  I didn't realize there were values for these!
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  3. Medicator added a post in a topic Special attack +1 actual bonus?   

    where can I find the multiplier output values for these special attacks? 
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  4. Medicator added a post in a topic Biggest Houses for Residence?   

    Heidel 7-5 is massive too without the tiny, closet-like bed/rooms of Heidel 9-3.  I like 1-2 as well for cost/size ratio and 9-4.
    In Velia, 2-3 is awesome. LOVE that one.
    There's a couple really nice ones in Tarif as well (plus that town is super cute).
    Would love to know if there's any roomy homes similar to those in Calpheon.
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  5. Medicator added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 13th   

    Blader and Plum get released on the 20th. See press release
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  6. Medicator added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 13th   

    Released on the 20th along with Plum, was announced on the 12th!
    Can't wait to play Maewha/매화/Plum! <3
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  7. Medicator added a post in a topic Workers Exchange Rank Deficient   

    Did you figure out what caused that message? were you able to sell them?
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  8. Medicator added a post in a topic Urgent Maintenance - April 08   

    Meanwhile, Morrow66 and Shim have a spat in the middle of this thread over whether Sorcs are OP or not and how much skill factors into that estimation, lol   at least we have some entertainment along with the waiting
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  9. Medicator added a post in a topic Urgent Maintenance - April 08   

    Absolutely, I'm sitting here on the forums waiting eagerly to play, lol. COMPLETELY addicted, 'tis true.
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  10. Medicator added a post in a topic Urgent Maintenance - April 08   

    I think neither are at fault, crap happens, and when they see their server metrics, or game data and see a problem, taking it down and fixing it before the weekend gets in full swing is more important than just letting it continue with whatever prompted the emergency maint. And hey, they threw in autopathing while it was down.
    They didn't take the servers down to just patch in autopathing.  
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  11. Medicator added a post in a topic Urgent Maintenance - April 08   

    The amount of entitlement in this thread.... 
    No one (EU included) is in their prime-time during this emergency maint (during which they also threw in autopathing).  And why would they need to explain the reason for the emergency maint? (ie: omg, there was a huge exploit, or people were falling through the world en masse, or server stability was rapidly declining, etc etc). 
    And don't you think they want their money making machine to be back online ASAP as well? Of course they do, they have an even more vested interest in server uptime than us players. 
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  12. Medicator added a post in a topic Urgent Maintenance - April 08   

    Compensation package? Seriously? For them maintaining the servers and potentially heading off issues before the bulk of the weekend is upon us? Come on, lol. It doesn't matter what time of day they do maintenance, announced or unannounced, someone's going to be inconvenienced.  If it's an emergency, then trust them that it's an emergency. Players A, B, and C might not have had any perceived problems when they were playing, but that doesn't mean everything was performing how it should, behind the scenes. It's downtime in an MMO. Downtimes happen. 
    Compensation, lol.
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  13. Medicator added a post in a topic human damage vs ap   

    KR players still debate if Yuria or Seleth are better and, more importantly, by how much. if you read the (translated, for what it's worth) KR forums, or over on the inven.co.kr site, there's no clear answer, but someone, somewhere decided it was Yuria, so that's where we're at, lol. (and as so much else in this game, if someone knows a guy or heard from a guy on the KR servers, or he's in their guild, then voila, that's all the "proof" far too many players need to feel validated in their information.)  I'm far more interested in statistical testing, since we dont have actual numbers to compare apples to apples (why so many hidden stats on weapons, we'll never know). 
    OP, to answer your question would require a few dedicated players willing to dedicate time and planning to test the theories on what +5 human damage actually affects. So many of the systems in the game are simply not explained (regardless of which version you play: KR/JP/RU/NA-EU), and from what I've read, we're left to our own devices to come up with the answer. So much of the theorycrafting is based on older builds (Racial damage has been nerfed a couple times in the KR/JP/and RU versions, so in the NA/EU version, we're not even sure if what the tooltip is displaying is accurate and have to rely on anecdotal evidence instead.  The idea that it bypasses DP is conjecture, as well as the theory of armor penetration, and whatever else players come up with that some guy told them from the KR servers.   It makes lots of people feel better that they think they have a grasp on the damage mechanics, but ultimately, all we have is statistical observations.   A great example of this is the guide that's linked around here somewhere that is called Accuracy Explained. It's 25 pages long, but it's a player-sourced research into accuracy and how some of the systems in the game interact with one another and how they hold up against the fact and fiction of BDO combat mechanics.
    I'd imagine the +5AP would be a more reliable damage increaser, since the +5 human damage can't be substantiated without a dedicated few players to run the tests, and even then, it'll be based on observed statistical data, which is good enough for me, barring PA/Daum making the data/hidden stats transparent. But then the min-maxers will have all that data exposed and then no one will ever use beautiful weaponry like the Krea weapons ever again (in theory).
    TL;DR: Sorry, I don't know, and anyone who claims they "know"...well....I doubt it, unless they are able to provide credible sources. Such is the nature of the BDO beast
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  14. Medicator added a post in a topic Urgent Maintenance - April 08   

    Thanks, Daum! Keep up the good work! <3
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  15. Medicator added a post in a topic Server Transer/Merge   

    Would LOVE to see megaservers to get friends/family/guildmates back together again (without losing pearl/preorder/event rewards)
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